ISBI 2.10 – P1umB07 53rv0

- Grimm Idiots - Score: +320 Points Chip seems to want to do well in school and does his homework without having to be influenced. Bellatrix decides to help him and finishes all the school projects he has lined up in the backyard. Oberon stops by for a chat. He seems worried about something, but... Continue Reading →

Poppy Starr-Lazee

- Plumbobber Game - Week 10 To celebrate that we're on Week 10 of the Plumbobber CAS Game we'll do things a bit differently this time - and with options! [Cheer and Applause!] You'll notice that parents have been added to the rolls this time - Plumbobber02 and Plumbobber06 [they were chosen at random]. Pick... Continue Reading →

MSSSC: Red Riding Hood Reversed

- Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge - This is my entry for the February 2021 Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge. You can find the rules and this month’s theme here: Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: February 2021 Theme I’d like to you all to visit the link above. Reason number one being I’d love if... Continue Reading →

Meredith Munster

- Plumbobber Game - Week 8 Meredith Munster "If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood - Who ya gonna call?" How about Meredith Munster? With roots going back to StrangerVille and Sulani Meredith has seen and heard it all - Strange plants, strange weather, voodoo ceremonies and even mermaids... Meredith might be squeamish but no... Continue Reading →

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