2.3 Cycle of Life

Vera is a paranoid Sim and has decided she wants to help prepare for disaster. She has read that having angelfish on hand is quite important along with a handful of different flowers and fruits.

Since she’s so keen on this project I send her out fishing – and a few hours later I find her like this. Vera… you were supposed to be fishing!

06-28-20_4-59-01 PM

At home, Rose and Iris meet their new little sister – which isn’t exactly a roaring success.

06-28-20_4-55-55 PM06-28-20_5-01-53 PM

None of them wants anything to do with little Daisy.

Upstairs Joe is showing off some of his lifeguard moves to Saybia who is mighty impressed and decides to reward Joe with some woohoo for this show of manly manliness.

06-28-20_5-13-34 PM

The next morning Saybia is visited by a familiar feeling so she takes a pregnancy test.
Sure enough – she’s eating for two.

06-28-20_5-23-28 PM

Joe seems to be both impressed and in mild disbelief when Saybia breaks the news to him.

06-28-20_5-25-23 PM06-28-20_5-26-33 PM

Despite his disbelief, Joe is very happy and gives Saybia a big bear hug – and whispers to her that this is the last one, right?!
Indeed, this is the last pregnancy for this generation – I think we are all quite happy about that.

There’s more cause for celebration on this day since it’s Rose’s birthday.

06-28-20_5-44-19 PMrose_random

She rolls the Glutton trait and besides having a good appetite she also likes to play chess and do science stuff. I think she’ll grow up to look mostly like Joe.

Friends are invited to celebrate Rose. It’s good to see the old gang – unfortunately, they didn’t bring their kids so that Rose could meet them.

06-28-20_5-56-58 PM

I’m already getting a little bit stressed by all the birthdays since it’s Joe’s Adult birthday the very next day. Kingston and Greg Roswell drop by to celebrate him.

06-29-20_9-20-50 AM

Joe gets a birthday gift from Saybia – that he never uses since it’s Saybia that has taken up a new hobby. The Randoms will be getting a huge garden in the future so Saybia thought they might as well produce some Juice, Fizz and Kambucha from all the produce since selling it is against the rules.

06-29-20_9-27-00 AM

Saybia finds a few apples in the fridge and tries out the new wonder right away.

It’s time for Daisy to grow up – time flies and if my Sims feel stressed it’s nothing compared to how I feel. Why do I torture myself with challenges where I inevitably end up with a full household?

06-28-20_8-15-33 PM

Congratulations Daisy – No party since we just had two of them!

daisy_random06-28-20_8-37-20 PM06-28-20_8-37-45 PM

One of Joe’s parents must have had blonde hair (according to The Plumbobber that I use to roll for traits, looks, etc). She’s quite cute and I love that she’s independent – no need to potty train her. Hurrah!

In the evening Saybia goes into labour – or maybe it’s the evening after Daisy’s birthday. I can’t remember since it’s a bit of a blur.

06-29-20_9-39-57 AM06-29-20_9-43-32 AM

It’s the first (and only) boy of this generation. Welcome to the craze, Calyx!
Saybia looks like she’s relieved this was the last one – I don’t blame her.

Vera finds time to go fishing again. This time I send her to Willow Creek where she catches the angelfish she needs for this project she has started but most likely will not get to see to the end.

06-28-20_7-34-08 PM

The temperature rises and she changes into her summer dress before heading out to look for cherries and lilies.

06-28-20_8-46-49 PM06-28-20_8-43-44 PM

With a bit of help from online guides and by asking for directions she finds what she’s looking for and can head home again.

Saybia plants the cherries and lilies and whichever other seeds they have stored away. In the end, she buys some extra seeds to get more variety in the garden.

06-28-20_5-35-37 PM

She ends up spending the entire evening planting and watering their new garden.

The Foster Pet Project isn’t going too well these days – too many other things going on. Also, our current Foster Pet is not a prime subject when it comes to obedience training etc.
Archi is a bit of pig…

06-29-20_2-39-19 PM06-29-20_9-04-34 AM

… and he’s also rather clueless (which is a good thing because I don’t really want to give him away).

It’s not from lack of trying that he hasn’t let go of most of his misbehaviours, he just too stubborn to care about stuff like that.

06-28-20_5-04-35 PM

After a lot of explaining he finally learns to not bark at Sims. He is rewarded with a nice brushing and some kisses.

Iris and Daisy chat about today’s big event.

06-29-20_10-22-04 AM

It’s Iris’ birthday!

06-29-20_10-39-32 AMiris_random

She rolls the Lazy trait, which suits her creativity nicely. She should feel quite happy sitting still for hours while drawing. her eyes make her look a lot like Saybia but other than that it’s hard to tell how she’ll end up looking.

It’s raining so Rose and Iris spend most of the day inside playing games.

06-29-20_11-17-19 AM

It’s the end of the week and it’s time for Calyx to age up.

06-29-20_11-38-55 AMcalyx_random

Calyx gets the Angelic trait and he has the same eye colour as Vera.
I’ll admit that at first, he rolled the Silly trait but I’ve started ignoring that one recently since toddlers with that trait always end up killing their parents in my game. I just can’t be bothered with it at the moment.

It’s a cloudy but very hot day and the family is spending time in the garden playing with the sprinkler, BBQ’ing and just enjoying their time together.

06-29-20_2-29-18 PM

Vera, Calyx and Daisy have a lot of fun with the sprinkler.

…and yes, it was very much to give Vera a nice final day with her family.

06-29-20_2-42-51 PM

In the evening she salutes her Watcher (me) and whoever else might have been following her adventures. She has no complaints – her life was full of adventure and love and she is confident that her family will live on for generations to come.

Even if Vera is not too worried about this next chapter of her life the rest of the family doesn’t really feel the same way. Saybia is, of course, devastated and Archi won’t stop whining. It’s quite sad.

06-29-20_2-44-17 PM

Vera’s grave is set up at a nice spot in the garden – where there are flowers and lots of traffic from her beloved family. She’ll be able to keep an eye on them still.

06-29-20_2-49-47 PM

Archi spends the most time mourning Vera’s passing – he seems to be a sensitive fellow.

The end of this chapter should not end on such a sad note and so this little notification should bring a little sunshine. Thanks to MCCC the two first dogs whom the Randoms trained are going to have puppies.


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