A New Tradition?

No need to look that smug, Drake – because honestly, you look incredibly ridiculous in that outfit.

01-23-19_4-30-13 pmdrakepromo1w30

.., but well done on the promotion. Now there’s only one more promotion to go.

Sade is hard at work too – playing with her toys for the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

01-23-19_4-38-00 pmsadecrea10w30

She has already maxed her Creativity skill but still needs to do a lot of tasks to complete the aspiration.

Making messes is not of those tasks but since I keep her busy all the time I have to send her out to do messes so that Griffin can work on his Super Parent aspiration. He needs to discipline a toddler or child five times but there’s no way Sade has time for bad behavior autonomously.

01-23-19_4-44-46 pm

Joshua is playing chess with Skyfri when Sade approaches him with a proposition.

01-23-19_5-00-54 pm

I like how the two little girls look like a couple of old movie gangsters. Haha!

So, Grandpa Joshua – you’re going to die pretty soon – right?
I was thinking you should hand over the Club Leadership to me instead of Daddy.

01-23-19_5-01-12 pmsadeclubleaderw30

..and so Joshua hands over the leadership of the Manners Please Club to Sade. I’m telling you she going to abuse the “Rally The Troops” feature like there’s no tomorrow.

In fact, it’s the first thing she does after having gained leadership.
Now Drake can stay up all night working on his DJ Mixing skills.

01-23-19_5-08-28 pmdrakedjmix10w30

That was one more skill maxed for Drake and for the Legacy.

The next morning the final postcard for the collection arrives in the mail.



It was the Dragon Valley postcard and so there’s seem to be no more pen pals to find… or how does that actually work? Are there pen pals for those postcards that came with My First Pet Stuff or are those postcards only gained by having a rodent travel the world?

Having about a day left to live I figure it’s about time Joshua gets a small vacation/trip to an exotic destination.

01-23-19_6-06-44 pm

Having a rocketship in your back garden is very handy and makes it possible to travel to the most exotic of all places.

Joshua remembers Hadley’s last hurrah and wants to experience all the wonders she described first hand. A trip to Sixam is just what Joshua needs and wants – and I was hoping Joshua might finish the Geode or Alien collection by visiting, but no such luck this time.

01-23-19_6-08-14 pm01-23-19_6-15-29 pm

It’s so very pretty on Sixam and Joshua seems to enjoy his afternoon exploring every nook and cranny he can find. Maybe this is a new Manners tradition – the one last hurrah trip to Sixam.


See – he really only has 24 hours left now.

Back at home Sade and Skyfri has been at Drama Club and oh boy, Sade looks really displeased by it all.

01-23-19_6-25-13 pmsadepromodramaw30

At least she got promoted to Line Learner – sounds like the big roles in the school plays are just around the corner now.

(I have to say that the requirements – or daily tasks – for the Drama Club are very demanding. You have to have the Sim do 2-3 rounds of whatever the task is to complete the requirement and it takes a long time to get through it. There’s a two-hour meeting every day after school and so the poor kids are left with no time for fun if you want them to do their homework too – Maybe the task ought to be done with one round of “Practice Dramatics” etc. to make it more likely that you get it done every day?!)

Skyfri has her Social Butterfly aspiration to work on so she better call some friends over for a visit

01-23-19_6-25-57 pm

Cousin Cullen is invited over to play and the little brat starts making a mess right away – before anyone has even greeted him and asked him to come in. Rude!

01-23-19_6-28-04 pm

The other kid is Madisyn Wolff – a descendant of the old Manners maid. I’m not sure if Madisyn is a boy or a girl but I’ll go with girl because the name sounds like that might be the case – not really sure though because the game sometimes surprises me.

Skyfri, Madisyn, and Cullen play some games on the console.

01-23-19_6-29-24 pm01-23-19_6-30-05 pm

Let’s have a better look at Cousin Cullen. He’s a very handsome kid and I guess him being Sirin’s son that’s the only way it could be – I doubt she would have accepted anything less than perfect.

Cullen and Skyfrin watch the stars while Madisyn is being entertained by other family members.

01-23-19_6-42-00 pm

Joshua returned home from Sixam long ago. His trip made me realize that he was very close to level 10 Rocket Science. I don’t really want to send him out to explore space when he’s so close to finishing his last data circuit… (you know drawing his last breath… but for Sims… yeah, silly – I know!)

I buy him a cheap (or the cheapest at least) rocket ship and have him work on that for the last few percentages needed to max the skill.

01-23-19_7-31-24 pmjoshrocket10w30

Well done, Joshua!

What is not so well done is his aspiration – and that’s 100% my fault. Still, his Satisfaction points will buy 4 Potions of Youth (almost 5 – and he ends up buying an extra later after doing a “Feel the Love” interaction with EPIC).


The odd thing is that I have no idea what the 2/5 Attend Social Event at 5 Unique Locations are – what events did he go to lately?

Once again Sade uses the “Rally the Troops” in the evening making Drake stay up all night so he can work on the Microscope Print collection and his Logic skill.

01-23-19_7-41-53 pmdrakelogic10w30

Uhmn yeah… Yasmin still lives here – she’s just working on her Veterinarian skill in the basement 😛


The only MCCC news worth mentioning this night is that GrandCousin Alissa and her husband Branden are now expecting. Took them a while to figure out that they want kids.



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