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1.5 You Forgot My Birthday!?

What a beautiful and apocalyptic morning!
Vera took her time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning – watching as little Saybia built sand sculptures in the… front yard?

“This will all soon be over,” Vera thought to herself… “Saybia will age up to a child today!”

12-09-19_11-58-07 PM

But first Saybia would need to take a nap while Vera baked her a birthday cake because she had been up since before dawn.

There we go – a perfect Zombie cake with birthday light jabbed into the eyes. Time to fetch Saybia…

12-10-19_3-35-40 PM

… gee thanks, game!
Vera was a couple of minutes too late and Saybia aged up just as Vera was about to pick her up and bring her to the cake…


Saybia somehow thought her birthday had been forgotten despite the cake telling another story. Hmm – well, welcome to childhood, Saybia – may it not be filled with major disappointments and sadness.

The Plumbobber does weighted random rolls meaning there’s a slightly increased chance that a child will inherit traits from their parents.


Saybia is a kleptomaniac like her mother – and she doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. Saybia didn’t quite reach the top of her thinking and her motor skills as a toddler so there’s no Top-Notch Toddler trait to flash – but Happy Toddler really is enough to give a significant boost in Saybia’s life.

Saybia likes creative activities such as drawing and playing music. Her birthday presents were a yellow violin and an activity table.

12-10-19_6-15-04 PM

A few days after Saybia’s birthday it was time for Winterfest.
Vera and Saybia spend the evening before decorating the tree. They are both in a very good mood.

decorating_winterfest12-10-19_4-16-51 PM

Saybia is not sure she’ll be able to sleep because she’s so happy and full of energy. All the anticipation of presents and seeing her dad has given her a severe case of ants in her pants.

The next day both our girls dress their finest and shared a Winterfest dinner with Tomas – who looks like he’d rather be somewhere else… I guess it makes sense that noncommital Sims are not too keen on keeping up with traditions.


He does seem to like presents at least and his happiness from receiving one of Saybia’s drawings is very touching.


Saybia gets a nice little boost to her mood.

Later Father Winter stops by and hands out presents to the little family.
Saybia thinks he is quite boring and tries to cheer them both up with silly faces.


Saybia got a BooBoo Billy Doctor Playset that she’s really fond of. She spends the rest of the night playing in her room.

12-10-19_5-00-27 PM

Vera got an expensive new stove – I’m not sure vera gives a llama’s fart about that but at least the meals might get a little bit better in the future.

The next morning Vera gets a promotion – and she’s now almost at the top of her career.


I imagine the reason for her disgruntled look is the fact that for her next promotion she’ll need 10.000 followers – meaning she pretty much has to double the amount she has now. I for one welcome the challenge (A/N: I use MCCC to play with slower skill gain and slower career progress just to have more of challenge in the game)

Saybia had a great first day of school – maybe it was really her second day. I can’t remember if she went the day before Winterfest.


She starts out strong with spending the entire day getting to know other kids and then stealing a book just before going home. She looks so happy and proud!

The next day she brings home a friend from school – which, of course, is better than stolen books!


The red-haired girl is Estrella Ward – Judith Ward’s daughter. Fun fact is that Vera and Judith despise each other because of a work event early in Vera’s career.


I never included it because I thought it would be irrelevant for the story in the long run – turns out I was wrong!
The little story fits so very well into my story that it’s a bit scary.
You see, Judith Ward never married and had Estrella with some random guy  – maybe the same guy whom she was having the rocky relationship with? Vera’s post might have pushed that relationship over the edge…
Maybe it’s Vera’s fault that Estrella grew up without her dad?

I guess we’ll never know – but let this be a lesson to remember.

Moving on to New Year’s Eve.
Vera and Saybia celebrated it just the two of them. Sadly their little trailer was too small for them to watch the countdown – the interaction kept failing. Instead, I added a fireworks tradition and had them enjoy that.


Remember, safety first – don’t be like Vera!

The next day was the first day of spring.
Vera and Saybia enjoyed it outside playing with the dollhouse.


… and BAM!
Saybia completed her first aspiration.
Next up – Social Butterfly.


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10 thoughts on “1.5 You Forgot My Birthday!?

  1. What! Slower career progress!!! It seems like she progressed super quickly to me! Careers are the big thing I struggle with in this game. I don’t have a problem with anything else! I guess I never have them in a good enough mood, maybe. I push them hard at skilling x)

    Anyway Happy birthday Sabia! Love that she spent all evening playing with her new toy after Winterfest 🙂 Fun holiday-filled chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Some Sims get to you with their looks or their charm more so than others – Saybia is one of those Sims for me. I think she’s such a darling 🙂
      In careers where you can work from home – do it! Your Sim will get promoted every other day or so if they do their “Work from Home” tasks and spend the rest of the time they would normally be at work on skilling up for the other requirements.


    1. Thanks – and yes, that was my plan – but it turns out that streaming is unique to the other branch of the social media career so Vera will have to write blogs and such – it’s a lot slower but definitely doable (sounds familiar…)
      Also – I think you earn money from streaming so I’m not even sure I would have been allowed due to challenge rules 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m starting to doubt MCCC and it’s ability to actually make skill and career progress slower because it’s been so very easy to get promotions. Vera has worked from home 90% of the time and I find it’s so easy to get ahead of stuff when Sims have that option. Also, it helps that my game has most bugs weeded out with fixing-mods I guess *shrug*


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