1.3 LDP – Holger A. Lewis



Yes – Put Holger up for Adoption: 17 | No – Keep Holger: 2

Vita is first and foremost a politician.
After spending a week at the Windeburg Heights Spa and Resort to recover after the ordeal of giving birth to Holger, she was ready to take on the press once again.

07-19-20_9-10-43 PM

She, of course, happily agreed to an interview with the always popular SiMagazine whom in return portrayed her as a true visionary with her heart and mind keenly fastened on reaching the goal of a world united. She had, after all, given her only son up for adoption just so that another family could have their greatest wish fulfilled.

Yes – Vita knew how to spin a story and wrap journalists and the paparazzi around her little finger.

Nick was not so happy to have given up his only son and used his connections to find out which family had adopted him. He wanted to make sure that his son would have the life he rightfully deserved – being an Alto and all that.

07-19-20_9-13-11 PM

He set up a trust fund that was to be handed over to Holger once he became a Young Adult. Nick also secretly made sure that Holger’s new family would experience very little hardship in the coming years. Hiring a private detective to check in on the family regularly might have been overstepping a tiny bit but Nick didn’t really care.

Holly’s only connection to little Holger became the tiny photo her dad had given her.

07-19-20_9-10-22 PM

She kept it on her desk so that she could look at him when doing her homework or playing videogames. She knew nothing about him other than his name and that she loved him despite having never met him.

Holger was adopted by the Lewis family in Newcrest. He got his own colourful room and a loving mother, father and also a big brother.

07-19-20_9-16-29 PM

Vivian Lewis had always dreamt of having a big family but there had been complications when she gave birth to Eric leaving her and Josef unable to have more children. Adopting a child had been a dream ever since they had been given the harsh news seven years ago. Now they had little Holger A. Lewis to care for and the family couldn’t be happier. Holger experienced really being wanted for the first time in his (so far very short) life.

“How very strange!” Vivian thought to herself while making Italian meatballs for dinner that same night.

07-19-20_9-22-31 PM

“Maybe it’s all the stress and tension of adopting that’s letting up and making my stomach twirl and spin… It sure feels a lot like when I was pregnant with Eric.” Vivian thought nothing more of it – she couldn’t be pregnant – the doctor had been very clear about that.

Origin Chapter: 1.3 Unwanted

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