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1.4 Vera and Saybia

Being a single mum is hard work but Vera manages pretty well. There have been no messages of starving babies and threats to have Saybia taken away by Sims Social Services.

Before long it’s time for Saybia to age up. Vera spends a few minutes contemplating how time seems to fly – and how is she going to keep Saybia safe now that she’s about to become a toddler and Vera won’t be able to keep her tucked away in the basement!?


Well, you can’t keep time from progressing and you can’t keep nooboos from growing older, so here we go!

Little Saybia Random – ready to take on the world – or at least the SimShape App for now!


Most often I use random rolls to give my Sims traits and definitely for toddlers or they’d all have the Independent trait. Saybia got the Angelic trait.
I’ve used The Plumbobber (A/N: I really need to get the new version tested properly so it can get uploaded to the site!!) to determine Saybia’s looks, traits and such – her favourite colours are yellow and beige. Of course, I can’t leave everything for The Plumbobber to decide since the rules for the RLC take priority.

Hmm yeah – Spot anything interesting in the potty, Saybia?


Oops, this requires better concentration from both Vera and Saybia it seems!
Sad toddler and uncomfortable mum – though the uncomfortable moodlet in one form or another is more or less standard because of the Groody lot trait.

Playing with blocks doesn’t help Saybia get over the sadness – *sigh*


Okay, Mummy (and the Watcher) needs a break from sad, little toddlers!!

Saybia is sent off to daycare (in the evening) and Vera visits the gym for a good workout.

She runs into her scientist friend Yuki Soya – who is now named Yuki Rasoya since she married Raj from San Myshuno.

12-09-19_4-40-13 PM

Sadly Yuki has to leave shortly after but the two of them plan to have a movie night or something soon.

Vera never thinks much of her 2-star celebrity status so she’s a bit confused when someone asks for her autograph.

12-09-19_4-48-23 PM

Vera finds it all quite odd and over the top – she’s just a conspiracy theorist working in social media – how do you even become famous from that!?

When Vera finally heads home, she’s exhausted, and that’s probably a good thing because she doesn’t notice the plant growing right next to the sidewalk – it’s become huge and rather scary looking.


Vera knows that something needs to be done about the situation in StrangerVille – and she also knows that it should probably be her dealing with it – she’s just so scared and paranoid most of the time that she keeps finding excuses to put it off.

Now she has little Saybia to look after and you can’t really bring a toddler to the secret lab – can you?!
On the other hand, you can’t really let your toddler grow up in a doomsday world if you have even the slightest chance of changing it – can you?!

Vera often ponders these things while enjoying some quiet time on the toilet.


Today her quiet time was interrupted by a birthday notification (Help! already an adult!!) and a text from a fan…  Why do these admiring fans always choose the most awkward times for their adoration? LOL

Since Vera does not have room for a bathtub anywhere in the trailer and it’s probably too cold to bathe a toddler outside Vera asks her neighbours if she and Saybia can borrow theirs. Saybia needs a bath before the birthday party…

12-09-19_4-11-13 PMbubble_bath

Thanks to their good friendship (A/N: *cough cough* They weren’t friends, but I bought Vera the Always Welcome reward trait…) Jess Sigworth happily agrees to let Saybia have her bubble bath in their bathroom.

Saybia loved it – Vera not so much!

Time to throw that party – and Jess gets an invitation too now that she’s been so helpful.


Yuki Rasoya, Tomas Hawley, Jess Sigworth, Candy Behr and with his back turned – Otto Mann.

Tomas and Saybia spend a lot of time together during the party. They both cherished it.


It seems the best parties are the one where you cramp a lot of Sims together in a tiny space, serve cake and turn on the music. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the party was a great success. Even Saybia had an amazing time and got a +3 Happy moodlet from having attended.

The next day Vera invited Yuki over for movies – as promised. Sadly she ended up spending most of the evening repairing the washer…


Yuki is pregnant and eating – I admire her ability to keep the food down with the high uncomfortable score she must have had.

Meanwhile, in the basement little Saybia has finished her potty training – hallelujah!


With good time to spare before her Child Birthday too.

It’s not until the next day that the notice about it being her birthday soon pops up.


There’s still a couple of days to work on skills – maybe she’ll end up with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.


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10 thoughts on “1.4 Vera and Saybia

  1. It’s okay, if you’ve ever read that one 100 babies child involving Vlad as the birthmother, then you know toddlers are perfectly fine locked in a basement and left to fend for themselves 🙂

    But Saybia is adorable. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up! Love that pic of Vera chilling on the toilet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never read that one but I know toddlers are pretty tough. I’ve had a Sim raise 8 of them in the Murkland Challenge 😀
      Thank you – I think Saybia is quite adorable too and Vera… well, she’s Vera 😛


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