Granite Falls

My Sims need and deserve a small vacation – so that’s what Griffin was planning at the computer at the end of the last chapter.vacationtimew31

I want them to visit Granite Falls – because it’s more Winterfest-like than Selvadorado and because maybe Griffin can find some of those herbalism plants he needs to maximize his skill.

There’s no lodging I like – and honestly, I’m not even sure there’s a pre-made lodging that fit 6 Sims. I know for sure I’ll be needing to add stuff for EPIC no matter what so instead of using one of the lodges that came with Outdoor Living I place one of my own creations. You can read more about it and find a download link here: Birchen Lodge

01-25-19_8-31-54 pm

The place is not super big – in fact, it’s quite small and I can barely find enough vacant space to place the Winterfest Tree.

01-25-19_8-35-05 pm

The Forest Ranger stops by with some tips and info for the family.

01-25-19_8-36-53 pmcampinginfow31

Hmm, well – no time to check up on that rumor about a hermit and the rivers are frozen so there’ll be no fishing either.

There is time for a game of horseshoe before bedtime.

01-25-19_8-38-42 pm

Well… it’s bedtime for the kids at least…

01-25-19_8-56-19 pm01-25-19_8-57-20 pm

During the night there’s a couple of updates from MCCC.

Tatum who had an affair with Cousin Brent’s son has married a guy named Tom Bheeda. I guess he’s one of those very tolerant guys who doesn’t mind that his new wife is pregnant with another Sim’s nooboo.


Cousin Marcel and his new wife Aniyah are expecting.

The next morning it’s time to celebrate Winterfest – Yay!


Griffin and the girls decorate the tree.

01-25-19_8-46-53 pm

Yasmin is making a Grand Meal – the breakfast option looks very yummy so that’s what they’re having.

01-25-19_9-04-33 pm

Time for a change of clothes and then Yasmin calls everyone to enjoy the meal.

01-25-19_9-05-35 pm

Aah! So cozy – everyone dressed in their finest clothes, enjoying the meal and the company of loved ones.. the fireplace is quietly crackling in the background.

01-25-19_9-07-34 pm

Aargh… Vegetarian Sims… could you please just skip the bacon and be happy instead of forcing the entire family to eat that nasty tofurky!!

01-25-19_9-08-40 pm

Too bad that you feel nauseous, Yasmin – I’m never serving tofurky ever again!

Sade try to cheer up her mother with a small gift.

01-25-19_9-12-39 pm

She seemed happy and the nauseous moodlet got buried under a lot of other positive moodlets so it’s all good.

EPIC also gets a special treat today.

01-25-19_9-15-24 pm01-25-19_9-15-56 pm

Yum – Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo!

It’s time for presents.
Griffin is not very happy about getting a lump of coal. Yasmin seems to think it’s quite amusing.

01-25-19_9-18-46 pm01-25-19_9-35-27 pm

Father Winter drops by too. He brings a lot of presents for the family. It’s a good thing that he has magical pockets where anything seems to fit into… the gift boxes must be magical too.

The family spends the afternoon having fun and relaxing – except Griffin who is sent out into the snow to look for plants…

01-25-19_9-31-07 pm

Goodbye Granite Falls – it’s been nice and oh so pretty!

Back at home, the snow has melted while the family was away.

01-25-19_9-45-13 pm

This makes it a bit easier to show off all the presents they got.
Two gaming mats, two different digital cameras,  and yet another microscope – again, they didn’t get the counter or the wall section but I needed a place to put the tea maker and the poster.

Griffin did find some unidentified plants in Granite Falls – though none of them were ready to harvest so he had to take cuttings so that he could graft it onto other plants when back home.

01-25-19_11-52-34 pm01-25-19_11-52-50 pm

Let’s use some of those Grow Fruits to fertilize these… Joshua and EPIC both seem quite fascinated with what’s going on.

GrandCousin Alissa has given birth to a girl.


GrandCousin Aron’s son Art, GrandCousin Presley’s daughter Kristie and Cousin Jensen’s daughter Savannah have all celebrated their child birthday.



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