Not so Social Butterfly

It’s Monday!billsw25

I had made it a new rule to post the calendar at the beginning of each week – to sort of give you all an idea of what to expect during the next couple of updates. I forgot about my new rule already – so this week you’ll have to just hold on tight during whatever is going on – you get no forwarning!

Griffin is working on his creativity. Instead of the piano which most other Manners kids have used for practice, I have Griffin use the violin – even if I can’t stand the sound of it when it is played badly.

01-08-19_5-39-35 pm

Luckily this room is in the far off end of the house so I don’t have to listen to it much.

Next up is doing the 5 different drawings. I like the monster drawings the best and this one with the cowplant is my all time favorite.

01-08-19_6-58-54 pmgrifaspicompl1w25

There we go – Artistic Prodigy aspiration complete.

One of the Manners Please readers – gipsylegacy – reminded me that I could give children the Incredibly Friendly reward trait to help with the Social Butterfly aspiration. I doubt there’ll be time to finish the aspiration but I buy Griffin the reward trait anyway.


He can benefit from it later in life so it’s no big deal with the 2000 satisfaction points – and I’m only 16 Potions of Youth away from having maxed the Deviance score for the challenge.

Sirin recently maxed out her piano skill and has moved on to learning how to play the guitar.

01-08-19_6-59-19 pm

I don’t know how to read the look on her face… is she bored or what?

Drake is still enjoying his time spent with the pipe organ. My initial plan was to sell the pipe organ once Drake had maxed the skill but he’s so happy when he plays the damned thing.

01-08-19_7-08-14 pmpipeorganfunw25

See! He gets that moodlet and even though I can’t understand how anyone can find the sound calming and soothing I respect differences enough to let Drake keep his pipe organ.


01-08-19_7-19-05 pm

Once again I forgot all about Drake playing in the basement…

Aah – Joshua has finally found/unlocked a way to get a lot of followers for his career.

01-08-19_7-27-45 pmfollowerluckw25joshcomedy10w25joshcharisma10w25

Apparently, all the social media interactions have been helping Joshua with his comedy and charisma skill and he maxes them almost at the same time. Who knew you could get to be so charismatic from using social media – surely I have a glorious future as a charmer of humanity thanks to my time spent on Twitter!! (Just kidding!!)

Very early in the morning I get a notice about Griffin’s birthday. How did he already grow up?


He’ll not finish the Social Butterfly aspiration as I already knew and expected but he can still complete some milestones.

Minus is still haunting in the early morning hours so one of the 5 Sims Griffin has to meet gets to be her… and that’s one of the things I don’t understand about this aspiration. He had already met Minus before and she still counts as meeting a Sim.

01-08-19_7-16-42 pm

Griffin brings Branden Churchill (with the odd eyebrows – I thought that was fixed in a recent patch!?) home from school.

01-08-19_7-44-07 pm

Branden is a nice kid and him and Griffin soon become friends.

Time to meet some more Sims! One of them being Mariela – Cousin Brent’s former… uhmn girlfriend.. one-night stand?

01-08-19_7-48-11 pm

Now that Griffin has met 5 Sims he needs to make a BFF. Looking at his relationships it seems like Daddy Joshua is the best option for that.

They are not quite good enough friends to become BFF instantly so they have a little chat while Joshua practices making drinks.

01-08-19_7-51-26 pmjoshmixology10w25

Skills are way too easy to get in this household! (except for Sirin’s motor skill – hmpf!)

It’s pretty late at night when Griffin gets to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He couldn’t do the last milestone of the aspiration because he knew no more Sims that he could befriend and going out to find 3 children roaming around late at night would be impossible. All in all Griffin was not a very social Sim so far…

01-08-19_8-44-38 pm

Joshua looking at Drake and Sirin like: “Could you please pay attention to your little brother for just a minute!?”


Okay- that’s a somewhat weird combination.
I can see the Bodybuilder aspiration and the Self-Absorbed trait working together but the Genius trait doesn’t fit too well with anything here…

01-08-19_9-02-31 pm

Griffin is a handsome young man – with a bit of attitude it seems.



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