ISBI 1.11 – Passing the Torch

- Grimm Idiots - Score: +150 Points Once again we start the chapter with Norah being home alone. She spends a lot of time looking at the flashy neon light show thingy one of the kids got for Winterfest. There's a notification about it being Astra's birthday in 24 Sim-hours. Got to remember that. Norah... Continue Reading →

ISBI 1.6 – Toddler Management

- Grimm Idiots - Score: +70 Points No, Norah - please don't give her sugary yoghurt. I guess it's alright - at least she's feeding her kid. Sugar rush makes toddlers what? Energised? I don't know and it doesn't matter a whole lot since I can't control her. It's more the grumpiness once it wears... Continue Reading →

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