Incidentally EPIC

It is Spring in Willow Creek and this week there’s a couple of birthdays to celebrate (Is there ever a week without birthdays?). Spring Celebration Day is on Wednesday.


Yesterday was Legacy Day – remember they have the Air Grievances tradition?
It left Hadley and Maverick with a bit of a dent in their relationship – in fact, the entire family had their relationships with each other take some pretty big hits but this one was the most severe.


It’s nothing we can’t fix though.

11-05-18_4-40-59 PM

“Would you be a darling and pay the bills, while I’m away Maverick?” Hadley asks just before gracing Maverick’s cheek with a soft kiss. “Of course, dear.” He says with a smile while wondering how long she’ll be gone this time – and if she’ll return home safely.

CUT! – End of mushy love scene!

I must say the bills for this household seem very unstable. Last week they were 34,000 simoleons or something like that. Good thing that I know it’s a bug or I would drive myself mad trying to figure out what makes them fluctuate like this.

So, where was Haldey going?
Space missions – or well, it’s not a mission at first – it was just to explore a bit but chance would have it that she ended up doing a mission to save a little, lost space dog.

If you don’t want to read through it all there’s a brief summary below the images.


Hadley arrives at the Cosmic Relief Dog Pound in search of Pookapoo (that’s the space dog). She soon suspects the receptionist to be the one hiding the dog and when Hadley confronts her she is beaten unconscious. Hadley wakes up a few hours later and the dog pond is closed and she didn’t find Pookapoo. Hadley has failed the mission and has to return home.

Hadley steps out from the rocketship silo and notices something blue dart passed her – fast as lightning…

11-05-18_4-24-36 PM

.. but also pretty wobbly on its legs. Damn – did some kind of alien critter latch on to the rocket ship while she was parked outside the dog pound?

No, it’s a little space puppy. It must have found it’s way out of the dog pound and onto Hadley’s ship – it’s not Pookapoo so Hadley decides they should keep it. She names him EPIC – Extraterrestrial Puppy InCognito. (EPIC is made by the super-talented SimsaFire. She makes the most amazing pieces of art using the Sims 4 pets as her canvas. Go check her out: EPIC by SimsaFire )

He’s friendly and seems hungry.

11-05-18_4-27-00 PM

Awe – just look at how cute he is. There’s no way Hadley is returning him to the dog pound – besides she doesn’t really feel like going back to those nasty aliens again. Who wants to serve themselves up for a second beating?

11-05-18_4-36-24 PM

Come on, little guy – you can do it!!

I was laughing so hard at this. Maverick looks terrified of little EPIC.  After a friendly greeting everything was okay.

11-05-18_4-39-12 PM

Jinx has a more relaxed approach when meeting their new little family member.

11-05-18_4-52-13 PM

Mystery is cautious – and EPIC might sense that this girl has the Evil trait. Notice his ears and demeanor compared to when he met Jinx. (I don’t know if pets are made that sophisticated in The Sims 4 but I found the difference pretty fascinating)

11-05-18_4-57-10 PM

Mystery gets the honor of picking up the first dog poop. As a dog owner who always picks up after my dogs, I had way too much fun from reading this moodlet.


EPIC performs a little song of his people and looks very pleased with himself.

11-05-18_4-58-37 PM

Guard Dog, EPIC – reporting for duty!

Rebel was the last to greet our new little puppy. He too is very cautious but they soon become friends after a bribe treat.

11-05-18_5-03-06 PM

All the new impressions and adventures have EPIC falling asleep during dinner.

11-05-18_5-00-15 PM

He’s so cute and just look at all the detail – even on the footpads.

When Hadley returns home from work he rushes out to greet her. Awe – nothing is as pure as a puppy’s love. Hadley surely has a new friend.

11-05-18_5-11-57 PM

Playtime – with a ball that looks big enough to be small moon or planet compared to EPIC.

11-05-18_5-13-33 PM

Dinnertime – from a bowl big enough to be a small pool. I have to wonder how he fit all that food into his stomach.

11-05-18_5-29-15 PM

During the night EPIC patrols the house and runs into Don.

11-05-18_5-15-40 PM

They both seem very pleased to meet each other. Guard duty might be a bit more fun for both of them when there’s good company to be had during long hours of the night.




7 thoughts on “Incidentally EPIC

    • They might be – should be pretty easy to code compared to some of the other stuff in the game – and I get that feeling too. Sometimes no matter how much time a Sim spends with a dog/cat it seems to favor some other Sim in the household more and goes them for attention – might just be my imagination but hey… that’s a good thing to have, right?! 😀

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  1. EPIC is such a cool puppy and I love how you tied it in with that space quest which I’m all too familiar with after having Khloe in my Random Legacy do the space missions for income. I swear I’ve seen it a hundred times! I’m always amazed at what talent there is in the community.

    Liked by 1 person

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