1.1 LDP – Adoption


Yes – By Adoption: 24 | Yes – By Woohoo: 9 | No: 0

Mary and Blossom decided to adopt the very first toddler presented to them by the adoption agency – no looking at gender, name or any other characteristics.

07-07-20_9-12-41 AM

Blossom went to pick up their new little family member while Mary stayed at home with Knox.

It was an overcast and cold day and it had gotten quite late before Blossom and little Cadence arrived home to Port Promise.

07-07-20_9-20-48 AM

So, who is hiding underneath the sunglasses and the hat?

This little munchkin!

07-07-20_9-47-04 AM

Mary was of course extremely happy to meet her new little daughter.
Blossom was a bit worried because of how Knox reacted to his new sibling.

07-07-20_9-45-28 AM

Knox… well he thought it sounded better than it felt – the whole getting a new sibling thing.

07-07-20_9-46-16 AM

Maybe Cadence would be cooler and more fun when she grew a bit older!?

Knox felt a bit better after sharing a story or two with Mary and Cadence.

07-07-20_9-48-51 AM

It was getting late and Cadence had had a very eventful day.

07-07-20_9-52-21 AM

She broke down in a tantrum which was the cue for Blossom to introduce Cadence to her new room.

07-07-20_9-54-26 AM

Goodnight little munchkin – Welcome to the Greenburg family!

Origin Chapter: 1.1 Green With the Greenburgs

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