Dinner Party

Life is so much better when you have an army of helper-ghosts! Let’s ignore the fact that it was probably also the ghosts who broke all the stuff in the first place.

01-06-19_3-51-10 pm01-06-19_3-50-11 pm

Oh, and this reminds me that I’ve checked and ghosts do gain skills – even when they are not controlled/part of the household. Before this legacy reaches generation ten the old ghosts like Minus, Johnny and Don will have pretty high levels of handiness and parenting I guess. Maybe I should bring them back to life and have a look at their skills once I reach the end of the legacy road…

Now – that’s all speculations about the future. We need to get back to present day and see what’s going on this week.

There’s a lot of celebrity stuff which I don’t care about and then there’s Spring Celebration – and Sirin’s birthday on Thursday… more like Friday.


..and indeed Spring has sprung and The Amazing Shack still stands – and now I’ve even done a tiny little bit of landscaping around the playground area.

01-06-19_4-30-52 pmbillsw24

Monday also means bills and I’m very happy to see that the fix for the bills is still working. No more 35k bills – and come to think of it I never gave my Sims all those Simoleons back that they paid extra due to the bug… Ah well, never mind.

Oh, Great!
Just what I need – an Evil kid on a Mean Streak!

01-06-19_5-05-57 pm

Hmmn… well, Sirin is horribly bad at being mean and evil. She always wants to hug – if not her dad or brothers then it’s EPIC. Maybe she’ll grow into being mean later in life?

Joshua has made Trout Something-or-Other for breakfast (yum?!) and with that, he maxed out the Gourmet Cooking skill.

01-06-19_5-02-33 pmjoshgormetlvl10w24

For some reason, the fancy food reminds me of Joshua’s Party Animal aspiration which I should probably work on – at least a little bit.

Joshua invites the relatives over for a Dinner Party in the evening and spends some time practicing his drink making skills.

01-06-19_5-34-09 pm

Time for the party to start – the tasks seem pretty easy to complete except for the “Thank Fans for Coming” – I don’t think there are any fans among the guests LOL. Luckily it completed by thanking the guests for coming. I was a bit worried that the party would be bugged and impossible to complete with a good score.


First to arrive are Krystal and Pierre.

01-06-19_6-24-24 pm01-06-19_6-25-24 pm

Krystal is very chatty. Pierre looks… embarrassed? Jinx is clearly not amused – I wonder what that conversation was about…

Lobster Thermidor… and Garden Salad since Joshua had to make one for the party. Rebel arrives just in time for dinner – I guess it’s a good thing that Joshua had to make a salad because wasn’t Rebel a vegetarian?

01-06-19_6-28-21 pm

Everybody seems to have a good time… right up until Jinx decides to go mourn Mystery.

01-06-19_6-35-31 pm

Ah well – I guess it’s alright that she completely ruins the mood because the party is already a success.


Joshua just needs to throw two more parties to complete the current milestone of his aspiration… I’m pretty sure he’ll never complete the entire aspiration because I’m not a big fan of parties in the game.

The kids ought to go to bed because it’s late but now that they’ve “wasted time” chatting to relatives I feel like they are behind on their skills… did anyone say slave driver?

01-06-19_6-34-29 pmgrifmental10w24

Well done, Griffin – now he just needs to get an A in school.

Sirin must have been sitting too much on her behind because her Motor skill is really low level and for some reason, she gains the levels at snail’s pace… She ought to be racing through the levels as she does with any other skill.

01-06-19_6-37-48 pm

Well – I guess I just haven’t figured out how to get Motor skill fast – is dancing better?

Have you been wondering what Drake might be up to these days?

01-06-19_6-40-59 pm

I’ve built him a room in the basement with a Pipe Organ (he’s free to leave and do other stuff of course – it’s not like I’m keeping him trapped down there!). I don’t like the sound of the Pipe Organ much and so I figured since I want the skill maxed this was the most pleasant way to get it done. Drake doesn’t seem to mind at all – he actually often gets a happy moodlet from playing the damned thing.

The thing is though – I often forget about Drake when he’s down in his little dungeon and so when everyone else goes to bed he still sits down there playing his horrible music. His school performance has suffered a little bit because I might have forgotten about him for an entire night and sent him to school very tired and miserable… oops.

Speaking of nights… that’s when most of the gossipy MCCC news arrives.

Cousin Brianna has aged up to a teen and Rebel is already an Elder… isn’t that a bit too soon!?


Cousin Brent never married that girl he got pregnant. Instead, he married Hollie Logan who is the new maid at the Manners residence. I guess we’ll be seeing a whole lot of her in the future. Mariela, who is the girl Brent got pregnant, has married into the Landgraab family – traitor!!


11 thoughts on “Dinner Party

      • I think MCCC comes with some basic Townie control as default (I honestly can’t remember for sure though). You can tweak the Townie marriages and pregnancies in the MC Pregnancy module (Click in-game computer -> MC Command Center -> MC Pregnancy). They might already be running but you don’t get notified of it if the notifications are not turned on. (Click in-game computer -> MCCC Settings… -> Notifications/Console/Menu Settings -> Notification Settings).
        Best advise I can give is to “be brave” and try tweaking and turning on/off different settings to see what it does in your game – if you mess up royaly you can always put the setting back to what they were and then quit without saving. Go Slow – only try one or two new settings at the time or you might get lost on what you actually just did and can’t figure out how to get it back to “normal”. For guidance I go here: https://deaderpool-mccc.com/#/doc/overview – some of what’s written makes very little sense to me but at least I can get some understanding of what a setting will change/tweak 🙂
        MCCC is a wonderful tool – but also a very complex tool. It takes time to learn the ropes of it and I’ve had it since forever and I’m still learning new things all the time. Never hesitate to ask if there’s something you wonder about – I’ll gladly share my knowledge! (Did you know MCCC can even make your Townie pets have puppies and kittens? – or that MCCC can have your Townies break up if they are not happy living together?)

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  1. I hope you’ll keep Drake in the household so he can keep coming back as a ghost after he dies and haunt your house all night by playing the organ. Sounds like fun 🤣 best for motor is practice typing and when they unlock it the typing game. No need to spam queues and pretty fast while in a legacy club

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