Welcome to Twin Oracle

Twin Oracle Senior Homes will be played a bit like an ISBI (I’m surrounded by Idiots) where you only control one Sim. The rest are to be left to do whatever they please. I’ve decided that once a day I can check their inventories (they tend to hoard books and upgrade parts) and if I should feel like it I may control them for two interactions a day. I imagine I will mainly use this to have them call friends and relatives to come visit.

A tiny little NSFW warning – One of the residents likes to skinny dip!


My name is Amiya Olivas. I’m the… yeah what exactly am I? Janitor? Caretaker?

08-28-18_2-07-50 AM

To be honest I’m not really sure. I live and work at the Twin Oracle Retirement Home in Newcrest.. oh sorry, I’m not supposed to call it retirement home. Twin Oracle Senior Homes – with an S at the end – that’s what it’s called.

The other Sims living here are as you probably guessed by now – Senior Sims.
Currently there’s four other residents besides me.


Maria Rosen – former Police Lieutenant.
Valentin Rubin – Maria’s brother. I don’t think he used to have a job.
Elliot Rosen – Maria’s ex-husband and former writer of some sorts.
Lauryn Cornwell – former Celebrity Chef and one of the ElseWhere founders.

Trust me it wasn’t planned that Maria, Valentin and Elliot ended up here at the same time. Maria and Elliot hate each other so they don’t ever speak to one another unless it’s to throw insults. Because Maria doesn’t like Elliot it seems that Valentin has decided that neither does he. Elliot mostly keeps to himself in the TV-room – I think he just wants to stay out of trouble.

Lauryn is one of those always happy Sims who likes to keep busy. She seems to get along with them all.

08-28-18_4-06-26 PM

She likes to paint and spends a lot of time doing so. That’s a good thing because we sell her paintings and those simoleons helps us keep up with the bills (her retirement check also helps a lot!)

08-28-18_2-30-57 AM

Elliot likes to help with whatever needs taking care of. One of his favorite things to do seems to be the laundry… I just wish he would stop hanging the clothes out to dry while it’s raining. Some days he gets it right though – bless his Plumbob for trying so hard.

08-28-18_4-12-06 PM

Valentin likes to sulk about and complain – about everything. The food isn’t good enough or warm enough. He’s cold and wet all the time.. the list goes on and on. I’d like to add that all these problems could be avoided if he would stop going outside – in the autumn rain – to eat his dinner.

08-28-18_5-13-15 PM

Maria is active – and frisky! She likes to swim in our little pond – and she likes to “forget” to put on her swim suit. I don’t really believe she forgets it because she remembers everything else just fine.

Most of my days are the same thing over and over again (Welcome to the Sim version of Groundhog Day!) I cook breakfast – that was the first image in this journal entry.


Then I do laundry – often with the “help” from Elliot. I then tend to our garden and the bees. I don’t like the bees very much and I get the feeling that it’s mutual. Usually after that there’s some cleaning that needs doing.  On most days there’s also something that needs to be repaired – usually the dryer. Then I cook dinner for me and the residents and watch a bit of TV or a movie – end of day.

This kind of life does get a little lonely sometimes – even if  I live here with four other Sims I rarely have the time or energy to do anything social.

08-28-18_2-36-37 AM

I have a sister – Aroya. We’re very different as you can probably tell from this picture. She’s very spiritual and joined some sort of religion some years ago. I can never remember what it’s called. I guess it’s not even important as long as she’s happy.
She stops by now and then to check up on me. She worries that I might have gone insane when I applied for this job. She keeps telling me that my life will be so full of sad days and misery – and to be honest she’s probably right.

You see – Senior Sims usually don’t have many days left when they come here to live.

08-29-18_1-41-46 AM

Maria was out for a late night swim (thank the Shiny Plumbob she put on her swim suit this time) when her days ran out. Her life bar had been sparkling for a while but she insisted that she wasn’t going to sit around waiting for it to end – she wanted to live up until her final moment – and she did.

08-29-18_1-42-41 AM

Grim stood there for a while – maybe he was worried he would have to put on his swim suit to go fetch Maria’s light? What would happen to his tablet if it got wet? Did he even have a swim suit? He looked a bit bewildered and confused so I decided to go and say hello to him…

08-29-18_1-44-39 AM

.. he might be the collector of Sim Lights and a dreaded figure all in all – but he’s also going to be the most frequent visitor here (I imagine) so I thought it might be better if I at least tried to be friendly with him.

08-29-18_1-47-03 AM.png

He attacked me! (I know the photo evidence might suggest that it was me attacking him but I swear – he started!) and then he hugged me and laughed. I then remembered that it was Neighborhood Brawl day – so it was just to be friendly I guess? I never got the chance to ask him because he vanished in a cloud of black smoke right after. Of course while all this was happening he still managed to collect Maria’s Light – may her Plumbob forever remain green in the afterlife.

08-29-18_1-55-44 AM

The same night a new resident moved in – Anika Mason. She used to work with quality assurance or something along those lines. I hope she cheers up a bit in the coming days – she sure does not look like she wants to be here….



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Twin Oracle

    • Thank You for your comment on these lovely seniors. I was rather sad to see Maria go because she was so full of ideas all the time – she might just have been a townie her entire life but she made sure to enjoy her last days not living in the “homeless townie bin” 😀


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