1.2 Romance Expert


Since there was a tie I got to vote and placed it on the Lobo family.
I can’t actually vote on my own Twitter polls so you’ll have to imagine it being there.

Diego Lobo – a sweet kid in an unfortunate situation.
I’m not talking about him doing homework. Diego actually doesn’t mind that part too much. No, it’s that his mother has parked him with a dad that doesn’t seem to notice or care much about him and then skipped town never to be seen again.

07-07-20_3-14-28 PM07-07-20_3-51-59 PM

Diego has the Social Butterfly aspiration and craves company. Luckily he has some good friends who he can spend time with and he’s even part of the Little Stars club, which is for all the celebrity kids to meet up and do “fame stuff” together. Diego mostly does cloudgazing with Octavia Moon but no one besides the two of them needs to know about that.

Ricardo Lobo – who is (supposedly) Diego’s dad is famous too. So much that he is a Global Superstar. Initially, he got famous from acting – and how he got his first role is a bit of a puzzle because he’s a horrible actor. Must have been his good looks…

07-07-20_3-15-45 PM07-08-20_10-03-44 AM

The fame stuck… and grew.
These days Ricardo is still famous and Sims all over swoon at the thought of his good looks and his bad-boy behaviour. His cheesy romance videos and his woohoo-themed songs earn him enough money to keep up a life of some luxury – though he and Diego do live in an ordinary townhouse in the cheaper parts of Del Sol Valley.

Some of the luxuries include hiring a caterer a few times a week to come stock the fridge and a maid who stops by every day to clean and do the laundry.

07-07-20_3-42-28 PM07-07-20_4-53-26 PM

Ricardo more or less gets a new maid assigned every week since he has a tendency to screw up the professional relationship they are meant to keep. Lately, it was the lovely and sweet Elliana Martinez who got (or let herself be) caught in Ricardo’s web.

Ricardo does get offered the occasional acting gig and since screentime is important for fame he never turns the offers down.

07-07-20_5-12-41 PM07-07-20_5-20-58 PM

It seems that Ricardo’s new director, Marie Clements, has also gotten herself entangled in his web. Marie liked Ricardo in his Mario/Handyman outfit and suggested he keep it. He thanked her by inviting her back to his place…

The lack of parental guidance and attention eventually makes Diego act out. He enters a mean phase and takes it out on poor Mitchell Kalani when visiting the playground across the street.

07-08-20_10-06-59 AM

Ricardo might not be much a father figure but he does know that bullying is wrong. In a rare moment of parental consciousness, he lectures Diego on good vs bad behaviour.

Diego is relieved that it only lasts a minute or so. Ricardo had to hurry to the Starlight Accolades downtown.

07-08-20_10-58-33 AM

He actually won in the Video Creator category and is mighty proud of himself. His speech, in which he mostly thanks himself,  goes on forever and the host is starting to look annoyed.

“Why does he get to win? – All he does is woohoo his way through Del Sol Valley!” – Moana Hauata, B-List Celebrity and Starlight Accolades Host

Living carelessly sometimes comes with consequences. Ricardo does worry about this on rare occasions. With his latest love conquests maybe there’s good reason to worry!?

This is where you get to influence the story – Please Vote!

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