Five in a Week!?

This chapter might end up being a bit shorter than usual - it was just hard adding more to the previous one and somehow I couldn't leave this part out of the overall story - that would be too weird. During the night there's a notification that Marilyn has given birth to twins - a … Continue reading Five in a Week!?


Who Invited Grim?

There's food in the fridge if you're hungry, Mystery... Okay then have it your way but please don't leave trash piles all over the place... Of course, she did - and seemed mighty happy about it too *sigh* Today is Winterfest and I had planned on it just being a little thing in one of … Continue reading Who Invited Grim?

On Fire!

Originally I just took this screenshot because I found it funny, but when sitting down to write this chapter it occurred to me that these two gentlemen looked like they might have been having a meeting of sorts - plotting the demise of the entire household or something like that. Just a normal casual meeting … Continue reading On Fire!

Patch Notes for 1.3

Updates to The Plumbobber 1.3 Toddler Traits have been added Child Aspirations have been added Skin Color has been added to Random Rolls It is now possible to create a spreadsheet file for your lists Toddler Traits and Child Aspirations have been added to the Premades where applicable BACK TO DOWNLOAD