Spork & Foon

At some point ElseWhere is getting a restaurant - I don't really know when that'll be but I'm prepared! Spork & Foon is a small restaurant situated in Oasis Springs. It's cosy enough to be a family restaurant and yet still classy enough for you to bring your date for a night out. The menu … Continue reading Spork & Foon



Last we heard from Caroline she was determined to find a rich guy, get married to him and live her life in luxury - never having to worry about a single little thing. She met Edgar, who was ElseWhere's first Lotto-Millionaire, they fell in love and Edgar bought them a mansion to live (happily ever … Continue reading Differences

Great News!

In Geillis' last journal entry we were swept through a series of big events. She and Wendy got engaged and married and had their first little nooboo named George. Geillis' dream to become a veterinarian was also re-ignited by an event involving their cat Castor running away and returning to them sick and miserable. -----oOo----- … Continue reading Great News!