Bowling Dummies

Cousin Brent is out walking his new dog, Mango.

01-07-19_12-10-03 am

Seeing Brent and Mango reminds me that Drake needs to work on his “Get Fit” scouting tasks and since EPIC is always in the mood for a trip around the neighborhood I send the two of them out for a jog.

01-07-19_12-12-25 am

I do not have the camera follow them because there’s something I need to take care of in the house (I can’t remember what it was). I start wondering where they might be at since they have been gone for a rather long time…

I find them by the little beach across the street.
It seems Drake got really smelly and dirty from jogging and now he’s having a meltdown over it. Oh how this reminds me of Minus and her mood swings! *giggle*

Brent’s former girlfriend or whatever… has given birth to a boy. Since she married before giving birth he is given the Landgraab name… not sure I like that but I guess I can always change it to Scott which is Mariela’s maiden name.


Cousin Justice has also given birth and I have to say that she and Dirk clearly have a very limited imagination when it comes to naming their children. They had Aron and now they also have Jaron… so I guess if they ever have a girl she’ll be called Sharon?

The next morning Drake is sent out to work on his “Outdoor Adventurer” scouting badge. He spends a few hours by the stream and catches a few fish – more importantly, he gets the badge. He’s been collecting a few frogs before this and they count too.

01-07-19_12-33-00 am

In the afternoon the entire family goes to the Oasis Springs Dust Bowl for… some bowling.

01-07-19_12-46-44 am

Joshua, of course, remembers to check in via his phone – that’s the whole reason for being here… more or less.

He earns his next level of fame from checking in – yay… or something. I have him get the moodlet potions perk (CelebuSerum) and the one that gives him the ability to pull an all-nighter. Might be handy if he’s to ever visit enough venues to get to the next level of his career… 😛


A/N: Speaking of moodlets. Something I’ve been suspecting for a while has been confirmed. Due to adding more and more stuff that grant moodlets to our Sims the system has become slightly unbalanced. A fix for this is on the to-do list.


Rebel (you might have spotted him in the first picture from outside the bowling alley) and Jinx have been invited for the bowling trip too.

01-07-19_12-48-15 am

I find it so funny that Jinx is more or less always looking at Joshua as if he’s a bit of an idiot. He’s just very much a goofball (without having the trait) and she’s obviously a more serious kind of Sim (with the Goofball trait).

Now let’s have a look at the happy little family as they have some fun bowling!

Despite the ball bouncing off the floor, Griffin is doing quite well… especially if you compare to the rest of his family LOL

01-07-19_12-52-41 am

Joshua tries to do some sort of trick I think.. it fails and he lands on his bum…

01-07-19_12-53-42 am

Drake isn’t doing much better.. in fact, it might be worse. I’m not 100% sure but I think the bowling ball actually landed on his head before rolling down the lane…

01-07-19_12-54-58 am

There’s a crowd gathering because of Johua and his fame… Jinx hopes the crowd is enough to distract anyone from noticing her dropping the ball… backward!

01-07-19_12-51-47 am

Drake… you’re the most boring Sim ever! You go bowling with your family and for once have a chance of meeting some nice Sims and you decide to do your homework… gee!

01-07-19_12-57-31 am

Curly haired lady likes Joshua’s curly hair and wants to take a selfie with him.. or something! Behind them, Sirin is shooting daggers with her eyes… “Euughh – the horrors I have to endure because my daddy is famous!”

01-07-19_1-00-44 am

So because Joshua is such a nice guy who likes to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans he gets a new quirk. I guess there’s no way of winning at being famous!


Back home again and Sirin might have decided that she wants to become famous too. She spends the rest of the weekend practicing at the piano.

01-07-19_1-26-43 amsirinmaxpianow24

With all her skill bosts etc it doesn’t take her long to max the skill. She is the first Manners to max the piano skill so it comes with the lovely Ivory Tower achievement too.

Griffin is outside enjoying the nice weather and the playground. He’s got that Rambunctious Scamp aspiration to work on.

01-07-19_1-27-46 am

I’ve always thought that playing on the playground equipment was the best way of maxing the Motor skill but it occurred to me that I could have Joshua teach Griffin to dance. I don’t know if it makes a difference in skill gain but it sure felt like it.


It only takes a Sim hour or so to get the last level in Motor skill. Griffin can move on to the Artistic Prodigy aspiration next.

Drake check the scouting board and see that he’s now earned the last badge!

01-07-19_1-39-32 amdrakemaxscoutw24

Congratulations Drake!
Maybe I should keep you around after you age up. You can earn points by skilling up and maxing a career. I’ll have to consider this further…

It’s the end of the week the manners now have 1,000,0000+ simoleons in their bank and a house worth around 330,000 simoleons. Not bad – though I’m sure it could be far better if I focused more on earning money.

Time for some MCCC Gossip/News.
Grand Cousin Olive has aged up to a Young Adult.


Just a few hours later she’s married. I guess they were high school sweethearts… let’s pretend at least! Saul is probably a descendant of Jesminder and Arun Bheeda – the Pre-Mades that came with City Living.


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