Aging Up and Down

Oh, someone is mad and angry!
Mystery looks at Jinx as if she’s thinking: “What an amateur!”
Rebel is smart enough to just get the plum out there before he falls victim to some mean interactions.

11-05-18_6-49-14 PMmeanstreakjinxw16
This notice tells us why Jinx is acting so out of character.
Maybe it’ll go away when she has celebrated her birthday – let’s hope so.


Rebel empties the mailbox on his way in and would you look at that.



The elements collection has been completed.

Time to fill that last slot in the.. what is this thing called?! Ah, Elemental Display Rack.

11-05-18_6-52-10 PM

Then it’s time for Jinx to blow out the candles on her cake. (I REALLY wish Sims would swarm to the room where there’s a birthday going on – like in The Sims 2, but with fewer glitches). At least Hadley and Rebel are there to pay attention to Jinx’ transition.

11-05-18_6-53-58 PMjinxtraitaspiw16

She rolls to get the Goofball trait – like Grandpa Johnny- and Freelance Botanist as her aspiration.

She’s so pretty and has inherited the pouty looking lips/mouth that Johnny brought into the family.

11-05-18_7-13-03 PM

Maverick also has a birthday soon…



Very soon, in fact.

He has a chat with Haldey about prolonging their lives with another adulthood. She sees no problem with that idea.

11-05-18_7-21-24 PM11-05-18_7-21-47 PM

Time to gulp down that Potion of Youth, Maverick.

Hadley must have felt extra inspired by the thought of being granted an extra adulthood when she’s near her Elder birthday.


Her very first Masterpiece – and it’s one of my personal favorites too.

11-05-18_7-23-28 PMhadleypainting8w16

The masterpiece also brings Hadley’s painting skill to level 8. Now she can do portraits for the next heir and spouse.

Jinx and Mystery are trying to repair their damaged relationship while working on their skills.

11-05-18_7-25-17 PMmyaterymental10w16

Mystery reaches level 10 mental and proceeds to make the three emotion potions needed to complete her aspiration.

11-05-18_7-33-08 PMmysteryaspicomplw16

Done – good (evil) girl!
Moving on to Artistic Prodigy – because I can’t be bothered trying to complete the Social Butterfly, especially not with an evil Sim.

It’s been an exhausting day and it’s time for bed.

Minus haunts during the night. She sad and I feel a little bad for her.

11-05-18_7-39-21 PM

Look behind you, Minus – there’s a little puppy you could hug to feel better!

Nah – Minus knows exactly what is needed to forget all the sadness. Trolling the forums will probably always be her favorite past time. Of course, it does help that the room is decked out to give the focused moodlet.

11-05-18_7-44-49 PM

Now she’s energized… and that somehow prompts her to smash the dollhouse – what the plum, Minus!?

11-05-18_7-52-32 PM11-05-18_7-53-33 PM

Johnny is also out tonight. He meets little EPIC and they seem to bond very well.

EPIC must be sleepy this night and feels safe enough about having the ghosts do the patrolling. He runs for his bed.. and trips over his own legs.

11-05-18_7-54-15 PM

I love how clumsy and goofy the puppies and kittens are made in The Sims 4. It feels very realistic.


6 thoughts on “Aging Up and Down

    • Thank You – she really is beautiful
      Even if I’m a bookworm myself I don’t really like the trait in the game – it doesn’t come with very exciting interactions/behavior IMO. I like the aspiration though 😀


  1. I think Jinx is beautiful too – sometimes you get lucky and mix the right Sims 😀
    Johnny and EPIC seem to get along quite well – but that’s almost a given. Anyone can get along with Johnny ❤


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