Cake for Griffin

Celebrating your birthday the day after your Dad died might not be that great but Yasmin is doing her best to make the day the best it can be.


01-23-19_11-29-16 pm

She has some mad cooking skills – just imagine the confidence it would require to actually do this trick with a bowl of cake batter.

Yasmin’s Signature Cake looks exactly like a chocolate cake – but let’s pretend it tastes a lot better.

01-23-19_11-32-08 pm01-23-19_11-35-43 pm

Hopple Borfna to you dear Griffin! (Hopple Borfna is the Happy Birthday song in Simlish)

Mystery joins the celebrations – but prefers to eat a bowl of peas instead of cake.

01-23-19_11-37-30 pm

See, Yasmin is trying to make it a nice Birthday for Griffin ❤

01-23-19_11-42-02 pm01-23-19_11-44-12 pm

No, they are not trying for another baby!
Let me enjoy that there are only 6 Sims and a dog now!

Sade is back to working on her aspiration. She just needs one more drawing – and yup, she’s been abusing that “Rally the Troops” club feature some more. I think the family has only really slept once since Sade took over leadership

01-23-19_11-28-23 pmsadeaspi2complw30

I should let me poor Sims rest a bit…  maybe someday.

Since both Sade and Skyfri do their homework in the blink of an eye Joshua has to stick around to help them with Extra Credit or he might never get his Super Parent aspiration done. There’s a task to help with homework for 4 hours.

01-24-19_4-03-44 pmgrifparent10w30

At least his parenting skill is now maxed and we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Nora – the girl I first had my eyes on to be Griffin’s wife – calls.


Sorry, Nora – I don’t think it would be a good idea considering that you have a husband and Griffin has a wife who he has come to love dearly despite the little flirty mishap on their wedding day.

Sirin visits – and I think most of the Manners are either at work because she more or less has to entertain herself – which she does just fine, it seems.

01-24-19_3-54-11 pm01-24-19_3-52-33 pm

Okay – Your father just died and your crying at the graves of you Great Gandparents. You’re an odd one, Sirin!

Skyfri does not seem to mind the snowstorm very much so instead of sending her indoors I let her play outside on the monkey bars because that’s the only task she needs to finish for her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

01-24-19_4-22-36 pmskymotor10w30

… okay, also to reach level 10 Motor but she was on 99% so…


Time to move on to the next aspiration which will be the Whiz Kid aspiration just as Sade.

Griffin reads to both of the girls for a couple of hours. Of course, he picks the books written by various family members. The first book is called Manners with Manners and the second one is a book about how EPIC came to be part of the family.

01-24-19_4-51-03 pm01-24-19_4-58-52 pm

I don’t know what it is with Skyfri and making messes. She does it ALL the time – or at least as soon as I turn my attention to someone else. If I tell her to do a task like play chess and she’s doing it on her own she’ll stop and go make a mess instead – and the funny part is that there was recently a fix that should make children stop making messes when playing on the monkey bars – I never had a problem with that until after they made the fix and to make things even worse it seems the bug has now spread to almost anything I make Skyfri do. December 18th Patch Notes



At least it’s only Skyfri who seems to be affected and it does make her max her creativity skill rather fast!

Since the girls both have the Whiz Kid aspiration they better play some chess.

01-24-19_5-04-33 pmskymental10w30sadesocial10w30

Skyfri maxes her Mental skill and Sade maxes her Social skill.
Skyfri is the youngest but she’s somehow managed to max her skills faster than Sade. Maybe Sade is a bit of a slacker?!

Ah well – she’ll get her aspirations and skills done without much trouble so it’s all good.
I have them celebrate their newly maxed skills with a duet at the karaoke machine – oh dear, shiny Plumbob – they can’t sing and it sounds horrible but at least they had fun.

01-24-19_5-12-08 pm

Time for bed girls – and tonight you’re going to sleep! No “Rally the Troops” Sade!!

Griffin stayed up a bit later than all the others because he just needed a few more brush strokes for his painting to be done.

01-24-19_5-14-16 pmgrifpaint10w30

… and for his Painting skill to be maxed out.

Cousin Brent’s daughter Thalia has aged up to a child – and she looks a lot like her Dad and her Granddad. You can’t see it much in this tiny picture but she’s got those pouty lips Rebel had.


Cousin Marcel has married a pretty girl named Aniyah – as far as I remember when giving her a make-over she has pretty good traits too.


Cousin Brent’s first son – the one he had with that girl who later married a Landgraab – has gotten a girl pregnant. Let’s hope they end up happily married next time MCCC does its thing.


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