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Massage Mistake

Despite her Erratic trait, Krista has always been very sure of herself and without asking anyone she remodelled one of the old kids rooms into her personal office and workspace. It has everything as famous Trend Setter will ever need.krista1_collage

She set up her social media profile and got to working on her fame. Updating Simbook, Switter, Simstagram etc was something she knew how to do and if that could make her famous then that’s the way she would go. Continue reading “Massage Mistake”

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What Goes Up…

Nothing is as peaceful as watching a beloved pet sleep safe and soundly…

12-11-21_7-45-02 PM

… and oh boy, did Mittens need some sleep. It had been almost non-stop playing and attention since Annalise moved in – something Mittens thoroughly enjoyed, but which also made her so very sleepy. Continue reading “What Goes Up…”

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Workaholic Problems

Albert didn’t have the best start in this Spare Plumbobs save/story. Notice how he has no sparkles on his picture and there’s just that little blue notification attached to it…

Well, The Watcher forgot to change some settings in MCCC and Albert’s birth happened while The Watcher was busy playing another household… [Yes, so… sue me!]

12-10-21_2-16-06 PM

At least now, Claire knows who the father of her child is. There’s no doubt that it’s Paxton who is the lucky guy…

[Albert seems like he’ll grow up to be an interesting Sim. I picture him as a comedy actor who is a bit too full of himself and feels very little empathy with Sims around him]

2021-12-10 15_07_23-The Plumbobber Continue reading “Workaholic Problems”

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Moving Day – Again!

Time to visit Chet, Agata and little Kip.


Chet is still in the Athlete career and doing well despite him hating work. It’s probably outweighed by him loving fitness. Agata is progressing in the Entertainer career and will hopefully soon be able to focus more on the music part of it. Jokes and humour is not her strong suit. Continue reading “Moving Day – Again!”

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No More Nagging

As time went on, Maha’s gentle talks about finding a suitable partner and getting a move on with life turned into actual nagging, and both Delbert and Chase got tired of listening to her meddling in Chase’s life. Sure, she meant well, but it got to be too much. Chase ended up resenting her…

12-08-21_2-35-44 PM Continue reading “No More Nagging”

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Strange Relations

Sad times ahead since these two lovebirds will be leaving us shortly…

12-05-21_1-43-01 PMcollage

… as in, right after their last woohoo!
Safe travels Jax and Myrtice  🚀

[No, I didn’t murder them with Elderly Woohoo – They had just enough time left to do one last Woohoo!] Continue reading “Strange Relations”

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Well, not only did Claire’s new apartment not have wall-paper or flooring, there was no power either, and that’s where she had to draw the line. The place might be cheap, but she demanded to at least have power!

12-01-21_9-27-21 PM Continue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

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I’ll Keep Him!

Krista Plumbob – daughter of Macy and Dan Plumbob.
The family still lives in the first Drifter House of the save file and to Krista that means she’s special in all sorts of ways.

She works as a Style Influencer…

[Let us be honest. She JUST started working as Style Infleuncer. Furthermore, she hasn’t got a clue about what she has signed up for and more or less thought she would just get paid a lot of simoleons for being her own fabulous self. Wouldn’t that be nice?]

12-01-21_4-52-23 PM Continue reading “I’ll Keep Him!”

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City Surprise

The apartment might be empty and inhabited by mice, but at least Chet was not living at home any more – Adventure was right around the corner, he could practically feel it pulling at him from every direction.

09-21-21_6-20-56 PM Continue reading “City Surprise”