1.4 The Third Wheel


Andrea and Emily Mullins – two creative souls who have been married for 16 years. They live in StrangerVille with their three adopted children – and Porter. Well, technically Porter doesn’t live there but he spends all his time at their place.

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Mark Eggleston, Alice Martin and Leslie Holland are all cute as buttons and rarely think about the fact that they are adopted. They go to school, play video games and get into arguments and make up again like most other children. They feel safe and loved with Andrea and Emily.

Alice and Leslie tend to stick together in everything but thanks to Porter always being ready to entertain Mark he doesn’t feel left out.

07-20-20_4-07-39 PM

They are the best of friends and Mark likes to think of Porter as his dad.

Both Emily and Porter are very playful and lighthearted Sims and sometimes they tend to goof around a bit more than Andrea finds to be okay.

07-20-20_4-11-36 PM

One evening at dinner she simply had enough. She thought she saw Emily blow Porter a kiss. Porter looked awfully guilty and had a coughing fit just as Andrea was checking his reaction. Something was definitely not right…

When the kids had gone to bed Andrea let Porter and Emily know just how she felt about it all and told Porter to NEVER show his face at the house again. If Emily had any complaints she could pack her things and move into Porter’s shack. Needless to say, this turned into a rather ugly fight with a lot of things said that would be hard to take back.

07-20-20_4-23-17 PM

Andrea and Emily worked things out between them but a few days later when Mark came home from school in a foul mood he exploded and let his parents know just how he felt about them chasing his “almost dad” and best friend off like that – Yes, he had been eavesdropping on the whole argument that night.

07-20-20_4-50-25 PM

Nothing Andrea or Emily said seemed to calm him down. They all went to bed in a really bad mood that night.

Except Mark didn’t really go to bed – he just pretended and when the whole house had gone quiet he snuck out.

07-20-20_4-57-49 PM

Andrea and Emily went into a full-on panic when they found Marks bed empty the next morning. They knew he had been upset but had never imagined he would run away from home.

07-20-20_6-26-39 PM

Officer Ledford tried her best to calm the two worried mothers down.
“Most children are found within a few hours after running away – or they show up on their own when they get hungry.” Officer Ledford quickly added that of course all the SimPD patrols had also been alerted and be keeping an eye out for a little boy in a mint-coloured sweater.

At first, Mark had been very pleased with his decision of running away. It had been fun having the whole park to himself – even if it was a bit scary in the dark of night.

07-20-20_5-19-46 PM

Sleeping on a park bench had not been very comfortable and now that it had begun raining he was also feeling pretty cold. The only shelter would be the public toilet in the park and even if Mark felt smelly and grungy already he didn’t feel like adding to it by spending a day among toilet stalls.

To be completely honest he was ready to go home so he called in the hopes that he would be forgiven and picked up and brought home to the warmth and comfort of a real house.

Porter agreed to pick him up but refused to let him stay at his place.
“You know little man, your mothers are out of their minds with worry as was I… we better go have a talk with them, don’t you think?” Porter looked at Mark and gave him a reassuring smile.

07-20-20_5-24-00 PM

Mark agreed but claimed to have some demands if he were to return home…

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