Speedy Butterfly

You might be wondering why the Manners couldn’t stay in Granite Falls for a few days – to really relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape etc. Basically, because I didn’t see a single child there other than Sade and Skyfri.
Why is that important? – Because Sade’s got work to do!

I’m a little bit sad that Ghost Joshua didn’t finish this painting during the night. It’s such a fun painting.

01-26-19_4-50-56 pm

Yasmin is doing her gardening chores – and I have no idea why she seems annoyed. Maybe I queued something she couldn’t do… sorry!

01-26-19_4-48-54 pmyasgardening10w31

Now all the adults in the house have their Gardening skill at level 10 – in other words, I’d like a teenager to take over with the garden soon! 😛

The strangest thing happened with Valeria when she got off work.
She spawned at the neighbor house – Cypress Terrace – and she got another promotion. I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t have that already since she got one last time she was at work?!

01-26-19_5-13-50 pmvalpromo2w31

Oh well – not going to complain about the promotion!

These two are very happy today because they both earned their first A-grade!

01-26-19_5-19-30 pm

Making them both complete the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Sade only has Social Butterfly left to work on so in order to make that bit easier I have her buy the “Incredibly Friendly” trait in the Reward Store.


First She has to meet 5 Sims. Hollie – the pretend-maid – is the first victim.

01-26-19_5-24-43 pm

Oh, better collect this while she’s here!

01-26-19_5-26-06 pm

(There’s a couple of crystals still missing from that collection – it’s an uncommon and a rare one so I figure I should at least check these when a Sim runs right past them)

Random stranger lady – Kyra McQueen.

01-26-19_5-26-46 pm

Sorry to bother you while you’re sitting here enjoying the view – bye!

Coffee Stall Customer – Brenton Russ.

01-26-19_5-27-41 pm

Coffee Stall vendor – Zaiden Ríos.

Random Mopey Teenager – Claire Villareal

01-26-19_5-29-41 pm

That was the task of meeting 5 Sims.

Next up is to befriend 3 children and two adults.

First Sade invites over her GrandCousin, Aron Berg.
Haha – what is up with you Aron?

01-26-19_5-54-33 pm01-26-19_5-55-37 pm

A friendly hello and 2 minutes of cloudgazing later they are friends.

Next Sade invites her Cousin Jayden. They become friends just as fast as Sade and Aron did.

01-26-19_5-59-12 pm

One last child needed for the aspiration – uhmn, who to invite?!
Ah, she does know a kid from school or something but it’s better if it’s someone she can do a friendly introduction with because that’s almost enough to make them instant friends when she has that “Incredibly Friendly” trait.

01-26-19_7-40-26 pm

I have Skyfri invite over a kid she knows from school – Rogelio Landgraab. Problem solved.

Sirin now only need to befriend two adults. Random Dog-Walker Xavier Huntington III and his dog, Magnus are the first “victims”.

01-26-19_7-43-28 pm

Last but not least GrandFaster Theresa Chandran and her dog Abby are greeted and befriended.


Mission complete!
Sade has completed all the childhood aspirations.

The weather changes during the evening and Yasmin hurries in when she arrives home from work.

01-26-19_7-50-51 pmyaspromo1w31

She has good news to share. Another promotion – yay!

There are 24 hours until Sade ages up to a teen.


I might have her birthday a bit earlier than I usually do them because she has no aspiration to work on.

Drake is having a conversation with Minus when Johnny also shows up. Either they don’t know Drake is Unflirty or they just don’t care about his feelings.

01-26-19_8-07-08 pm

I guess when you’re the founders of a legacy you can pretty much do as you please.


I also notice that Johnny has become a Notable Newcomer – maybe he’s doing comedy gigs for Grim Reaper and friends or something?

Time for MCCC News and Gossip!

Aah – all these very distant relatives… I can’t keep up with all of them much longer or my story will turn into a Family Tree Chronicle of sorts.

Colin is another of GrandCousin Aron Dreamer’s children – one of those affairs he’s had.
Ashlee is Cousin Erik’s daughter – from that affair he had with a girl named… Ashly. (Seriously? The daughter is named almost the same as her mother… how odd and confusing!!)


Rose is, of course, Sirin and Luke’s daughter – her we have no problem keeping track of.


GrandCousin Brianna and her husband Allen are expecting their second child.



6 thoughts on “Speedy Butterfly

  1. Soon, yes – and she’ll be the heir since there are no other girls to pick from. Maybe this time I can be a bit ahead with all the love stuff so it’s not such a rush once she ages up to a Young Adult 😀


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