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1.6 Get a Move On, Vera!

StrangerVille at night – when you can really see the eerie purple glow at the crater that houses The Secret Lab. If you look close enough, you can even see all the strange, glowing plants in the dusty wasteland between the crater and the town itself…

12-11-19_9-57-33 AM

What might be even stranger than StrangerVille itself is that even with the apocalypse brewing just a few miles away life goes on as it would in any other neighbourhood of SimNation.

Parents are helping their children with the latest school project…

12-11-19_8-15-01 PM

“Are you sure this is meant to be a display of the planets, Saybia?” Vera tries to scratch her head in confusion but her action instead makes her colander hat tilt off keel. “I think they gave us the manual for the castle diorama…”

Friends are being made – Best friends too.


Estrella and Saybia will always have each other’s back – no matter what.

Jared Barrett and Saybia enjoy playing soccer together – even if Saybia isn’t quite as good as Jared


Saybia consoles herself with the thought that she’s still better at soccer than Estrella.

Kingston Hecking (Brent and Brant’s son) and Saybia seem to enjoy just being quiet together – they don’t talk much but they always seem to agree on everything, nonetheless.


Kingston might have a crush on Saybia. On a pretty lame and boring Loveday which only offered a small happy event at school, Kingston took it upon himself to make Saybia some Loveday decorations – maybe to cheer her up.


He’s such a sweet little guy ❤

Anyway – as normal as things might seem to be it’s not quite truthful. I guess Sims, like most people, prefer to pretend that everything is okay and normal.


However, the normal approach is getting increasingly hard to maintain.
Vines have taken over at the local gym – and Vera who is used to them tackles the problem head-on – all the other Sims there seem to look at each other daring someone to step up and clear the second vine – but doing so would require that someone actually admits that something is wrong – that’s a tough one.

“Come on, guys! Help me out here – there are still four showers we need to clear…” Vera’s pleas are firmly ignored…

Vera turns to Tomas for help because something has to be done and Vera figures that she and her friends will probably have to clean up this mess that is StrangerVille.


The two of them meet up at the bar and Tomas shows Vera pictures of this new thingamajig he been given by the military.
Vera is keen on getting her hands on one of these scanners herself because she has read that she’ll probably need a hazmat suit with an air filter to get further into the basement under the lab. The air filter needs to be custom made for the environment you’re trying to avoid getting into contact with and the scanner might help her find spore samples and other useful data.

Tomas agrees to get Vera a scanner and asks her to meet him in the alley behind the bar in an hour.


He hands her the scanner and whispers some instructions to Vera.
Vera in return promises to never tell a living soul how she got her hands on the scanner.
(A/N: Vera actually had to pay Tomas 750 simoleons to get a scanner – or it might be more accurate to say that she bribed him – for story purposes I’ve pretended that Tomas was being a nice guy and simply gave the scanner to Vera)

The next day Vera gets to work.
She collects a lot of data and spore clusters she intends to analyse as thoroughly as her non-existent scientist skills will allow.

12-13-19_7-59-41 PM

As vera expects the area around the lab is the most infected. Spores are everywhere.

As much as Vera wants to continue her work she can’t put life on hold to do so.
There are still holidays to celebrate and little children’s expectations to meet.


Vera has no flowers to give away for Flower Festival since their garden is all fruits, herbs and vegetables but she figures that a bunny must love carrots so she wraps one of those up and gives it to Flower Bunny.

Both Saybia and Vera wait with bated breath as Flower Bunny opens the present – and it’s a roaring success. S/he loves the carrot-present and Vera is rewarded with a nice moodlet and a pristine reputation (which is quite something considering that she’s an erratic and paranoid kleptomaniac).

In the evening Saybia spends some time admiring all the beautifully decorated Flower Festival Eggs she has found. Some of them even have a strange light coming from them.


Saybia also bashes in the glory of having completed her second aspiration. Befriending the Flower Bunny counted as befriending an adult and that was the last task needed.

Vera goes to the opera with a friend in the evening and has a great experience along with getting even sicker.


The orange spots she had earlier in the day has developed into charming tiger stripes and uncontrollable giggles and laughs. Maybe the vines and spores are making Sims sick… Vera is quite worried.

She makes sure to spend some time with Saybia the next day.
Saybia’s new aspiration requires her to be read to for 2 hours and Vera is more than happy to comply.

12-14-19_6-56-56 PM12-14-19_7-00-13 PM

This also gives Vera a chance to talk to Saybia about the future – a future Vera hopes to make better for all of Simkind – but also a future that will require Saybia to be very brave because something bad might happen to Vera in the process.

Saybia promises to be brave – and help as best she can.

Soon it will be Saybia’s birthday and she spends her last evening as a child thinking about what this better future her mother talks about might hold for her… will she finally be able to beat Jared at soccer, maybe?


No matter what it can’t hurt to keep practising, right?


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9 thoughts on “1.6 Get a Move On, Vera!

    1. Saybia is such a sweetheart and she has never really travelled outside of StrangerVille – she probably doesn’t know there are neighbourhoods were odd vines in the toilet is not a completely normal thing 😀
      Vera will survive – hopefully. I can’t really remember if Sims can die from fighting The Mother…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aw, it’s sweet to see Saybia with all her little friends. You had some really creative screenshots in this chapter! I’m excited to watch Vera continue moving forward in her investigation, and double excited to see Saybia age up. They grow so fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really think Saybia has some awesome friends – They are very different from each other but they all get along so well.
      Vera needs to get working on her aspiration – the poor inhabitants of StrangerVille probably all have neck pains from the odd head tilting by now 😀
      Thanks for the compliment on the screenshots!


      1. haha that possessed thing is so creepy.

        Do you have the friends in a club? In my story you will soon see my gen 3 with all of his playmates. I’ve enjoyed them so much, they came over every day and all hung out. So I feel like I know what you are talking about with Saybia and her awesome friends 🙂 Can’t wait to get to know them all better!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No – I don’t use clubs in this save. I can’t remember if they are only allowed if you roll to have one… I’ll have to look into it.
        Usually, I just have Saybia invite them over and they hang out and do stuff two and two – but they are good at mixing it up on their own.
        Looking forward to seeing your Gen 3!


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