They Grow Up So Fast!

I don’t understand how a pet can go from pristine to incredibly dirty and smelly in the few minutes I spent at the Kalina-Manners household while updating Cousin Brittany’s looks. It’s like they have a default setting that is set to dirty/smelly. Why?

11-07-18_4-49-11 PM11-07-18_4-56-59 PM

..on the topic of getting clean. Hadley still prefers to shower in the rain whenever possible. It might look like she’s upset about a puddle created by the rain but actually, it’s dog pee and she just stepped in it… hehe

There’s time for a little flirting during breakfast. These two might have their differences but they are still very much in love.

11-07-18_4-51-16 PM

The easiest way for me to tell it’s the beginning of a new week is the arrival of the bills. They are more or less the same as last week.


The thermostat is still on since it’s been pretty chilly during Spring.

Now that Rebel will soon be a Young Adult he better get to know some Sims his own age. This is a cute girl he met at school. Kristie Golden.

11-07-18_5-01-42 PM

Unfortunately, Kristie just aged up to a teen and I’m not sure I want to wait that long before Rebel moves out.

I’ve completely forgotten to check Rebel’s badge progress on the scouting board for the last few days but when I actually do remember it turns out he has earned the last one.

11-07-18_5-07-22 PMrebelllamacornw17

Llamacorn Scout – very impressive and pretty useless since he’ll be moving out and become a Townie (more or less).


Yes, let’s do this!
I was quite excited to see what traits they would get.

First Mystery gets to blow out the candles.

11-07-18_5-29-04 PMmysteryrollw17

Haha, she rolled the Slob trait and her aspiration is to become a Super Parent. I don’t know how well that is going to work with her traits. (Btw – am I the only who think there’s an awful lot of empty space on these age-up cards? – Like maybe they’ve left room for additional info to be added later or something?)

Rebel’s turn – he looks like he doesn’t really want to… Do I have to grow up?

11-07-18_5-33-09 PMrebelrollw17

Rebel rolled the Gloomy trait and soon he’ll need a new aspiration because he just needs to find 25 collectibles to have finished this one.

Ah, cake as a midnight snack – and then it’s time to do Mystery’s make-over.

11-07-18_5-37-40 PM

Uhmn okay then – first a notice that Cousin Riley has also aged up…



..and Maverick opens all the… what are they called? The boxes with MySims trophies he’s got in his inventory. Not quite enough to get to the 25 collectibles but a quick trip to the garden where he harvests a few plants fixes that.

Finally, it’s time to do Mystery’s make-over. Her and Jinx look so much alike that I felt like I had to pick short hair for Mystery or they would be like a set of identical twins to look at.

11-07-18_6-27-33 PM

The next day I go through Rebel’s friend panel to see who he knows and I’m a bit surprised to see that he actually has a pretty good relationship with this girl named Krystal already. When did that happen?

11-07-18_6-38-39 PM

I have the two of them spend the day together to see if they might be an okay match. They are both Gloomy so at least they have that in common.

11-07-18_6-43-29 PM

… Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame! I think this could work out.

11-07-18_6-40-18 PM11-07-18_6-44-22 PM

Their First Kiss goes smoothly and so I have Maverick ask Krystal to be his girlfriend.

11-07-18_6-45-25 PMrebelkrystalw17

Yay! – Girlfriend acquired!
I’ll have them working more on that in the next couple of days.

What is Mystery up to?
Well – I figured someone should teach EPIC a few tricks. I then discovered that he already knew them all. He must have had them when I downloaded him – meh!

Maybe I could have removed them with MCCC but I decided that he’s allowed to be special and extra clever since he’s a space dog.

11-07-18_6-48-20 PM

Mystery can still work on her Pet Training skill and either she’s really bad at it or EPIC does not want to play fetch…

11-07-18_7-32-27 PM

.. nor does he want to play on the agility course. He just kept sitting there the whole time.

11-07-18_6-50-34 PM

It’s raining, you stoopid hooman – I want to go inside!

Late in the evening, Jinx gets a call about going to a party at the ancient ruins. And she could have gone…


… if her needs weren’t so bad. Then again if Joshua Marlow really wants to go out with her maybe he shouldn’t call after midnight on a school night?


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