1.2 What Have You Done, Vera?

Vera’s got urges… the kind that needs to be quenched or they’ll just get worse.

As there’s a chance she’ll get caught she picks her “hunting field” with caution. Better go far away from home so that it’s less likely people will recognize her and spread stories in her hometown.

The Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs seems like a place that could have a lot of lovely booty.


… Damn!
Clover Thorn spots Vera just as she reaches for one of the fancy table lights. Busted!
Vera admits defeat and leaves the lounge in a hurry. However, not before having paused briefly to wonder why a guy would wear gloves inside… Surely, Clover is not a butler!

The night is still young so Vera decides to stop by the 8 Bells Bar on her way home.
She runs into the military dude, Tomas Hawley, whom she met on her first visit to the bar. They joke around for a while – which makes Vera complete a work task – then they play a game of foosball.


Tomas wins which leaves Vera feeling slightly embarrassed again. It seems that’s a running theme for Vera. All-in-all it was a good night because Vera did get a new friend in Tomas.

It was a bit late before Vera got home from the bar so she sleeps in the next morning – and gets a promotion while doing so. Working from home is so very nice at times!


After breakfast and a shower, Vera feels full of energy and courage so she decides to take a trip to the secret lab. Time to put that keycard to good use.

part of Vera job is to keep up appearances on social media so she posts a selfie from right outside the lab. This grants Vera her first fame quirk – yay! (A/N: Noooo!)


The quirk shows it’s potential just a few minutes later when Vera gets a text from Collin Holder, who wants a lock of Vera’s hair for his shrine… Go away, you creep!

Vera has enough creepy stuff to deal with without the odd text messages.
Inside the lab, Vera quickly finds the sealed door once again. She can’t help but feel that she’s being watched.

Once the door opens she sees a flight of stairs leading into a basement – and lots of pink and purple pollen… spores!? Hopefully, they aren’t poisonous or dangerous in any other way.

Due to her Paranoid trait, Vera feels safe and secure in the basement under the lab. (A/N: She’s not too smart, eh?). She spots some expensive-looking lab equipment sealed away in a glass room.


Vera finds nothing of interest in the first many rooms she comes upon – then she remembers the corridor with the purple miasma… or whatever to call the thick purple fog floating around.

12-06-19_4-26-22 PM

Oh, Plum! This was a bad idea…

… a very bad idea indeed!


*raspy breath – slight coughing and drooling*

Vera wakes up a few hours later… feeling great – but not really like herself. Which is more frightening than anything Vera has ever experienced before in her life.


From underneath that steel grip ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř holds over her she can feel her real self fighting to get out. Paranoia-overload imminent!

Vera rushes home and calls Tomas the second she has caught her breath – it had been a rather long and tiresome ride on her bike!


Vera tells Tomas everything she has experienced. The strange experiments that seemed to have been going on in the basement, the spores and pollen, the purple miasma and how she had fainted but even though Tomas knows something had been going on at The Secret Lab a while back his only concern now seems to be the sudden change in the weather. He would hate for it to start raining since he’s been invited to a BBQ at his parents the same night…

Vera feels her heart rate and her nerves settle to normal levels after listening to Tomas talk about everyday stuff. Somehow his presence felt so reassuring… and oh, oops – was that a kiss!?

12-06-19_4-56-46 PM

It sure was… Tomas didn’t mind at all and even if he’d have liked to stay he had that BBQ to go to so he excused himself and left.

The calm Vera felt while Tomas was there doesn’t last long. When later at night she goes out to have a look at the night sky Vera almost faints again…

12-06-19_5-15-39 PM

Uh oh! – Someone might have started the apocalypse…

Vera rushes inside and buys a TV for the simoleons she got from her promotion. Luckily the BB Catalogue delivers instantly.

12-06-19_5-12-59 PM

The news channel does mention anything about a lurking disaster or an apocalypse about to happen – Vera even checks the cooking channel because… well, maybe there would be hidden messages in the recipes or something.

Nope, nothing… Vera is more upset and paranoid about the lack of news than she would have been had it been all over the news – and the cooking channel.

In her desperate search for answers and… something, Vera turns to studying old tomes at the library. Mostly they provide nothing of value for the current situation but at least Vera now feels well-prepared in case a vampire coven should settle near StrangerVille.

12-06-19_7-32-14 PM

Vera decides that even if she has not learnt anything directly linked to secret labs, spores, miasma and ominous clouds there would be no harm in crafting a few garlic braids and wreathes – just in case.

Vera has also heard of crystals and various other trinkets that can ward off all sorts of things – bad luck, angry lovers, foul breathe – you name it!

12-06-19_7-24-40 PM

She buys every crystal she could afford when the flea market rolls into San Myshuno on the following day. The lady at the crystal table, of course, eager to sell everything, makes sure to tell Vera everything she wants to hear about the powers held within the shiny crystals.

Back at home, in Vera’s little trailer, a minor war is going on in the following days.
It seems that every time Vera turns her back on the sink or the toilet a new batch of these strange vines is ready to take over…


Just imagine how bad it would have been, had Vera not bought all those crystals to ward off evil and strange happenings!

6 thoughts on “1.2 What Have You Done, Vera?

  1. Great chapter! Vera has some of my favorite traits. Her and Thomas are cute 🙂 Love all the creepy stuff happening! And… I wish I could get promoted in my sleep!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You very much for reading.
      I tend to like the Sims that have “difficult” or “bad” traits the best – Makes for a more fun experience.
      Sadly Vera has to stay single so even if her and Tomas are cute together they are never going to be real couple. Due to the rules he’s not even allowed to come around very much.
      I like StrangerVille – both as a game pack and as a town in The Sims. I’ve played through it before but it’s fun to revisit it from time to time 🙂


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