1.1 Green with The Greenburgs


Blossom and Mary Greenburg live in the Port Promise neighbourhood of Evergreen Harbor. The area might not be much to look at now but with time both ladies hope to change it into a green and lush haven. They know it might not happen in their lifetime but at least their adopted son, Knox should be able to see the fruits of their labour during his.

07-04-20_10-37-38 AM

One thing both ladies are very proud of is the Maker Space community centre that has popped up recently. Blossom likes to go there to find new dumpster treasures and recycling some of her finds. Mary likes to use the fancy Afizzionissimi Fizzing Station.

Mary and Blossom agree that Knox should learn about the Eco Lifestyle and the responsibilities that come with taking care of the environment.

One of Knox’ first lessons is how to dumpster dive responsibly – like watching out for broken glass and sharp metal pieces etc.

07-03-20_9-42-32 PM07-03-20_9-43-37 PM

Knox loves it and even more so when he finds a Shower/Tub on his first try. Blossom can surely get a lot of bits and pieces out of this one.

Speaking of Blossom, what might she be up to?

07-03-20_9-41-07 PM

Her job requires her to interview homeowners about their appliances. She’s still new at her job and might have to refine her technique a bit since most Sims seem to take offence to her questions.

Mary works as a Conservationist and enjoys keeping track of how the environment is doing in different parts of the world.

07-04-20_10-57-31 AM

Lately, most of her assignments have been in Sulani. Mary thinks that maybe she should remember to come during daylight hours so this cave she has to explore might not seem quite so spooky.

Her exploration leads her to find an old shipwreck and a pretty antique necklace. Probably too fragile to wear so she puts it on display in their living room once she gets home.

There’s something these two ladies have been talking about a lot lately.

07-04-20_12-49-16 PM

Mary is very family-oriented and would like a second child – also for Knox’ sake so he has a sibling to grow up with. Blossom is far from opposed to the idea but she is the more practical of the two and her biggest concern is how to go about it – and if they can handle taking care of a toddler with their rather busy lifestyle.

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