Hadley’s Last Hurrah

It’s been too long since Hadley saw Jinx – and Rebel for that matter.


So when Jinx calls and asks Hadley out for Ladies Night at the bar I grab the opportunity and decide to bring Rebel along to. Ladies Nights and all… I’m sure he won’t mind.

Uhmn.. this is not the Oasis Springs Dust Bowl.. this is… eugh, nevermind – let’s just go with it. A bar is a bar, right?

01-04-19_8-17-01 pmLooks as if Jinx and Rebel are looking at Hadley wondering what went wrong and Hadley is sort of clueless. “Look, I just followed your directions, Jinx…, ” Hadley says with a shrug of her shoulders.

So, it’s not the right bar – but it’s a bar and it’ll do fine for a couple of drinks and a heart to heart with her two remaining children.

01-04-19_8-21-53 pm

They have a mighty fine time at the Salty Paws Saloon – several beers and laughs are had.
They even run into Cousin Brittany who’s out having fun with her friends.

01-04-19_8-24-45 pm

It’s good to see Hadley out having some fun – and it sort of makes me regret that I never had her visit Granite Falls. She deserved more in life than what she’s gotten so far.


The thing is though – it’s about to be too late to change much.

At least Hadley still has her space missions and she often brings home little space critters and rocks – sadly it’s all duplicates of what they already have.


I’ll be honest with you. Hadley has never visited Sixam even though she’s had the wormhole generator for ages. Why? – you might ask! Because I didn’t want the game generating a bunch of alien Townies. I wouldn’t mind if it was one or two – possibly three – but seriously is it really necessary for the game to generate 6-8 aliens for one short visit to Sixam?

Anyway – I give in to a sudden urge to see Hadley have some fun in her life and off to Sixam she goes.

01-04-19_6-06-57 pm01-04-19_6-00-55 pm01-04-19_7-10-04 pm

Hadley enjoys the scenery and all the pretty crystals and odd little alien critters she can collect. She even spots a few alien ladies either on their way to or from a party (why aren’t they wearing any shoes?)

Hadley spends her entire day on Sixam collecting everything she sees. It’s all so delightfully odd.

01-04-19_7-14-27 pm

Now – no matter how much fun a Sim is having at some point they have to find a toilet – or possibly a lush and leafy bush in which to hide while they empty their bladder. Unfortunately, Hadley can’t find a toilet nor a suitable bush. She simply has to ask the first alien she sees about where to find the public restrooms.

01-04-19_6-08-26 pm

Sadly there are no such things on Sixam and Hadley has to do the potty-walk all the way to the wormhole generator so that she can be ported home.

Safely back home and with a now empty bladder (She made it to the toilet in time!) it’s time to tell EPIC all about the exciting adventure Sixam.

01-04-19_7-26-57 pm

Now, there’s a small dilemma.
Hadley is very close to… being turned into a ghost so she better spend her satisfaction points now.



As you can see there’s not a lot of them – and I think most of them come from EPIC and the “Feel the Love” interaction. That’s 250 points if they are companions.
Hadley’s 8,320 points are enough for 5 Potions of Youth – total count 64 potions in the vault.

What’s the dilemma I mentioned?

Well, it’s Drake birthday in 24 hours and I’d like for Hadley to be there for his birthday so I’ll have to age him up a bit early.


Hadley has read about this new cake and she really wants to make one for Drake’s birthday. (The Winter Cake that came with the free update in December).

01-04-19_7-39-32 pm01-04-19_7-45-40 pm

It’s so pretty – and Drake seems satisfied with it too!


His aspiration and trait roll gives him The Curator as aspiration and Perfectionist as his trait.

Yay! The family actually all gathered for the celebration this time.

01-04-19_7-46-31 pm

… and Drake is so very happy!! (Way too happy… please calm down!!)


01-04-19_7-49-57 pm

I’m about to have a meltdown because I feel 100% certain he’ll die once I unpause the game.

Then I remember there’s a Club Gathering going on at the moment and that’s a +3 Happy moodlet currently boosting the Playful emotion. Better end the Club Gathering…


01-04-19_7-54-57 pm

Thank the Watcher – He survived his birthday!!


Joshua seems to be just as relieved as I feel when Drakes moods go from Hysterical to Very Playful – Phew, crisis averted!

Drake gets his make-over and turns out to be a handsome young man – though I don’t think he looks very much like a perfectionist genius. That was a bit hard to achieve with his tanned skin and blonde hair – if anything he should have been a surfer-dude 😀

01-04-19_8-10-48 pm

Enjoying the cake and some hugs.
My evil Sims never seem very evil – they always want to hug.

01-04-19_8-13-10 pm

Everyone is about to go to bed but there’s one dark and hooded creature that seems to never really rest – always lurking around in the shadows waiting for his moment to strike…

01-04-19_8-32-02 pm01-04-19_8-32-36 pm

Oh no! Grandma Hadley!

01-04-19_8-35-18 pm01-04-19_8-35-41 pm

Sirin’s eyes look as if they are about to pop out of her head… shock, horror – too much for a little girl to witness. (Fact: She was, of course, sad that her Grandma died but as soon as she was near one of the other grieving Sims she was happy again because she was in the presence of misery… evil Sims, so very dark!)

EPIC says goodbye to yet another beloved Sim – the friendly lady that unknowingly rescued him from the Cosmic Relief Dog Pound.

01-04-19_8-36-46 pmbyebyehadleyw23

Goodbye Hadley – you goofy, yet lovely, Sim. May it always rain where you’re going! (You know.. so she can shower in the rain)

01-04-19_8-38-59 pm

Maverick’s grave always looked so sad and lonely – somehow this feels more right.

It’s not only Drake who has celebrated his birthday. Cousin Marcel and Grandcousins Alissa and Theresa have all had their Child birthday.


A little funny screenshot!
I have a mod that brings Dog Walkers to other worlds – normally they’ll only show up in Brindleton Bay. The mod even makes them show up on Sixam LOL.  Dog Walkers in Other Worlds by Bienchen! (scroll down a bit until you see the image of Justin Delgato walking Blue)

01-04-19_6-05-05 pm


7 thoughts on “Hadley’s Last Hurrah

    • Grandma Hadley enjoyed it too – it might not have been Granite Falls but it was still pretty amazing 🙂
      The Winter Cake looks so pretty and I was pleasantly surprised to see it can be used as a birthday cake 😀


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