Festive Weekend

Joshua has that Party animal aspiration to work on but I always seem to forget about it or I’m not in the mood to keep track of a bunch of festive Sims. Of course, it being New Year’s Eve I should have him throw a big party but yeah… maybe next year?


Having Hadley die the day before puts a bit of a dampener on the mood and the kids mostly spend the day working on their aspirations and skills.

01-04-19_8-42-09 pm01-04-19_8-46-50 pm

Drake helps Griffin with his Whiz Kid tasks. During their game of chess, something has Griffin get really mad. Did he catch Drake cheating or something?

Sirin is working on the last 5 drawings of her aspiration.

01-04-19_8-30-35 pmsirinmaxcreaw23

She so clever that her skills get maxed way before she completes the actual aspiration. She doesn’t finish the last of her drawing this time around because there’s a scout meeting in the afternoon and in the evening it’s time to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

it was just going to be Joshua and the kids enjoying a meal and watching the New Year’s show on TV but it seems the Legacy Founders had other plans.

01-04-19_9-18-47 pm

Minus and Johnny show up to spend some time with the little family. Maybe they wanted to remind Joshua that he’s not alone in all of this – he’s got the support of every Manners who came before him.

01-04-19_9-16-07 pm

Time for the Midnight Countdown!

… and it all gets to be too much for Sirin who falls asleep on the living room floor.

01-04-19_9-20-17 pm

The kids all go to bed – it’s been a long day with skills, scouts and partying.

Johnny and Minus seem to want to keep the party going – I guess they enjoy spending some time indoors in pleasant company.

01-04-19_9-21-22 pm

Joshua never knew Johnny and Minus so he spends some time getting to know these important – and very down to earth – founders that he’s heard so much about.

01-04-19_9-22-57 pm

When Joshua has gone to bed Minus finds Johnny and gives him a little kiss on the cheek (..and that the first time I’ve seen them show any affection to one another).

01-04-19_9-23-38 pm

I think Minus is telling Johnny that everything will be alright despite all the recent deaths and the fact that the only grown-up in the household is not a Manners by blood. Minus is sure Joshua has got it all under control and that the Manners Legacy will live on.


Hehe – and Minus must have really turned on the charm when chatting with Joshua. This is one of his whims just before going to bed.

The next morning the family wakes up to Legacy Day. They are to honor Minus by airing grievances – a tradition Sirin is looking forward to. Gardening is Maverick’s tradition and children can’t participate in that so that one is for Drake and Joshua only.


Sirin is having a great time during breakfast. She really gets to be annoying and show her true colors.

01-05-19_12-19-56 am

Once Sirin starts the tradition by calling Griffin names it sets the ball rolling and everyone more or less completes the Air Grievances tradition during breakfast.

I don’t know why Griffin is in his pajamas again… he must have gone to bed after their Sunday scout meeting.

01-05-19_12-13-30 am

He doesn’t like Legacy Day very much and finds comfort in brushing and playing with EPIC who is very pleased with all the attention.

Sirin finally gets to finish her drawings and thus completes her aspiration.

01-05-19_12-39-06 amsirinaspicompl2w23

She still has the Rambunctious Scamp and Social Butterfly aspirations to chose from. needless to say, I pick Rambunctious Scamp.

Late in the evening when everyone has gone to bed Mystery sneaks into Joshua’s bedroom for some warmth and comfort. I think she misses her husband and her warm duvet.

01-04-19_7-01-35 pm

Joshua keeps on sleeping – everything is as it should be. A husband sleeping next to his wife.

Cousin Brent has already aged up to a Young Adult – and he’s also managed to get some girl pregnant… I hope MCCC marries them in the next round of marriages and pregnancies.


Justice and Dirk are also expecting. Time for Aron to get a sibling.


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