2.4 So Long, Joe!

Daisy starts the week by telling Calyx about how she’ll be a big girl in just a matter of hours. Calyx doesn’t really understand but hopes his favourite sister will still play with him even if she’s a big girl.

06-30-20_11-24-46 AM

Maybe for the first time ever, I remember to change the birthday Sim into their set of formal clothes.

06-30-20_11-40-15 AM06-30-20_11-56-14 AM

Daisy is creative but she probably can’t sit still long enough to draw and paint since she’s also a rambunctious scamp who likes to play football and play on the monkey bars.

Rose has entered the picky eater phase – I don’t mind since she gets to eat whatever the other Sims get. She’ll just have to get through it. Sorry, not sorry!

06-30-20_11-19-14 AM

While all the girls are at school Joe and Calyx spend some time together.

06-30-20_2-47-28 PM

Joe is not so strict with the meals as I am so he finds himself and Calyx some cookies for breakfast.

So the two of them and their sugar trip take to the garden where they play and play. This is wonderful for Calyx’ movement skill since he’s mostly been sitting on his bum playing SimShape on the slablet and talking to Daisy.

06-30-20_1-57-27 PM

Daisy had a great first day of school.
Iris didn’t have such a great time it seems… poor girl.

06-30-20_2-07-47 PM06-30-20_2-12-40 PM

She takes Archi for a walk while she cools off. They both seem to enjoy their little trip around Sable Square.

In the evening Saybia takes the girl to visit the park down the street. Daisy needed to play on the jungle gym for her aspiration…

06-30-20_2-23-24 PM06-30-20_2-25-26 PM

… and Saybia needed to talk to some Sims about fashion as part of her job. These two fellows seem to have a trend of sorts going so they become Saybia’s victims for a fashion interview.

Training Archi is… well, it’s ongoing. (A/N: I have Spanish Greyhounds (Galgos) myself, whom I got when they were a few years old. I’m telling you this sort of dog has too much cat attitude in them to be taught anything they are not interested in learning. They are very clever but also very laid back and if they don’t see a point in something they just don’t bother – energy conservation at it’s finest)

06-30-20_11-29-23 AM06-30-20_2-32-19 PM

Eventually, Archi seems to get the No Play in Puddles deal but he does need a bath after having rolled in pee once again.

06-30-20_3-15-27 PM

At least he seems to enjoy the bath.
I guess once he finishes his Lay Down training he’ll have to move to another family 😦

An Eco-Inspector (or whatever her title was) shows up to tell us that we’re not in compliance with some of the NAPs.

06-30-20_1-59-57 PM

Well, you see lady… I just picked the ones that seemed to be less annoying so we’re not actually doing anything to fulfil any of them. Seeing that it’s only two of them that we’re getting punished for is quite nice.

Oh no, we all know what this means…
(A/N: Joe didn’t get a call so he was cut out of the picture because this looked better than having his flirty and happy face there also)


Saybia was sleeping in after a hard night of gardening when she got the call that her dad passed away.

06-30-20_2-52-35 PM06-30-20_3-00-00 PM

His gravestone was fetched so that it could be placed next to Vera’s. The two of them should get to be together now that they have endured a life of not being allowed to.

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration because it’s time for Calyx to celebrate his birthday.

06-30-20_4-30-40 PM

Luckily it seems his happiness is overpowering the sadness so his birthday actually turns out to be a decent experience.

06-30-20_4-47-22 PM

The girls just can’t be bothered with another birthday so they get up to leave just as Calyx blows out the candles on his cake. Rude!

Calyx grows up to have the Erratic trait. Maybe the message of his grandfather’s passing was too much for him or maybe he’s just a bit more like Vera than any of the other kids.

06-30-20_5-01-57 PM

He gets to pair his erratic behaviour with oodles of energy. Good thing his favourite sister and him share their aspiration so that they can burn some energy together.

Speaking of aspirations – The kids better actually start working on them.
Iris practices on her violin the entire afternoon and evening.

06-30-20_5-47-11 PM

Daisy and Calyx play soccer and hang out on the monkey bars most of the day.

06-30-20_5-28-26 PM

It’s probably because of a mod that my Sim kids gain anything from playing with the soccer ball. I seem to remember something along those lines.

Rose is working on her mental skill.

06-30-20_3-49-12 PM

… and she continues to work on it the next day.

06-30-20_5-45-40 PM

She gets a notification that she needs to celebrate her birthday within the next 24 hours. Oh Plum, she’s in a hurry with her aspiration then…

Joe has misunderstood something and stays out there to finish her project when Rose has to turn in for the night. He thinks it’s the project that needed to get done in time so he decides to surprise Rose by having it finished when she wakes up in the morning.

06-30-20_6-03-35 PM

While he sits out on the lawn the rain and thunder roll in from the sea…

(A/N: Yes I totally cheated this… He needed to die, and he has refused to do so even if he has repaired all the electronics, run around outside every time there was a thunderstorm and mind you this is Brindleton Bay so that means every other day during the summer.)

06-30-20_6-05-06 PM06-30-20_6-05-40 PM

Vera was having one of her rain-showers and got a good view of what happened. I’m not sure Joe wanted to see naked ghost-Vera as his last memory of life in SiNation but well… can’t change that now.

Grim is such an odd fellow. After having collected Joe’s light (supervised by Archi) he proceeds to smash the dollhouse in Iris’ room and then floats outside to rummage through the trash.

Saybia wakes up with a horrible feeling that something is wrong… and she finds Joe’s gravestone in the garden.

06-30-20_6-19-17 PM06-30-20_6-24-49 PM

Rose is devastated but decides that Joe’s efforts should not be in vain and she completes her school project and then gives it to Joe.

Inside the garage, Saybia waters her orchids with tears.

06-30-20_7-05-08 PM

It’s a good thing Vera started this project long ago so that Joe can hopefully be brought back to life soon.

With minutes to spare, Rose manages to finish her aspiration.

06-30-20_6-31-35 PM06-30-20_6-33-35 PM

She blows out the candles on the yummy-looking strawberry cake…

06-30-20_6-55-47 PM

… and grows up to be an intelligent, mean girl with a good appetite for life. I don’t know if she’ll succeed with her rather bad attitude but her lifetime wish is to have a Succesful Linage.


I figured some of you might want to see how the Ward-Heckings and the Barretts are doing.

Estrella and Kingston have had four children. Three boys and a girl. From left to right:
Abram, Dewayne, Kingston holding Paulina, Estrella and Emerson.
Dewayne and Emerson are twins – both with the Evil trait. Yikes!


Jared and Rieko have had two boys. From left to right:
Carlton being held by Rieko, Jared and Darrell holding their cat, Peanut.


I don’t know if you remember this notification from a few chapters back…


… but yes, Jared does have a secret child somewhere.

Lucia Rowan gave birth to a girl shortly after that notification. From left to right:
Lucia Rowan holding Jonathan Rowan and Wendy Rowan, who is the daughter of Jared. She also has the Evil trait just like Kingston and Estrella’s twins.


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