1.2 LDP – Surprise!



Yes – Elliana (Maid): 11 | Yes – Marie (Director): 9 | No: 3

One late night while watching his favourite show Ricardo received an unexpected phone call.

07-12-20_3-43-14 PM

It was from Fred – his contact person at the agency.

“You know there’s a very fine line between being the notorious but beloved Bad Boy and the despised and hated ex-celebrity – No more scandals these next couple of months… got it?” Fred had always been known for getting straight to the point.

Ricardo agreed… and figured he could stay on the straight and narrow for a few months without much trouble.

Little did he know that trouble would come knocking while he was brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.

“Elliana… what are you doing here so late? Did you forget to put the laundry in the dryer?!”

07-12-20_2-25-39 PM

Nope – that wasn’t why she came knocking on Ricardo’s door a few minutes past midnight.

She had waited for the ever-present paparazzi to go home before waddling up and knocking on the door. She didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to the situation.

Ricardo was still confused after that explanation…

“Well, you Plum for brains… I’m pregnant. It’s yours! Surprise!” Elliana put on her best smile – the one that had gotten her into Ricardo’s bed in the first place.

“You’re what?!?!” Ricardo remembered all too well how he had just agreed to no more scandals and now Elliana was standing here with a huge belly claiming it contained his child… oh, for Plum’s sake!

Ricardo and Elliana sat down and had a long talk – finally reaching an agreement.
Elliana would move into the empty duplex next to Ricardo’s and their child would be raised by them both. Everyone would have access to both homes but there could be no talk of engagement or marriage. Ricardo had to keep up his image as the bad boy.

07-12-20_2-58-15 PM

Something that became increasingly hard as the birth of his child came closer.

“I hope you’re 100% sure it’s a girl… because… Surprise!!!” Ricardo was so proud of the room he and Diego had put together for their future family member.

07-12-20_2-56-57 PM

Ricardo had been so engrossed in the project that he (as per usual) had not paid much attention to Diego and his mood.

Diego was furious about the whole situation – He didn’t want a new sibling or a new mother… no new anything in fact. He didn’t want what little attention his father bestowed upon him to have to be shared between to extra Sims… the whole situation had him riled up in anger.

07-12-20_3-13-12 PM

Writing in his journal had him calm down enough to start re-thinking the situation.
Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with an extra adult around… at least then there would be more homework help and maybe even someone he could talk to about the difficult things happening in school…

Diego decided to give the whole situation a second chance…

07-12-20_3-03-17 PM

He even found himself looking forward to meeting his new sister.

Elliana was also looking forward to being done with the pregnancy.

07-12-20_3-17-26 PM


Diego was in a panic and Elliana second-guessed the whole home-birth situation. Maybe it would have been better to have the nooboo at the hospital?! – Well, too late now!

07-12-20_3-20-54 PM

Welcome to the (dysfunctional) family little Raquel.

07-12-20_3-24-42 PM

Ricardo never held a tiny nooboo in his arms before and realised how much of Diego’s life he had missed out on by not being there for him in his first years.

07-12-20_3-26-51 PM

Diego was full of awe and wonder – such a tiny little Sim – and it was his sister!

Origin Chapter: 1.2 Romance Expert

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