Mopey Monday… and Tuesday

Hadley and EPIC are still very good friends.

01-25-19_4-09-41 pm

I like to imagine that EPIC still sees Hadley as the Sim who saved him from living a life that space dog compound.

It’s Monday again and it’s going to be a busy week with Winterfest, New Year’s Eve, Legacy Day and a bunch of birthdays too… I’m already stressed out!


Bills for the week – and yeah, there’s no real change, Mostly posting this message for good measure.


EPIC is so sad.
He wants to go for a walk but it’s just not possible because there’s a blizzard raging outside.

01-25-19_5-27-08 pm01-25-19_7-28-51 pm

EPIC keeps close to Griffin – probably hoping to wear him down so he can get that walk.
This is also about the time I realize that Griffin is no longer learning anything from reading the Herbalism book. He’s now stuck at the start of level 9 of the skill.

Both Sade and Skyfri are tense and grumpy because of a bad day at school and the blizzard that’s still raging.

01-25-19_5-36-42 pmsadeskybothpromotew31

Sade still managed to get a promotion at Drama Club so it’s not all bad.

Valeris also got a promotion today.


I have Sade take a shower in hopes that she’ll be less tense after that – also it might help to get a hug from Mom?!

01-25-19_5-04-30 pm

Hmn, nope – doesn’t help much but they are still cute.

Remember that Sirin was pregnant?


She has given birth to a daughter named Rose. With that name I’m hoping she’ll get red hair like her Dad.


Cousin Brent is now an Elder and as always I’m surprised that he’s already reached that point in his life.

I find Drake in a flirty mood – which is rare – so I have him “Show Off Muscles” to Valeria.

01-25-19_7-23-16 pm

She seems to be telling him to calm down and don’t strain himself with silly antics.


I feel a little bad for Drake and Valeria these days because Drake has been having a lot of these whims. I really don’t want to add more Sims to the house so unless they move out it’ll remain a dream.

The next day there’s no blizzard so Yasmin takes EPIC for a jog.

01-25-19_7-57-01 pm

I’m sure she can’t run quite fast enough to keep warm in that outfit…

Drake might be trying to kill himself or something.

01-25-19_5-23-59 pm

You don’t stand in a puddle while trying to repair electronics!
Are you even mature and clever enough to be allowed a second child… I think not!

Sade is working on her Whiz Kid aspiration.

01-25-19_5-50-48 pmsademental10w31

Now she only needs to get an A in school so I have Yasmin help her do a school project.

01-25-19_8-11-51 pm

I’m not really sure how much those school projects add to their school performance but I imagine it’s quite a lot since they take a while to finish – even when there are two Sims working on it.

I have Sade clean up around the house so that she can work on her character values a bit.


I notice this option that I’ve never seen before and of course have to try it.

01-26-19_8-04-59 pm

Haha – EPIC and Sade are having so much fun. Drake and Minus seem to think it’s really bad behavior and they are both complaining. Hehe!

Griffin arrives home from work and he’s in desperate need of a vacation.


I have him play a game on the computer to raise his fun and have the tense moodlet go away. Then I realize that it’s Winterfest the day after and get an idea…

01-25-19_8-17-52 pm


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