Yay! It’s Spring Celebration! This year I want to complete that easter egg collection.


Hmmn… so Maverick and Don took the night off it seems… so much for my army of helper-ghosts!

01-06-19_7-35-33 pm

Good thing we have a great maid who doesn’t mind mopping up an entire lake in the downstairs bathroom.. meet Hollie, the new maid, and Cousin Brent’s wife.

01-06-19_7-41-33 pm

Joshua has that fame perk that makes his fans send him nice stuff so let’s see what they’ve gotten him in these last couple of days.

Awe! Such lovely letters! Joshua is very happy after reading his fan mail – the package contains a black bean which is nice I guess – one more item for the garden.

It’s time for the kids to arrive home from school and Griffin gets his A…


… and completes his aspiration. Next one will be Rambunctious Scamp.

Drake, Sirin, and Griffin all spend some quality time with Flower Bunny (they need to literally chat the ears off of that poor bunny before the holiday task completes).

01-06-19_8-05-24 pm

The kids run out to collect eggs while Joshua spends some time with Flower Bunny.

01-06-19_7-46-30 pm

Aahaaa! All those little pieces of hedge I added around the playground are hiding a lot of eggs and finally, the Decorative Eggs collection is complete. It’s been missing one common egg the last couple of generations.


See! That striped orange and yellow one – it’s a common egg and it’s been avoiding “capture” for years!

Flower Bunny sends the Manners a little gift for a job well done. Our very own Bun Bun (Let’s not tell Flower Bunny that we already had one because we’ve cheated!)


I decide that I want the quirky looking, spotted Bun Bun.

01-07-19_10-36-15 am

Griffin spends some more time chatting to Flower Bunny – and finally, he gets the holiday goal completed and he maxes his Social skill. Yay – two birds with one stone!


Joshua has been working from home today because it was Spring Celebration. I better see what it is he needs to do.


Okay – I am aware that he’ll lose followers when he does the advertising task. What I’m not aware of is how many followers he’ll lose!


Llama Plumbob that was almost half of them and it’s taken him forever to gain them! Not only that but he didn’t even get any money 😦
So first Joshua gained 1,440 followers from live streaming a game then he lost nearly 88,000 followers. This feels very much like it’s going to be up hill! As you can see he gets a rather small amount from doing something like live streaming a game – he gets something like 8,000 followers for posting a meme but that fails more often than not… did I mention how much I dislike this career!?

He goes to bed and I watch Hadley’s first haunt. She’s sad… poor thing!

01-06-19_8-12-34 pm01-06-19_8-18-54 pm

Maverick finds her and gives her a hug and suddenly she’s in a much better mood. Maybe she was looking for her her husband?! (To my great joy my ghosts have become much better at interacting with each other lately).

The next day I send Joshua to Uptown Myshuno to perform the “Give Energized Speech” task for work. He does give a rather animated (and looooong) speech but no one listens. He gains no new followers but at least the task completes. The other one with advertising didn’t complete because he didn’t earn any money.

01-06-19_8-33-50 pm

While there I figure he can visit Skye Fitness – and I remember to check him in… that social media thing they can do in this career – and voila! He gains a ton of followers – 100,000+ or something like that. I was so baffled that apparently, I forgot to screenshot the message.

I figure he better visit some more venues he can check in at so tonight the family goes to The Greasy Llama for dinner.

01-06-19_8-38-11 pm01-06-19_8-48-00 pm

Yay – More Followers!
They seem to enjoy the outing – I was hoping that there might be some cute teenage girls Drake could meet but nope – not this time.

Griffin gets up in the middle of his chili to go say hello to this boy and his family. I have no clue why!? – He just got up, walked out to them and stood there for a while. I figured since he was already there staring at them while they ate maybe he should say hello to them.

01-06-19_8-53-01 pm

I can’t remember their names – I think their last name was Churchill.

Joshua tends to the garden and the bees when they get home – and then for a second, I thought he might be pregnant because he looked like he was going to spill his dinner all over the snapdragons. Of course there was no way he could be pregnant but nevertheless, it was my first thought.

01-06-19_9-01-00 pmfoodpoisoningw24

The only thing growing in his stomach was foreign bacteria and he, of course, called the diner to let them know. They kindly refunded his simoleons and then some… I guess they wanted him to keep quiet about his food poisoning.


While they were at The Greasy Llama a notice about Sirin’s birthday popped up. Since it was late and she was tired she’d have to work on the last of her Motor skill the next day.

01-06-19_9-16-00 pm

… and work she did. Very hard – all day!

01-06-19_9-17-09 pm

She only took small breaks to laugh manically – I guess the Evil side of her is beginning to show.

Even though she worked hard she didn’t get the last few percentages of her Motor skill and had to settle with “only” completing two childhood aspirations.

01-06-19_11-31-02 pm

Time for cake and blowing out candles!

Drake looks confused!
“Where did that confetti come from?!”

01-06-19_11-33-55 pm

Griffin and Joshua looking at each other like: “He’s supposed to be a genius like the two of us!”

Thank the Shiny Plumbobs that we can do make-overs of our Sims. (I’ll never get over the horror of Apocalypse Challenge where your Sim had to stay in whatever clothes they had on when aging up!)

01-06-19_11-34-32 pm

I get it!
…it’s nice that we have fancy accessories like rings, glasses etc but do they have to put on this much – whoever said “Less is More” clearly didn’t get through to the Sims.

Ah! Much better!

01-07-19_12-02-48 amsirintraitaspiw24

Okay then… so an Evil, Snob with a great wish to become disliked by other Sims (her Public Enemy aspiration). Like I wrote on Twitter: “What’s not to like?!”

Rebel calls Joshua later that night.


At the end of the week, I’m still not sure which Sim Rebel wanted Joshua to meet. Not because the phone never rang – quite the opposite – It rings all the time and the call probably got lost in the never-ending buzzing that I’m starting to not even notice. It’s like living next to a busy road – at some point, you start filtering out the noise in order to keep sane.

Cousin Riley is now an Elder too. Once again I have to wonder if it’s not way too soon?



5 thoughts on “Followers

    • I can only invite ghosts to a club if they call and ask to be invited. Johnny did that in the beginning of the legacy and he was part of the family club for a while. I discovered that he never slept because the club was always running and I felt bad for him so I kicked him out again 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You! ❤
      I can't do story-driven stories like yours – not because I don't have the imagination for it but I struggle with my vocabulary and the patience it requires. Game-driven stories are great in the way that I get to play and then write about all the silly things happening – satisfying my creativity and my need to play 🙂

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