1.3 Unwanted


Once again there was a tie – This time I placed my vote on the Alto Family

Vita Alto wasn’t feeling too good during breakfast. Hopefully, the discomfort would pass soon as she really didn’t have time to be sick. She had places to be and important political statements to make this afternoon.

07-11-20_2-01-05 PM

After a calming milk, honey and oatmeal bath Vita felt much better and was ready to take on the world.

She was to make the first brushstrokes of one of the new political murals at the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno. This was to promote her (supposed) political views and rake in some votes from the huge artist community in San Myshuno.

07-11-20_2-09-27 PM

Never mind the fact that Vita didn’t know the first thing about painting or that she didn’t really believe in the World United policies she was promoting. The only important thing about all of this was that the voters believed in it and would help cement Vita’s position within the city council. Once she had reached the top she could pretty much do as she pleased… and this was a nice stepping stone towards that golden throne atop the political career.

Sadly the discomfort returned and Vita soon realised that she was in fact pregnant.
“Damn that MCCC and the 2% risky woohoo rules imposed on this save!” Vita was fuming while having her favourite drink before dinner.

07-11-20_12-49-16 PM

She shared the news with Nick, her darling husband and he immediately starting berating her about juice and pregnancy.

Well, Vita wasn’t about to let Nick tell her off about anything and paid him back in full when she told him that they were not keeping it anyway.

Nick tried to convince Vita to keep it by reminding her that he does, in fact, have the Family-Oriented trait.

“Right… so you say.” Vita scowled at him and then lit up in a smile drenched in venom. “Then please tell me how old you think Holly is…”

Nick knew his argument had been shot down when he had to reply with… “Uhmn, seven?!”

Vita thought she had won but then Nick pulled out the winning argument.

They HAD to keep it because Vita’s political career would not benefit from her having an abortion.

Damn, he knew her too well…

07-11-20_5-41-41 PM

Vita took her anger out on their daughter’s dollhouse and she felt better right away.

During the night, which Vita spent plotting and planning, she came up with an idea that she felt so deliciously good about that one of her evil signature laughs bellowed through the hallways of Alto Estate the next morning.

07-11-20_3-03-34 PM

Nick Alto was worried right away – What had she come up with this time he thought to himself before throwing the last of his eggs and toast out… he had suddenly lost his appetite.

Right… I mentioned a daughter. You probably wonder who and where she is?!

07-11-20_3-29-36 PM

Holly spends most of her time with the butler, Viviana Jett – because she’s the best company to be had within the Alto Estate.

At dinner the same evening Vita told her husband and daughter about her plan.

07-11-20_4-23-26 PM

She would go full term and give birth to the little demon and then it would be put up for adoption. Nick argued that this would not look good on her resume either but Vita coldly reminded him that this could be spun into a tale of giving a child to a family that could not conceive one themselves. Nick admitted defeat and applauded Vita for her ingenious thinking.

Holly was in shock – to say the least. She didn’t think it very fair that her parents would give her sibling away like that.

“Life isn’t fair and the only reason you’re not a complete disaster is that that your grandmother was still around to take care of you when you were a toddler. Besides we built business empires in this household – not Sims!” Vita stared coldly at her daughter and called for the butler to clear the table.

Holly usually turned to creative outlets when she felt sad or distressed and this time was no different.


She decided to make a video on growing up and being an adult – and all the things she’d do differently than her parents. Being a grown-up lady means wearing make-up and so Holly tried on her mother’s most expensive brands. Holly soon realised she would not be doing much other than clown-videos…

One late night when Vita was about to do her rage-fueled work-out she went into labour. Besides being angry from the labour pains and life in general Vita would also like to issue a complaint regarding the notification she received. She was NOT looking forward to meeting the little demon…

07-11-20_5-02-27 PM

She and Nick went to the hospital so that Vita could have ALL the painkilling drugs while giving birth…

Little Holger Alto was born in the early hours of a cold and stormy spring morning.

07-11-20_5-22-43 PM

Nick and Vita looked at him one last time before…

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    1. Heh – Yeah I get you. I had fun playing them like this horrible money/success-focused couple. Even if I don’t understand the mindset it’s fun to explore it and try to come up with reasons for their crazy obsession and drive 😀

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