Promotion Celebrated

Spring Celebration Day is here. Maverick likes the gardening tradition because he’s a vegetarian.


Hadley is the only one who gets to complete the Flower Bunny tradition this time around because the family ends up going out for dinner later in the day leaving no time for the rest of the family to spend time with this gigantic stuffed Leporidae – I wanted to write rodent but it turns out that bunnies are not rodents.. you learn something new every day.

11-05-18_8-04-52 PM

It turns out that it’s also EPIC’s birthday today – I wish pet birthdays would be marked in the calendar too.


He’s such a pretty dog – and completely unrealistic but who cares? I know I don’t!

11-05-18_8-07-23 PM

Hadley and EPIC celebrate his new status as a grown up with a walk. I find it pretty amazing how well they match. Yeah – you’ve got to find joy in the little things, right!?

11-05-18_8-10-00 PM

Bwah – somehow teenage mood swings are only funny when they are not happening to actual teenagers.

11-05-18_8-13-37 PM

Go moan and sulk somewhere else, Rebel!

Maverick gets a promotion – this time it didn’t come with a set of high heels – thank the shiny plumbob!


Jinx receives a call from the other realm. Minus has heard of a promotion (I’m still not sure what promotion it’s supposed to be but Jinx did get an A in school so maybe that’s it?) and wants to celebrate. Normally it never works when ghosts ask my Sims out but I figure I might as well try and then if Minus doesn’t show up the rest of the family can still enjoy an evening out.


The Greasy Llama is a diner-like place I built in Magnolia Promenade because I felt like my game needed such a place.

Here they all are – well, not all of them – EPIC had to stay at home. Minus, much to my surprise actually showed up too.

11-05-18_8-34-17 PM

Let’s get a table. The host is a descendant of the Delgato Pre-Mades. I think his name is Joey Delgato. You can’t really see him but he’s a decent looking townie.

11-05-18_8-35-33 PM

While Jinx is deciding what to order Rebel falls asleep – Lazy Sims are so odd sometimes. Jinx looks absolutely annoyed with him. “Where are your manners, Rebel?!”

11-05-18_8-38-22 PM

Dinner is served – and I remembered to order vegetarian food for Maverick and Rebel. Had to laugh at Rebel who looks so surprised to see a plate of food in front of him after his nap.

11-05-18_8-42-09 PM

Hadley looks at her Fish and Chips as if it’s the most disgusting thing she has ever seen – I guess her snob standards were not met by just going to a greasy little diner.

Angel and Byron also visit The Greasy Llama this evening. Unfortunately, the table is not big enough to have them join the rest of the family – and I don’t even know if it’s possible to do that. Anyway, they might be out for a romantic evening – better leave them in peace.

11-05-18_8-40-17 PM

Back home there’s still a bit of time to get some of the Spring Celebration traditions done.

11-05-18_8-51-00 PM

Since Jinx has the Freelance Botanist aspiration I focus on having her do some gardening. (One day I should do some landscaping in their gigantic garden but eugh… it’s my least favorite part of building. I still have several generations to get it done, so no rush!)

Maybe Angel and Byron were out to celebrate Byron’s Elder birthday because this pops up right after midnight.


I guess he won’t be around much longer and then Angel will be gone shortly after. I’m a bit sad to see this. I really like them and will miss having them show up for parties etc.

The rest of the week is spent working on skills and aspirations. It’s very boring that Hadley has the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration because that requires the family to visit Granite Falls – I don’t think I can find time for that any time soon.

At least she can work on her skills and both her and EPIC seem to enjoy their jogs.

11-05-18_9-18-01 PM11-06-18_6-50-37 PM

They have become pretty good friends.

Hadley has almost maxed her Rocket Science-skill so I have her install a landing computer.

11-06-18_7-04-03 PMhadleyrocket10w16

Woop Woop! There we go. There’s only one more upgrade left to do. The wormhole generator. We’ll have to do that soon.

Mystery is working on her aspiration as well. The busier she is kept the less likely it is that’s she’ll ruin her relationships with the family. She really does take the Evil trait quite serious at times.

11-06-18_7-26-06 PMmysterycrea10w16

She reached level 10 and then she was done with that aspiration as well – and I forgot to get the screenshot. I guess you all know what it looks like so never mind.

Minus paints during the night. It’s good to see her happy.

11-06-18_7-40-41 PM

Mystery’s Teen-birthday is just around the corner…


… as well as Rebel’s YA-birthday. Maybe he should start looking for a love interest? Can I keep him in the house for a while after he ages up and then have him move out later? I can’t remember off the top of my head. I think I mix the rules from Drifter and Legacy up more often than not. cousinbrittanycbdw16

The last message of the day is that Cousin Brittany has aged up to a child. I think I at least need to give her a different haircut…


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    • I think somewhere in one of those dusty old files I keep in my brain I might have saved some sort of information regarding this – probably why I checked before writing rodent – but honestly, I’ve always thought of them as being related to mice and guinea pigs 😛

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