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1.7 A Birthday and A Dire Discovery

It is time to celebrate Saybia’s birthday and what better way than with a visit to the Humour and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno?! Also, Vera has a job task that requires her to prank 5 Sims at the festival so yes, she has ulterior motives for celebrating the birthday at the festival.


She has asked Tomas to meet them at the festival – He looks like he wasn’t expecting Vera to bring that many kids but what is a birthday party without your best friends?

Vera has brought a chocolate cake and Saybia wastes no time. She is really looking forward to becoming a teenager. (A/N: You’ll have to excuse the bad lighting but it was rather dark at the festival – I think they forgot to turn on the light for the first half of the evening)


Make a wish, Saybia!!

...and so she did and then aged up to a beautiful teenager with the Slob trait – yay!


Besides being a kleptomaniac slob Saybia also finished two childhood aspirations, earning her the Creatively Gifted, and the Socially Gifted traits.

Saybia soon discovers that being a teenager is difficult – and Vera learns that having a teenager in the house is hard and frustrating.


“Come on, Saybia – you’ve only been a teenager for 3 hours and you’re already having a mental breakdown?!” Saybia was SO ready to get some sleep but she couldn’t leave Saybia crying alone in the dark.

I guess that maybe Saybia was sad that her friends didn’t age up with her or something…

Everything was back to normal the next day.
Saybia had a great day at school where she helped a friend cheat on a test and got a small boost to her own performance for it… sweet!


To help Saybia with her emotional control, she gets an easel and a diary. Vera is hoping that Saybia can paint and write her way out of any further breakdowns.
It seems to be working already.

Vera is also working on bettering herself.


The only thing keeping her from a promotion is that her charisma is not quite high enough. It’s been slow progress lately because some of Vera’s older friends have started dying off and it has left Vera in somewhat of a bad mood.

It has also made Vera realise that she won’t have forever to solve the problems in StrangerVille so she decides to get a move on.

Vera needs to figure out how to get her hands on a hazmat suit and figures that the Curio Shop might have one for sale – they DO sell all sorts other strange things so why not a hazmat suit?


The lady at the shop tells Vera that they do indeed have one but it’s missing a spore filter – all the while she’s casting nervous glances down the road where a suspicious van is parked.

Vera decides to buy the hazmat suit despite the missing spore filter because she knows someone who will surely be able to help her with that.

Vera and Yuki meet up at the library and try their best to act normal when the librarian keeps snooping around near them.


When she finally leaves Yuki tells Vera how to create infection profile data that Yuki will need for the spore filter.


Vera fumbles a bit and has a hard time remembering all the steps but in the end, it seems to finally be working.

The next day Vera and Yuki meet up again.


Yuki is really impressed with Vera’s work and thoroughly instructs her on how to proceed when she’s got the spore filter, which Yuki will construct as soon as she gets home and then send to Vera via mail.

Wauw – StrangerVille sure has some great postal service.
Vera has only just arrived home when she spots the package int he mailbox.


The next day vera is more than ready to investigate the parts of the lab where she couldn’t travel before.


She assembles the hazmat suit and goes to investigate…

At first, she’s very nervous – What if the spore filter doesn’t work properly?
She takes a few steps into the mist and is very relieved when she doesn’t feel any immediate nausea or headache.

Vera explores the lab and finds some pretty disturbing rooms. It looks as if they have been doing experiments on these plants – or were they created here and somehow it got out of hand…?

12-16-19_4-13-55 PM

Vera finds yet another locked door and uses her keycard to open it…

12-16-19_4-15-52 PM12-16-19_4-16-50 PM

Llama Plumbob – what IS that thing!?
Vera’s first reaction is to run and get out of there – never ever look back – move to Willow Creek or something…

While running (slowly, because of the hazmat suit) she realises that if she doesn’t stop this, no one probably will and then it won’t help is she and Saybia live in Willow Creek. This will just keep spreading until all of SimNation is covered in purple spores and miasma.

Vera tries to remember what Yuki said about possibly creating a vaccine… it’s hard and Vera decides on three different approaches.


Hopefully, one of them will work.

I’m sorry, Alice…
Vera splashes the first vaccine all over Alice – but it doesn’t really work…

v_test112-16-19_4-32-56 PM

… as in, there’s a reaction but nothing super useful – because who needs possessed Sims running around peeing themselves? Test-subject two unfortunately also pees herself.

Luckily, the last test-vaccine seems to have a better effect.


Test-subject 3 isn’t exactly cured, but he seems more aware and responsive. Vera decides to work hard on refining that last batch of the vaccine – tomorrow.


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12 thoughts on “1.7 A Birthday and A Dire Discovery

    1. The paranoid trait is so silly. She feels “safe and secure” whenever she’s in a basement and the lab is well… mostly a basement. She’s her very bravest when she snooping around down there – even with all those creepy containers… or cages.
      But if we’re ignoring that trait, yes I imagined her freaking out so badly over that giant weed behind the last door 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow, that was fascinating! Coming from someone who hasn’t completed Strangerville x) Is that what everyone calls “the mother?” I enjoyed her reaction to it, running away. She reminds me of myself, haha.

    Had to laugh at Saybia instantly having a breakdown and wanting to wear black! A far cry from her usual sunny yellow color. Glad she found herself again by helping a friend cheat!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you have the pack you should totally do the storyline in StrangerVille – It might not have much replayability but Iit’s still very cool to play through it the first time. Maybe because I like MMORPGs and like the whole idea of quests 😀
      Saybia was like an emotional storm the first days of her teen years. I only showed some of it because it got tedious keeping up with her moods xD


      1. I do have it and I did get it started… just never made it all the way through. Short on time and all! Really, do you play WoW?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Having time is important so I hope you get enough of that at some point to complete the story 😀
        I did play WoW for a year or so a long time ago – probably 2010 or something like that. I’ve played a lot of Guild Wars (1 and 2) but have also tried several other games over the years. Curretnly looking forward to Chronicles of Elyria – though it might still have a couple of years in development before it’s done.
        Since you asked… Do you play WoW?


      3. Hmm, I used to play it. I was really into it back around 2007-2010 or so. But not so much anymore. I get bored because I have nobody to play with x) They’ve changed so much that a lot of things I used to enjoy doing are no longer enjoyable, and without the social aspect, meh. But still, whenever anyone mentions playing MMORPG my ears perk up that they may be a wow player too!

        Liked by 1 person

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