2.5 Bring Me Back to Life

Joe might be a childish goof at times – even infuriatingly cheerful but of course Saybia misses her husband. She spends some hours by his grave promising, again and again, to do everything within her powers to bring him back.

07-01-20_5-42-24 PM

During the night Rose manages to teach Archi to not wake up Sims and my heart breaks a little bit because Archi should probably be moving out to a new family since he finished his Lie Down training earlier in the day.

07-01-20_2-29-07 PM

I normally don’t activate the cheat that gives me control over pets but I’m curious to see if Archi is actually mourning Joe or if it’s just coincidence that he’s standing by the grave looking all mopey and sad.

07-01-20_2-32-28 PM

He has this moodlet and that is ultimately what makes me decide to keep Archi with the Randoms. They’ll have to bring in another pet to train and give up for adoption because I can’t bring myself to send this bunch of white pixels off to live with strangers 😥

He celebrates my decision by going inside and rolling in a puddle of water…

07-01-20_7-23-53 PM

… which I know he had already learned not to do. I guess this cements my decision even more – he just can’t be taught anything… silly dog ❤

The next day is Spooky Day and oh boy, does Rose have fun!

07-01-20_2-57-52 PM

The other kids enjoy the day as well even if Daisy does seem a bit spooked by this random Darth Vader walking through the dining room.

07-01-20_3-04-44 PM07-01-20_3-11-26 PM

Saybia spends Spooky Day perfecting her Gourmet Cooking skill so that she’ll be able to create the Ambrosia once she has all the ingredients. I guess being dressed as an astronaut while cooking can have its benefits – full-body protection against hot oil etc.

Rose’s day turns sour when Darrell Barrett beats her in My Sims Racing.

07-01-20_3-02-23 PM

She sure is a sore loser.

This might be one of Saybia’s proudest moments as a mother – all her four children doing homework together and she gets to play the proud homework conductor.

07-01-20_4-24-54 PM

If only Joe had been here to experience it too…

… and if only Joe had been here to help with all the broken toilets and showers.

07-01-20_3-52-02 PM

Vera tries her best to help out but honestly Vera, the biggest help would be if you stopped breaking the toilet in the first place.

Vera is a bit puzzled as to why Saybia hasn’t just asked Joe to move in – ghost or not he could still be a part of the family!?

Saybia has gotten something to think about but first, she needs to take care of Iris’ birthday.

07-01-20_4-43-29 PM07-01-20_4-46-25 PM

Late (too late on a school night – but sssh!) at night – so late that Rose has to be dragged out of bed – Iris gets to blow out the candles on the honey cake she requested as her birthday cake.

Oh my – she might be the prettiest and cutest Sim I’ve ever had born in-game. She’s even cuter than her mom.

07-01-20_5-13-22 PM

Her traits might not be what dreams are made of but oh well, her mother is a slob too so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Iris, like Rose, would like to have a Successful Lineage.

Before Joe returns to his resting place in the cold dirt Saybia approaches him with the suggestion about joining the household. He’s a bit sceptical at first and thinks it might be against some sort of rules.

07-01-20_5-43-08 PM

Saybia assures him that she has checked and that it seems to be perfectly okay for a ghost to return and live among the living.

07-01-20_5-47-58 PM

And so it is decided that Joe gets to return and live with his family as a ghost until the Ambrosia can be made at which point he’ll be back as a “real” Sim.

He is so happy about this new development that he autonomously proposes to Saybia which surprises me because it never really occurred to me that they would no longer be married after Joe died.

07-01-20_7-51-35 PM

Iris is happy to have her dad back and enjoys his company while eating breakfast.

07-01-20_7-35-04 PM

Rose is rarely happy about anything. I guess for a mean Sim to be living in such a generally cheerful household can take its toll on you.

07-01-20_7-36-38 PM07-01-20_7-40-48 PM

She complains to Daisy who doesn’t have time to listen to her rants. She just needed a little more motor skill to have completed her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Since Daisy has the Creative trait I have her do the Artistic Prodigy aspiration next.

Calyx has been working really hard on keeping up and a few hours later he finishes his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration too. Next up Social Butterfly.

07-01-20_7-52-50 PM

The next morning while checking in on the spliced plants in the garage I see that we have a death flower waiting to be picked.

07-01-20_7-47-48 PM

07-01-20_8-07-54 PM
Sorry, little Angel Fish – Your time is up!

Time to put those maxed cooking skills to good use.
Saybia is a bit nervous – this thing better not catch on fire!

07-01-20_8-10-58 PM

She makes a Key Lime Pie for the rest of the family and brings out a batch of her best Dahlia Kombucha for the celebration.

07-01-20_8-30-18 PM

Joe eats his Ambrosia – he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the taste even if I can’t imagine it tasting all that good.

After having finished his serving of Ambrosia he feels a strange sensation running through his ghostly body. He floats upwards while purple glow surrounds him.

07-01-20_8-32-55 PM07-01-20_8-33-31 PM

The rest of the family doesn’t seem to notice the miracle that just happened but Joe doesn’t care – he just very happy to be back for real. His smug smile says it all.

The next day our teenage girls invite over a couple of their friends for a game of Harnocks Battle (Harry Potter inspired CC by MLys)

07-02-20_2-51-45 PM

When the game is over and the boys have gone home Rose starts yelling at Iris…

07-02-20_2-28-47 PM

I think we have to step back to when Darrell first arrived earlier in the afternoon to find out what is going on.
He spent an awful lot of time talking to Iris leaving Rose feeling a little bit forlorn.

07-02-20_2-50-08 PM

I hope these two girls who used to be the best of friends don’t end up fighting over boys…

Luckily things are still good between Daisy and Calyx.

07-02-20_2-59-51 PM

Calyx even asks Daisy to become his best friend to which she happily agrees – just as her birthday notification pops up.

What was supposed to be a nice evening with the family and homebaked goods is about to be ruined by Rose and Iris arguing… again.

07-02-20_3-12-55 PM

Rose, with her Mean trait, is the instigator every time and no amount of disciplining from Joe and Saybia seems to deter her from keeping at it. Teenage girls – so infuriating at times!!!

…and we’re about to have one more of them.

07-02-20_3-20-18 PM

Daisy stays up all night to get the last creativity skills needed for her aspiration. She can take the day off from school tomorrow if needed.


I didn’t know that Stylists can use their Trending Style-Board to infuse their clothes with moods – pretty cool feature IMO.

07-01-20_4-08-44 PM

As you have already seen during this chapter Rieko and Jared’s oldest son has aged up to a teen. From left to right: Rieko, Carlton holding Peanut, Jared and Darrell.


The Ward-Heckings have also had birthdays to celebrate. Dewayne, Emerson and Abram are now teens and Paulina has aged up into a child. From left to right: Abram, Dewayne, Kingston, Estrella, Emerson and Paulina.


I thought some of you might like to see what happened to James Turner, whom Saybia had a flirt going with during her time at Britechester. He married a lovely lady named Taylor. The two of them had three children. James is an Elder now. From left to right: Blaire, Zackary, James, Taylor, Kyler. Zackary and Kyler are twins.


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