Married on Love Day

It is Love Day – when is it not some sort of holiday or birthday – seriously!!


I notice that there’s an option to send forged breakup letters – how tempting for an evil Sim.


The problem is however that she can only send to Sims whom she already knows and who are in a relationship. There are none of these relationships I want to ruin so Mystery will have to try this later in her life.

Since it’s Love Day and Rebel still has Krystal he needs to win over I have him invite her over. He picks a rose in the garden for her. It seems that she likes the gift.

11-07-18_9-16-03 PM

… Rebel might have a name that suggests otherwise but he’s a true gentleman…

11-07-18_9-18-50 PM

.. with an agenda and an impatient Watcher.

If you refuse him this time Krystal I’ll have you marry a random Townie!

11-07-18_9-20-02 PM

Awe – she said Yes!

11-07-18_9-20-25 PMrebelengagedw17

Congratulations you two – now let’s move on the wedding that the family has been preparing behind the scenes.

Such a beautiful couple – and dear plumbob do I hate Krystals hair already. She can only be photographed decently from one side.

11-07-18_9-34-26 PM

I normally don’t do it but this time I turned off Free Will – and still, they didn’t want to sit down and watch the wedding ceremony – grrmpf! At least Minus behaved nicely – and she’s the one who has bad manners – right!?

11-07-18_9-32-43 PM

Oh well, family you know – what can you do?

Congratulations Krystal and Rebel – and then the next problem occurred. I couldn’t have them named the way I wanted and had planned. Caliente-Manners had too many letters.

11-07-18_9-36-09 PM

Haha – what a wedding party. EVERY single one of them looks angry or annoyed. I guess they didn’t like Minus being there with her bad manners and all.

11-07-18_9-35-32 PMmarriedw17

Yeah – I don’t know if it was beautiful but I at least tried to make it look like a real wedding.

Krystal and Rebel ran off to celebrate in the telescope. I guess they didn’t feel like being around all their grumpy guests. I can’t blame them.

11-07-18_9-39-37 PM

Time for cake – and there’s that hair again. I tried to take the screenshot from the other side but the wall made it impossible to get a good shot. I guess Krystal will either get a haircut or we’ll always know her as the girl whose face you can’t see.

11-07-18_9-41-21 PM

Which would be a shame because she’s quite pretty.

11-07-18_11-50-52 PM11-07-18_11-53-22 PM

Wedding selfie with Cousin Brittany in the background – and the back of Cousin Riley’s head.

Almost all the guests in one picture – if we’re not counting Johnny and Minus. Uncle Byron was there too but he left early for some reason. From left to right, starting with the girl in yellow: Jinx, Justice, Angel, Rebel, Maverick, Riley, Krystal, Mystery, Brittany and Hadley. In the background, you see a random bartender who no one ever ordered a drink from. I think I missed Justice aging up to a teenager – but she turned out looking quite okay and has decent traits if I remember correctly.

11-07-18_11-54-45 PM

Having a fairly big house can be quite frustrating when you invite over your family for some quality time. I found Angel and Riley having fun in Jinx’ room – and yes she still has all her kids stuff in there because I was lazy and didn’t give her a proper teenage-room.

11-07-18_11-57-21 PM

She only ever goes there to sleep so I guess it doesn’t matter an awful lot.

You remember Rebel finishing The Curator aspiration, right?
I picked Bestselling Author for him next and he managed to write a couple of children’s books and finished the first Milestone.


The reason I’m showing this is because I remembered to spend his aspiration points before I had him and Krystal move to their new home in Brindleton Bay. His 10,160 points got us 6 Potions of Youth for the collection.

I think I forgot to do this for a couple of weeks but it’s the end of week 17 now and let’s see what happened.

  • All three kids became Llamacorn Scouts
  • Maverick got promoted and is now a Leafy Luminary (level 9 of the career)
  • Rebel finished The Curator aspiration
  • Rebel found a girlfriend, got engaged and married.
  • Cousin Riley married Don Lothario’s granddaughter
  • EPIC trained Mystery and she maxed her Pet Training Skill
  • It will soon be time to find out who gets to be the heir
  • Bank: 612,260 simoleons
  • Lot Value: 272,237

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