New Year’s Eve Birthday

Pheew – I can’t really keep up with these holidays popping up every other day…


… nevertheless, it’s New Year’s Eve and also time to celebrate Sade’s birthday.

I was very confused at first when I saw a greyhaired Sim walk out the door…

01-26-19_8-28-54 pmhollieelderw31

It seems Hollie has aged up and I didn’t even notice it – Sorry, Hollie! (consider it payback for all those dirty plates you “didn’t notice” over the years!)

Drake starts the festivities bright and early – and a drink in one hand and a glass of wine in the other seems just about right to him.

01-26-19_8-33-57 pm

Sade is looking a little concerned… possibly annoyed?
Maybe she worries that he’ll spill one of his beverages on her white jacket.

Griffin is celebrating by dancing.

01-26-19_8-34-39 pmgrifdance5w31

I didn’t realize he was that close to maximizing that skill! Well done, Griffin.

Drake doesn’t want to be left out of all the fun. (Looking at these screenshots and trying to find the right order is sometimes really difficult – stuff that confuses me include the constant change of clothes. I think they change between their daily outfits every time they’ve had a set of either hot or cold weather outfit on – it’s so confusing!)

01-26-19_11-59-06 pmdrakedance5w31

Apparently, Drake was also very close to maximizing his Dancing skill.

Skyfri doesn’t have time for dancing. It’s her birthday soon and she still needs to complete the Artistic Prodigy aspiration if she wants to be as “clever” as Sade.

01-26-19_8-35-54 pmskyaspicompl2w31

Sometimes drawing those five different drawings takes forever… maybe it’s when the kids aren’t inspired or maybe it’s just a feeling I have…

She finally finishes her last drawing and now she’s also completed all the child aspirations.
Such clever girls.

Yasmin has been baking a cake while the festivities has been in full swing around her.

01-26-19_8-41-02 PM.jpg

It’s time for Sade to age up to a teenager!

01-26-19_8-48-16 pm

Damn Sims!! – Would you mind at least pretending that you care about Sade’s birthday?!


She’s aged up and in so many ways she’s like her Great Grandmother Hadley who also had black hair, was Erratic and wanted to become an Outdoor Enthusiast. The irony of having to do Herbalism again now that Griffin has almost maxed it… LOL

01-26-19_8-51-31 pm

Yeah… you’re a little late with the singing!
… and someone needs a make-over.

Since Sade is Erratic and has been in the Drama Club since she started school I figured she might have developed a special style.

01-26-19_11-54-34 pm

Let’s pretend she bought most of her clothes at thrift stores, odd flea markets arranged by theaters and movie studios.

It’s back to celebrating New Years after they’ve all had cake.

01-27-19_12-11-29 am01-27-19_12-13-00 am01-27-19_12-14-14 am

Mystery celebrates by singing a bit of karaoke – I sort of wish she’d learned how to sing!

01-27-19_12-17-21 am

It’s a bit of wonder that she doesn’t wake up the entire house!

MCCC News and Gossip does not take the night off just because it’s New Year’s Eve.

So…uhmn, let’s see… Tatum had a brief fling with Adrien Scott – who is the son of Brent Manners – you know from that short affair he had with Mariela who later married a guy named Yusuf Landgraab…

No, honestly I don’t remember much of that either… good thing I have the family tree I can check or I’d be lost.


GrandCousin Brianna’s husband Allen and GrandCousin Olive’s husband Saul are both Elders now.

Mallory Churchill is GrandCousin Alissa’s daughter.


Sirin is an Adult – I must have missed the notice about Luke aging up to an Adult.


This notice about Yasmin’s birthday being within the next 24 Sim-hours popped up during the afternoon. I’ll have to remember to celebrate that…




13 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Birthday

    • The time around Winterfest and New Years is horrible to get through… but I have to stick to normal Life Span due to the rules. One of the first things I did when starting the challenge was making the seasons longer (from 7 days to 14 days) because I prefer them to be longer but also because at least then there’s more time between a the last fall holiday and the first winter holiday. However it seems no matter what the game like to clutter everything together in one big pile around Winterfest and New Years – just like RL I guess 😛

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