Dear SimGuruFrost

(A/N: This has been posted to Twitter in an attempt to get some, in my opinion much deserved, attention for the SimLit Community)

Dear Fellow Sim-Lit Writers and @SimGuruFrost – I’m not an officially appointed spokesperson for the SimLit Community nor do I wish to be but I hope you’ll take the time to read this nonetheless.

SimGuruFrost – I’ve tagged you in this because you’re the community manager and also SimGuruGrant asked me to bring this to your attention as would he.

The SimLit Community is a big, vibrant and highly creative bunch of people – Some have been around since the beginning of Sim-Time.

Sadly, it seems like the SimLit Community is mostly forgotten about by EA/Maxis and even though ancient and almost forgotten societies are very cool (IMO) it’s also a little bit frustrating to be part of one. As an example… I only know of ONE GameChanger within the SimLit Community – she does an amazing job with monthly SimLit competitions etc but she’s still only one person. (Thank You, LisaBee!) I think there would be more SimLit GameChangers if we’d ever been given the heads up that it was our time to apply for it. Much like Youtubers, Gallery Creators etc were given the heads up in the past.

I’ve been thinking that maybe EA/Maxis does not want SimLit GameChangers since we usually don’t draw a lot of followers to our sites. I do understand that this is a business model that requires you to get something in return for what you give. Exposure in return for Game Codes and attention (time). Maybe we would have more traffic to our sites if we got to step into the spotlight once in a while.

We never seem to draw your attention and well, we are a quiet bunch since text is not as flashy as e.g. videos and streams but we’re still here and it would be cool if ”The Team” (The Gurus etc) would acknowledge us in some way.

One of the arguments I’ve heard is that the SimLit Community is hard to keep track of because it’s ALL over the place – WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Tumblr, SquareSpace, The Official Sims Forums etc. I see the dilemma – I really do.
The solution could be something along the lines of you officially appointing a few of these platforms as the places you check for stories to highlight, award, hold competitions on – whatever.

That way those of us that would like a chance to enter the spotlight would know where to go. That being said – please pick platforms that are actually suited for the purpose of writing/reading 🙂

Another alternative is that you created your own platform for us to post our stories on. I know we have the forums – but uhmn… something a bit more writer/reader friendly would be nice.

Imagine – a storytelling game with a storytelling platform. It does sound pretty nice!
This is not as far fetched as it sounds – The builders have the gallery 😉

Personally, I use WordPress for my stories so that’s what I’d suggest as an example. You could offer a handful of different layouts: Picture Novel, Diary/Letter, Newspaper/Magazine, Comics and finally Postcards.

The postcards could also be implemented as a game feature. Imagine Bella visiting the flea market – snapping a picture of the lively Spice District with all the colourful things for sale. The picture in her inventory has an option to transform it into a postcard. The text ”San Myshuno” or Spice District Flea Market” gets added to the front (in simlish ofc) and on the backside, Bella gets to write a little message to her friend: ”Hey Alice – You should have been here today. The weather was perfect for treasure hunting – Love, Bella”. Bella can now send this postcard to Alice. Next time you play Alice she can pick it up in her mailbox. Possibly all the other layouts could be implemented as game features as well, but yeah… you get the idea.

Anyway – this was not a post to feed you ideas for the game.

All I’m hoping for is that a game that uses inclusion as a major selling point would start including what is possibly their oldest creative community. I’m not alone in feeling that we are left out 🙂

Thank You for your time – Onyeka001, SimLit Writer

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