One Last Dance

A/N: Today I’ve discovered that wordpress has marked some of your (my Manners Please Readers) comments as spam and hidden them from me. I didn’t even know I had a spam filter so I was quite surprised to learn this. I’ve gone back as far as the spam filter would allow and approved your messages so if you’re wondering why all of a sudden I’ve liked or replied to a comment you made long ago this is the reason. I’ll do my best to remember and check my spam filter more often in the future to catch any of my treasured reader comments before they vanish into spam filter oblivion.

Joshua is having a little dance off -/slash/- race against time.
It occurred to me that Joshua is a Dance Machine that in his long life never managed to max the Dancing skill – the horror!!

With only hours left of his life – yes I cheated and looked with the Search/Show Sim Info mod – he dances like he’s never danced before – John Simvolta has got nothing on our Joshua!

01-23-19_8-07-20 pm

Valeria is lured to the living room by the sound of groovy tunes and feet shuffling around on the wooden floor. She joins Joshua for his last dance…


Not bad for an old guy about to die…
This puts Joshua at the top of the “Most Skills Gained” leaderboard. Maverick used to hold the record with 16 skills – Joshua now leads with 17 skills.

One last cuddle with EPIC – and this is where Joshua earns another 250 Satisfaction points so that he can buy one more Potion of Youth for the vault.

01-23-19_7-59-55 pm

I know I promised Joshua he would get to retire when he became an Elder but he had so many vacation days saved up that he’s just been PTO’ing instead.


That’s one of the things I like very much about those careers that have the option to work from home – they make managing vacation days so much easier – I usually forget if I have to make the Sim call their work place and ask for a day off.

One last meal – and a fancy drink.

01-23-19_8-12-37 pm01-23-19_8-14-26 pm

… and a bit of family time.

I’m starting to think of this as the dying Sims last salute to me – The Watcher.
I don’t really feel Joshua has much to salute me for – His life has not been so very great in my opinion but maybe he knows that at least he had a better life like this than he would have had as a common Townie.

01-23-19_8-18-40 pm01-23-19_8-20-13 pmbyebyejoshuaw30

Goodbye, dearest Joshua – Always in a good mood except when your dancing shoes needed to feel the rhythms and beats. (I think I can count one hand the number of times Joshua was in a really negative mood – and I think maybe I’ve only ever seen him angry once – the most common non-positive mood was bored because he needed to dance)

Grim checks his list one last time… “Yup, one Joshua Manners to be collected today… this is Oakenstead, right?”

01-23-19_8-21-26 pm01-23-19_8-24-10 pm


Well – going to Sixam shortly before dying of old age might have become a new tradition but befriending Grim is as old a tradition as this Legacy… or uhmn, of course, it all started with Minus making Grim cry but ever since the rest of the Manners have desperately tried to get on Grim’s good list… okay maybe not Mystery who asked for a loan she never repaid… come to think of it the Manners have a bit of dodgy history with Grim.

01-23-19_8-26-27 pmgrimworkw30

Griffin tries the friendly approach and of course asks the mandatory question about Grim’s career. I love his answers and I tip my hat at whoever wrote these silly messages.

After many years of sleeping alone, both Mystery and Joshua can rest in the arms of someone they love tonight.

01-23-19_8-32-55 pm01-23-19_8-33-43 pm

Drake is sent out to strengthen Joshuas connection to this realm – he might have run his last controlled circuit of data but we don’t want him to leave for real.

Sirin calls I and of course thought she was calling to offer her condolences but that’s probably not within Sirin’s capabilities. Instead, she called to praise her own son. I had to laugh a little at her (please don’t tell her that I did!!!).


Of course, you think your own son is pretty cool… Silly Sirin!

Joshua used to be the one doing most of the gardening so someone else has to take over.

01-23-19_8-09-32 pmvalgarden10w30

Mind you though – just because Joshua used to do most of the gardening doesn’t mean that the others have been slacking in that department. Valeria has now reached level 10 gardening – Congrats!

There are so few kids strolling around in the Sage Estate area (Neighborhood where Oakenstead and Cypress Terrace are located) – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid stroll around in the area…

It’s quite a big surprise when this kid comes knocking on the door.

01-23-19_8-57-41 pm

He’s about to leave before I can have someone come to greet him. Luckily Skyfri gets to him in time and they share a few jokes while I look into who this little guy might be.

01-23-19_9-02-39 pm

His name is Jayden Angel and of course, that rings a bell somewhere in my consciousness. He’s Yasmin’s nephew. Maybe the family relation is why he showed up unannounced like that.


No matter the reason it’s awesome that he showed up because Skyfri is quick about befriending him making her complete her Social Butterfly aspiration. You might wonder who the two adults she needed to befriend were – we didn’t see her befriend any adults!

Sirin was one of them – they already had a pretty solid relationship from when Skyfri was a Toddler so it only needed a little push to reach friendship status. The other adult was Yasmin who never spent much time with Skyfri before she aged to a child.

I didn’t really want Griffin to go to work considering that his father just died the same morning but again I forgot to take have Griffin ask for a vacation day so he went to work in a very sad mood and I figured he’d not get much done.


He surprised me by getting his final promotion.
Well done, Griffin.


… and just the day before he has his Adult birthday too.

MCCC sometimes completely overwhelms me with messages – and of course, I could have it only show messages regarding family but I actually care about my Townies so I like to know what’s going on in their lives too.


Lots and lots of birthdays – and I see Brenden might need some fashion guidance. Those rosa tinted sunglasses does not really go that well with his red winter jacket.


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