Manners Day

It's Manners Day - Time to remember and celebrate the Manners' ancestors. It is also Griffin's birthday. Grandma Hadley gets the honor of aging up little Griffin - who ages up looking rather sad. Would you look at that! He looks like a mini Joshua with those adorable black curls. He rolls the Fussy trait … Continue reading Manners Day


Back in the Saddle

A/N: After Mystery died I didn't open the Manners Please save for 14 days. I honestly didn't know how to proceed with their story after she was gone. Mystery was the character that was going to be the main focus for Generation Three - I had a plan for her and the rest of the … Continue reading Back in the Saddle


It's nooboo-time again! Mystery is not in a good mood when she and Joshua arrive at the hospital. She starts shouting forbidden words at Doctor Maeda and Joshua is, of course, doing the Daddy-Panic dance again. Maybe Mystery was "Hangry" because instead of going to the delivery room she makes a beeline for the snack … Continue reading Karma