Vampire Offspring

Assignment: Family Journal Name: Beatrice Frost-Haas (Bea) Location: Forgotten Hollow Occupation: School and Scientist! Special Abilities: None (maybe a vampire?) Age: Almost a Teenager Family: Mother - Jordyn, Father - Bjorn, needy Little Sister - Anastazia Pets: None 😦 My family is special - not just because my sister is needy and annoying (most of … Continue reading Vampire Offspring


Sister to a Scumbag

Hey! - My name is Lisa Monroe - I'm the daughter of the San Myshuno Founding Family. Our family is quite small and to be perfectly honest not functioning very well. It's nothing major like neglect or abuse but it's just a lot of small things that make everything and everyone feel on edge. Let … Continue reading Sister to a Scumbag

I do!

Pheeew - I've got so much to tell I don't even know where to begin... ... oh maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Cameron Harley - oldest child of the Newcrest Founder Family. I've decided that I want to document the life of my family - like they do in school these days. I bet … Continue reading I do!