Townie Casting Call

I did a little poll on Twitter to see if anyone would be interested in creating Townies for ElseWhere.


So here we are!

There are some basic guidelines that I ask you to please follow if you wish to give this a go:

  • No CC
  • No Odd Skintones (Red, Blue, etc)
  • No Rings (They mess with the CC Eyelashes I use)
  • No Occults (Vampires and Aliens) – see below!
  • No Offensive Names
  • Upload your creation(s) to the Gallery with #BETownies

I DO need a few aliens – maybe 2 or 3 – and maybe 1 vampire guy – if you want to create one of these please respect that I’ll only be using the ones I like the best. Aliens and Vampires should be uploaded in separate households from whatever else you might create for me.

Besides these few restrictions you can let your imagination run wild.

Up untill now I’ve mostly let the game create my Townies and then I’ve made some adjustments to them so they didn’t look like escaped clowns – this means that there’s not really any Townies who stand out – no goth girls, no geeky guys, no fitness-disciples, no crazy dog/cat ladies, no snobby upper-class couples with spoiled kids – you get the idea.

As mentioned in my poll I can’t promise that your Townies will ever be part of the stories but I’ll try my very best to involve them whenever I see them out and about.

To increase the chance that my Sims will get to know them you can give them jobs and skills. I use the “Chat with Co-workers” option frequently and I have some different clubs with skill requirements and so on.

You don’t have to write a lengthy background story for your Townie(s) but it helps me get an idea about who they are and why they might have moved to ElseWhere etc.

Fair Warning: There’s a possibility that I or MCCC might mess with your creations – meaning they might get divorced, re-married, have additional kids etc – do not upload your Sim-Self family if you can’t handle that they might end up as a broken family.

Thank You in advance to those of you who participate in this – Really looking forward to seeing your creations!



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