Busy Days

Maverick is flying through the ranks in the gardening career. Maybe he’ll be able to finish a third job before retirement?


11-07-18_7-58-03 PM

Being a gardener is obviously very hard on the feet because he was granted a new pair of comfortable “shoes” along with his promotion. What is up with this career and silly shoes?

Krystal seems to like Rebel. She calls and invites him on a date at The Greasy Llama – not my first choice for a romantic dinner but hey, if that’s where you want to go then that’s where we’re going!


A little polite and innocent kiss on the cheek – you’re such a gentleman, Rebel.

11-07-18_7-36-24 PM

Cousin Riley is here too – and no, Rebel will not ask you to sit at their table. Three is a crowd when you’re trying to impress a young lady.

11-07-18_7-40-10 PM

I’ve put those flirty drinks on the menu for situations just like this.
Now let’s get to know Krystal. Do you remember Evil Sandra – Maverick’s childhood friend? Krystal is Evil Sandra’s daughter. Her father is a guy named Duke Lee – Pre-Made Liberty Lee’s son. (I guess Evil Sandra found a way into the family after all)

11-07-18_7-42-09 PM

Krystal’s traits are: Gloomy, Outgoing and Bro and her aspiration is Soulmate.

Both Krystal and Rebel are in a really good mood. I order dessert for them too because they just seem to want to sit and chat forever. If you’re thinking Krystal is looking a bit slimmer in the next couple of pictures it’s because she had the “diet” ice cream.

Rebel is sure Krystal is in the perfect mood for a proposal.

11-07-18_7-49-02 PM

Oh no!

11-07-18_7-49-14 PM

I sort of knew this would end badly but I just couldn’t resist the idea of having Rebel propose at the greasy and very unromantic diner. Hehe.


It takes more than a declined proposal to ruin a great date – in the Sims at least.

Fine, whatever Krystal. I know you’re going to say yes next time. Have fun until then.

11-07-18_7-51-20 PM

We’ll see, Rebel – We’ll see!

Jinx and Mystery spend the evening bonding over video games…

11-07-18_8-44-20 PM11-07-18_8-50-54 PM

.. and fishing. I love this area of Willow Creek – it’s so beautiful.

The fishing was the last part needed for both of them to get promoted to Llamacorn Scout.

11-08-18_12-49-06 AMjinxllamacornw17

11-08-18_12-51-46 AMmysteryllamacornw17

The next day Mystery continues training EPIC.
Actually, I think it’s EPIC who’s training Mystery but let’s not tell her that.

11-08-18_2-35-28 PM

(In the background you can see my SimSelf out walking my old dog, Nimbus. I put them into the game because I thought it would be fun to see them around the neighborhood. Then I had the horrible thought MCCC would notify me when Nimbus died and I had to flag him for no aging. I didn’t do the same for my Simself – that’s somehow easier for me to deal with.)

Back to the ones who really matter here!
Mystery reached level 5 Pet Training – that was a bit too easy but I guess with EPIC as her teacher it would be.


… or maybe my game was experiencing a sort of glith?
When she got home from scout meeting she was hungry and I had her make a garden salad. It was the first meal she had ever prepared.

11-08-18_2-51-12 PM2cookinglevelsonesaladw17

She got three cooking levels and I thought that was quite unusual. When the notices kept popping up I was very surprised. She went through level 4 and 5 cooking too and ended up on level 6 after just making a serving of garden salad.


Yup – I think my game was experiencing a minor hick-up of sorts.

Maverick is working on getting the last level for his Flower Arranging skill.
I never knew Sims could get filthy rich from creating flower arrangements. This particular bouquet costs less than 1,000 simoleons to make :O


Oh no! Minus is angry and haunting!
I’ve found out that her Klepto-urges are still pretty strong. She stole EPIC’s food bowl which I didn’t find out before I got a notice about EPIC being really hungry. Poor dog!

Minus has also stolen a few other items but I bet she’s just waiting to grab one of those irreplaceable portraits upstairs.

11-08-18_3-12-59 PM

@HeavenlySkiiies (Twitter) advised me to create copies of them and hang the real ones in a safe room where only family members can enter.

I’ve now created an underground vault for the original portraits and other paintings I’d like to keep. Potions of Youth, collector plaques etc are also stored there.

Last notices of the day are that Cousin Riley has gotten married to Heidi Lynx. Heidi is Don Lothario’s granddaughter and was actually my second choice for Maverick. Cousin Riley has good taste.


It’s almost Jinx’ Birthday which means I’ve got to figure out who becomes the next heir.



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