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1.3 Are You Sure It’s Mine?

Vera is by no means an aggressive Sim – nor is she very athletic but she feels like she needs lessons in self-defence after her recent experiences. Frankly, she’s feeling terrified most of the time and if nothing else the exercise might help her get her mind to focus on something other than that trip to the secret lab.

Tomas agrees to train her and so they spend a couple of evenings at the local gym.

12-06-19_9-05-46 PM

Their friendship and their romance blossoms all while Vera gets a bit more fit.

One late evening after training while the place is as good as empty Tomas suggests they have some extra fun in the showers.


Vera does not hesitate. She wants Tomas as much as he wants her and so they go for a round (or two) of fun in the showers.

Afterwards, Vera is not so sure it was a good idea. The uncertainty has her feeling nauseous – or maybe she’s getting sick from the exposure to those spores at the lab?!

12-06-19_9-19-52 PMso_tired

The next couple of days causes Vera to worry even more about her health. Not only is Vera feeling nauseous she’s also exhausted most of the time. So much that instead of planting new vegetables in her garden she plants herself – face first, in the dirt.

A visit to San Myshuno and the Lucky Elephant fountain in the Spice District might be what is needed.


Vera is many things, but rationally thinking is not one of them. She spends a good amount of her simoleons wishing for good luck, fortune and health over and over again.

In the middle of the night, Vera is woken up by the unmistakable belly-pop and the realisation that she is pregnant – not sick.


It takes Vera some days to wrap her head around this fact and when she finally calls Tomas to let him know she’s already in her third trimester.

Tomas arrives and at first, is very pleased to hear about the pregnancy.

12-07-19_4-06-04 PMtomas_just_friends

However, after chatting for a while Tomas is not so sure that the little nooboo is his. His reasoning being that shortly before their shower-woohoo at the gym Vera had been unconscious for hours at a strange science facility – for all they know she could be carrying an alien or something worse…

As if the pregnancy and the whole secret lab/doomsday scenario wasn’t enough to scare Vera into a constant reddish/orange plumbob Tomas’ words makes Vera’s last resolve and sanity go down the drain – that for once is not blocked by those pesky purple vines!

She ends the romantic relationship the two of them were building – right then and there!

Despite doomsday lurking and a pregnancy Vera still needs to make simoleons – now more than ever, since she needs to build a room for the nooboo and buy all sorts of necessities.

12-07-19_3-51-21 PM

Working in social media means you have to go visit places and meet different Sims.
Vera goes to the Waterside Warble in an attempt to gain the followers needed for her next promotion. While there she might as well have some fun too…

… a few karaoke songs later Vera has gained enough fame to become a Rising Star.
Surprisingly, she didn’t sound awful even if she had never worked on her singing skill before.


These two, however, sounded like torture!

12-07-19_3-46-46 PM

Vera went home, satisfied with her new level of fame and a few extra simoleons from completing a job-task while there.

Maybe it was all the singing or maybe it was just time…
During the night Vera goes into labour.


Oh, phew… good thing she got that basement build under her trailer after coming home from the Waterside Warble, huh?

Welcome to SimNation, little Saybia Random.


Vera is pretty sure Saybia isn’t an alien or some strange plant/Sim hybrid. What a relief!
Of course, you never really know… do you? The family Tree lists Tomas as the father but what is if it’s just all some clever plot to make Vera raise some sort of plant monster!? Vera’s paranoia is working overtime…

The next day Tomas stops by for a visit. Vera takes him to the basement to meet Saybia.

12-07-19_5-21-52 PM

Tomas is also pretty sure she’s just a normal nooboo, but… you just never know!
It’s not that he doesn’t want to be part of Vera and Saybia life – but he’s been assigned a new post and has to move to Willow Creek the next day.

Vera thinks it’s all a bunch of llama droppings and that Tomas is probably just trying to run from his responsibilities. She leaves the room in anger…

Tomas sits down and talks to himself… or maybe to a sleeping Saybia.

12-07-19_5-23-15 PM

I would love to have known what he was saying – he seemed split between wanting to stay and wanting to run as fast as he could. I guess having a child is pretty hard if you’re noncommittal. All that responsibility…

FUN FACT: I’ve borrowed the name Saybia from a band I listened to a lot when I was younger. One of their biggest hits is called “The Second You Sleep”



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10 thoughts on “1.3 Are You Sure It’s Mine?

    1. The sad fact is that Tomas is actually a really good guy in many ways – he kept calling and asking if he could come visit. Since the rules state that he’s not to spend too much time helpingout with Saybia I had to ignore him and also find a silly explanation for him not being around much 😛 Random rolls makes you do some odd things 😀


      1. Oh I know you had to because of the rolls and because of how the sims 4 game works in general, I have no doubt Tomas tried everything possible to be around his family. I was just responding to the storyline which is awesome. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The only trait I can remember of Tomas’ is noncommittal – but he’s military and has probably seen one too many strange things happen in StrangerVille so I figured he’d be a bit paranoid at least – and then also, he is a noncommittal guy who never wants to settle down with a family – he had to come up with an excuse and was playing on poor Vera’s paranoia etc – he’s actually a bit of a scumbag.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only asked because he was talking to himself in the basement next to the baby. That’s usually erratic telling themselves a story. I had one of my Random Legacy sims roll something like 5 kids and she had them all by the same guy. Made it so much easier she was a girl!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I checked his traits. Tomas is neat, hot-headed and noncommittal. Maybe my game glitched and he thought Vera was still standing there!?
    Yeah – single Sims households gets complicated when the heir is a guy and you need a lot of kids – all that moving Sims in and out!


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