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1.8 Time to Fight!

Vera has been so busy with saving StrangerVille that her fame has started to fade away – to no concern of hers whatsoever.


What does concern Vera is that she has to recruit some Sims to help her out with that gigantic weed in the lab basement. Who will be willing to risk their short life on something like that?

Before any of that really becomes relevant Vera needs to create some vaccines for whoever gets recruited. It seems it’s near impossible to find more hazmat suits in all of SimNation so vaccines are the way to go.

12-17-19_5-38-42 PM

Outside the lab, Vera spends a few minutes swearing at the crazy lightning storms that are haunting the area.

Once she’s safely inside she re-creates the good vaccine, she made a few days before. Amazing that she can remember how to do it.


Now, to find some Sims willing to risk their lives for the cause.

Saybia is the first to volunteer but Vera is having none of it.

12-17-19_5-24-57 PM

“No! I’m not risking the life of my only child on this… you HAVE to understand that!” Vera is practically shouting at Saybia. “Besides, you don’t have the right equipment!” Vera is sure that’s the winning argument and that she’ll hear no more from Saybia regarding volunteering.

She’s in for quite a surprise the next day when Saybia shows up in a full set of conspiracy theorist gear – colander hat and all.

12-17-19_5-52-24 PM

“I’m ready now! – You can’t stop me from helping. StrangerVille is my home and I want to save it just as much as you do!” Saybia’s determination leaves no room for arguments and Vera accepts her help.

“Okay – close your eyes or this might sting and burn…” *SPLASH*


Saybia gets her vaccine and is ready to go fight the gigantic weed.

Next to be recruited is Yuki. The scientist in her is too curious to be left behind on something as important as this…

12-17-19_6-00-05 PM12-17-19_5-58-55 PM

Last, but not least Tomas is recruited for the cause… or maybe it’s more correct to say he was guilted into joining. Vera made sure to mention his brave daughter and her future when asking him to join…

Somehow, I got the feeling that Vera really enjoyed splashing that vaccine in Tomas’ face.

Okay, here we go!

12-17-19_6-08-43 PM12-17-19_6-09-32 PM

The door opens with a sound that sounds an awful lot like a deep and annoyed sigh. Purple miasma floods the hallway and our team of reluctant heroes hesitate a second or two before running to their fighting positions.

Vera, again, chooses to fight the problem head on and positions herself firmly on the little platform right beneath the head… mouth? of the enormous weed-thing AKA ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř.

12-17-19_6-16-22 PM

I wonder if gardening skill might help here… It sure looks like they have all been equipped with super-soakers filled with Roundup.

Vera orders a CHARGE! and everyone gives all they’ve got…


Saybia might be young but she’s no doubt a valuable member of the team. Her skills from fighting bosses in video games might have helped her keep focus.

… Vera waits until ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř is almost done and then she throws the last batch of the vaccine at her.


They did it! – and I had to laugh when at the same moment as ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř died MCCC gave me a notification that Judith Ward had died – Vera’s Sim enemy and poor Estrella’s mother!

Congratulations Vera and StrangerVille!

victory12-17-19_6-22-07 PM

Time for celebrations and hugs – and Yuki left before anyone had a chance to thank her for helping.

Vera has completed her aspiration and the Generational Goal: Doomsday Preppers for the challenge.


Her prize is a hideous plant sculpture and knowing that StrangerVille is safe. Of course, she also gets fan mail – which is mostly lumps of clay. Thanks, fans!

Time to focus on getting maxing the charisma skill and getting that last promotion, which Vera does the next day.


Congratulations Vera! Spin Doctor Extraordinaire!

Saybia also has time to focus a little more on her school work and soon earns an A for her efforts – and a notice from the two universities in Britechester.


Saybia has been thinking about getting a degree – perhaps in Art History.
She applies for a couple of scholarships and is quite annoyed that despite her helping save StrangerVille she doesn’t get the StrangerVille Resident scholarship.

She does get the Future Star scholarship and a couple of notices about birthdays. Her dad is now an Elder and she herself will become a Young Adult within 24 hours.

Saybia makes the most of those 24 hours.
She volunteers at the local nursing home – and gets mighty bored from it but it earned her the last bit for her compassionate trait.


Luckily you can volunteer at any time of the days so Saybia was up before the crack of dawn to have fun with the elders – leaving enough time for her to also celebrate the Big Summer Blowout holiday with her friends.

Since all of them want to attend university they decide on a round of juice pong at the local bar in Britechester – to sort of get a feel for the area and all.

12-17-19_9-16-23 PMsummerfest

Next, they visit the Newcrest Public Pool where they have fun swimming and… Kingston you dork! Yes, it’s raining but… you’re at the pool!!

What a beautiful day and what a great way to end your teenage years.


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6 thoughts on “1.8 Time to Fight!

  1. Aw!! I love the ending lol. Life returns to normal. Yes, that is pretty bogus that Saybia didn’t get the Strangerville scholarship when she helped save it!

    Neat watching them fight the mother. Which reminds me, I don’t think I responded to your last response – yes I do have the pack! I started on the storyline when I first got it, but never finished it all the way through. I liked seeing some of the interface though and getting a feel for what I am in for.

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