So Many Holidays

Winterfest is here!winterfestw15

It looks like Maverick is not really into any holidays – most often there are no pink heart backgrounds on any of the traditions. I guess he’s more into the subtle events and traditions a family develops in their everyday life.

The kids still enjoy quite a few of the Winterfest traditions – mostly the gifts and Father Winter but decorating the tree seems to have them well occupied for a few hours.

11-04-18_2-39-06 PM

Jinx needed to be read to for two hours for her aspiration. I had Mystery join just in case. Let’s pretend it’s a story about Winterfest elves and reindeer. (Why won’t any of them ever sit down while being read to?)

11-04-18_2-41-54 PM

Maverick does the Grand Meal – Hadley can’t be trusted with anything requiring a stove. Notice the tree in the background – looking un-decorated? Well – it is decorated but it glitched and the ornaments etc didn’t show on it.

11-04-18_2-54-53 PM

Now it’s time for the not so lovely Winterfest meal.

11-04-18_2-55-07 PM

.. I can’t help it. The tofurkey is just so incredibly nasty to look at. Yuk!

Uhmn, Maverick – do you feel like we’re being watched?
Now that you mention it, Hadley.

11-04-18_2-56-46 PM

Father Winter just stood there for ages – creepy fellow. Maybe the tofurky scared him from going any further?

Much better – come, sit and enjoy some time with the family.

11-04-18_2-57-58 PM

Time for presents!

11-04-18_2-58-59 PM

Maverick and Hadley didn’t get any presents from Father Winter because he had to leave before they got to ask him. He seemed confused and in a hurry once he got over the initial shock of seeing Sims eat a nasty raw-looking turkey. (In other words, I think he was somehow glitching. It was so hard to get anyone to interact with him because the interactions just dropped from the queue all the time)

This year’s presents – I remembered to check the mailbox for any extra ones.

11-04-18_3-19-03 PM

They are keeping the microscope because someone might need it in the future. Most of the other stuff was sold – Not very polite I know. (The counter wasn’t a gift but coffee makers can’t be placed on anything else it seems)

The next day Maverick got a promotion. He’s really doing quite well in this florist career.


The promotion came with a tiny but significant adjustment to his outfit.

11-04-18_3-49-15 PM

Can you spot it?
(I changed it with MCCC later because it wasn’t really Maverick’s style)

The day after Winterfest was also a holiday of sorts.
TV Seasons Premiere.

11-04-18_3-52-10 PM

I had the kids watch it after school.

Hadley had enough of holidays and being around family. She wanted to explore space.

11-04-18_4-16-52 PM

She boarded an abandoned spaceship and found a lab full of weird stuff…



Yay – Well done, Hadley! Two aliens in one trip.

Meanwhile, the kids are done watching the Seasons Premiere and Mystery has moved on to working on her dexterity and spelling.

11-04-18_4-26-39 PMmysteryaspicomplw15

Earning her a completed aspiration. I picked Whiz Kid for her next as she was already well on her way with that. Remember I had her join for the two hours of reading and it still counts even if the aspiration was not active at the time.

Jinx is making Emotion Potions. (Normally I have a mod that prevents this fire hazard of a children’s toy to burst into flames but as I’m trying to limit my use of mods in this save I don’t have it installed. Meaning I was watching her like a hawk the whole time. I don’t want one of my potential heirs to die.)

11-04-18_4-41-07 PMjinxaspicompl2w15

Well done, Jinx! Moving on the next aspiration. Leaving only Social Butterfly to be completed.

Minus is out and about during the evening. She wasn’t angry at first but maybe she got mad that the river was frozen and she couldn’t fish… who knows?

11-04-18_7-14-52 PM11-04-18_4-38-32 PM

Go build a snowpal while you coll off!

Later I noticed how there’s an army of snowpals gathering in one corner of their lot. Is this what Minus spends her time on when she’s haunting?

11-04-18_5-34-34 PM

Minus cools down and goes inside to play. She’s in a much better mood now.

11-04-18_4-40-16 PM11-04-18_4-41-24 PM

Mystery and Minus find time for a little chat and a hug before Mystery has to go to bed.

A few days.. a day? later it’s already New Year’s Eve. I can hardly keep up with all that is going on.


Maverick starts the day by making them all a yummy breakfast – Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.

11-04-18_5-37-17 PMgourmetcookw15

This has him max his Gourmet Cooking. Well done!

He also finds time during the day to play a little game of Online MySims Racing.

11-04-18_5-43-14 PMmaxvideow15

Bringing his Video Gaming Skill to level 10 – He’s on a roll!

The countdown for the New Year – why do you have to all clutter up in one tiny area. Your living room is quite big, you know?!

11-04-18_6-08-12 PM11-04-18_6-08-52 PM

Happy New Year – Hadley and Maverick!

What.. more celebration, already? Give me a break!


Right – it’s the first day of Spring right after New Year’s Eve – how could I forget?!
The first day of Spring means that it’s also Legacy Day where Minus and any other deceased heirs are to be celebrated.


Mystery, of course, loves the Air Grievances tradition – Evil little Sims love to have a day where they can cause mayhem all in the spirit of the holiday.

She’s already at it during breakfast where she gets into an argument with Jinx about who’s better… oh this family might be going from peaceful bliss to rocky ride in no time.

11-04-18_7-21-45 PM11-04-18_7-25-49 PM

Hadley shouts forbidden words at Maverick while enjoying her fruit salad. (I expected this tradition to be like the fighting during neighborhood brawl where their relationships do not take a hit from the interactions – they do with Air Grievances – oh boy!)

Alexa stops by to visit Maverick but finds time to argue about parenting with Hadley. This tradition is both fun and worrying at the same time.

11-04-18_7-35-14 PM11-04-18_7-53-26 PM

Rebel and Jinx start arguing about Plumbob knows what…

It was all very tiring for lazy Rebel who went to bed before dinner and had to be pulled out of bed to eat a snack later in the evening.

11-04-18_7-56-54 PM

Instead of going back to bed he decided to nap at the dining table…


13 thoughts on “So Many Holidays

  1. I agree the tofurky looks disgusting and I’m a vegetarian… mostly. I usually make them have 2 meals one regular one and the nasty tofurky for the picky veggie lover. I’m confused why Maverick is always wearing that floral apron. Does he not work from home? Also, the pic of him wearing those horrid heels with it was hilarious! (Not sure if that was this chapter or not tho.)

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