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ISBI 1.0 – Ehren and the Alien

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: 0 (duh! we just started!)

This is Ehren Grimm.
He’s an outgoing, perfectionist who loves the outdoors. His dream is to be part of a big, happy family.

08-22-20_3-42-54 PM

I can help him with that – at least the part with the big family. However, I won’t guarantee anything about them being happy.

Ehren would like to be a private attorney, so he better get signed up for a job.

08-22-20_4-33-13 PM

There we go!
… and would you look at that pay? Time to get rich! *cough*
Well, at least it’s better than the starting pay as a criminal.

Ehren has bought a fancy, modern box in Oasis Springs. It was built by PipiPapiPipiPupu and is called Family Starter – Nektus.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I imagine I can expand the second floor – and in the process butcher the aesthetic of the build but I will need more than one kid’s room at some point.

Welcome Wagon!
Brandi Broke and her son, Dustin, along with Don Lothario’s stepmother and Moira Manners from my other story.

08-22-20_4-41-02 PM

No single Sims for Ehren to pursue – well other than Moira but I’ll be seeing enough of her in my other save so she will not be part of this story too.

Ehren seems to like fruitcake – so that’s a plus (food that never spoils!).

With the meager pay Ehren gets for his job, it’s probably wise to do a round of gathering now and then. Frog breeding and selling crystals has made many of my Sims rich, so Ehren also gets the pleasure of digging around in dirt piles and whatnot.

08-22-20_4-46-57 PM

Please, don’t pee or poo on Ehren’s hands random doggy!

Time to hit the gym… because that’s a good place to find single Sims – I hope.

08-22-20_4-58-50 PM08-22-20_5-00-14 PM

Lots of Sims – mostly guys. Guys are good but Ehren likes girls, so yeah…

Time to introduce yourself to the ONLY female on the entire lot. This place smells like testosterone and sweaty gym socks.

“Hello, my name is Ehren – I’m the new guy in town!”

08-22-20_5-01-38 PM

Well, Ehren doesn’t have a very high charisma skill, so that was his best pickup line.

Norah seems to forgive him and agrees to practise sparring with Ehren.

08-22-20_5-04-50 PM

She’s not very impressed with his skills – neither am I. How do you even poke yourself in the eye with gym equipment?

Back at home the bathroom floor is flooded. That’s how is goes when you leave your cheap sink broken to go chase girls.

08-22-20_5-09-18 PM

The next day after work Ehren invites Norah over for some light conversation and well… he doesn’t have a bar, so no drinks.

08-22-20_5-14-08 PM

Ehren eats the last of the fruit cake before Norah arrives, so he can’t even offer her a bite to eat. He’s such a gentlesim.

Ehren is feeling confident because of his minty fresh breath (yes, he totally expects to get to the kissing part so he brushed his teeth after eating fruit cake)

08-22-20_5-17-42 PM

A bold pickup line and some compliments later, Norah is completely smitten with Ehren.

She even kisses her phone after they exchange numbers – and why did you even need to do that? I mean, Ehren obviously had Norah’s number already?!

08-22-20_5-19-24 PM

Time to move in for that kiss…
… and it turns out that Norah is an alien.

08-22-20_5-20-35 PM

Ehren doesn’t mind and with the moodlet he got I have to wonder what they were doing with their tongues!?

Having known Norah for less than 24 hours, it seems perfectly reasonable to ask her to move in. She’s a townie so how could she possibly not want to move in to a real house instead of a placeholder bin or however that works?!

08-22-20_5-15-14 PM

08-23-20_2-13-18 PM

She agrees to move in and we get a glimpse of how cute she is without her Sim-disguise.

Welcome to your new life, Norah – where you get to do whatever you please as long as you give birth to the next generation.

Watching TV while the new housemate cooks sound pretty good, so that’s what she does.

08-22-20_5-39-04 PM

Ehren is not good at cooking yet – he’s been living on fruitcake, so this is the first meal he prepares. He cuts his finger so I guess it’s a bloody fruit salad for dinner tonight.

Norah does the dishes after dinner. She seems to like the idea of sharing the workload.

08-22-20_5-42-12 PM

She’s already got a job as a Palette Cleaner, so I let her keep that. It might not be the best job for an uncontrolled Sim, but it’ll be all right.

Norah stays up most of the night since her needs were almost full when she moved in. In the early morning hours, she takes a disco-nap.

We can take a look at her traits while she naps.

08-22-20_5-50-28 PM

She’s clumsy (oh plum – house fires come to mind!), an art lover and a dance machine. Maybe the art lover trait will make her paint autonomously. I’ve seen it happen before, so I better get her an easel at some point.

Norah’s aspiration is StrangerVille Mystery. Not getting any points there – that’s for sure!

Why did I pick this job for Ehren… oh right, because I randomly rolled for what job to get him. Well, okay. I’ll have him travel to Britechester for his daily job assignment then (he needs to do stuff which requires one of those fancy and expensive research machines from Discover University).

08-22-20_5-56-40 PM

His hard work and determination earn him a promotion. Congrats!

In the evening he takes Norah out to celebrate. Also, it’s Night on the Town so everything is free. Time to eat too much and get wasted on free drinks!

08-22-20_6-55-30 PM

Norah likes the idea and won’t stop singing about it… 🤐

A free meal and a couple of drinks later, it’s time to head home.

08-22-20_6-58-10 PM

Both Ehren and Norah are drunk… and tired.

They make it all the way to bed and even have enough energy for some drunk and risky woohoo.

08-22-20_7-02-38 PM

Cliffhanger – Sim Style!
Will Norah get pregnant?
Find out in the next chapter!

Score: 0 (well, to be fair Norah only lived there for a few days and she’s seems to be pretty clever. Also, the disco-naps from her Dance Machine trait helps her immensely)


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11 thoughts on “ISBI 1.0 – Ehren and the Alien

  1. A surprise alien! Having an inspired aura near the easel helps with autonomous painting. I’ve never seen them do it with no skill though unfortunately. This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Norah has two levels of the painting skill IIRC so she there’s a chance she’ll paint. Unfortunately, she likes dancing more… I don’t feel like taking the radio away because the kids use it for motor skill 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My trick for teens was to make a small room with a locked door that had the motion gaming rig in it. Sims are obsessed with it so I’d unlock it just for the teen until they got their gaming skill to 3. LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh geeze I forgot they just started out! I think I had my first gen sim write books so they got royalties after she was an elder. I think the gen after that painted. It’s been a looong time!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah – she’s really cute. This ISBI starts out in a clone of my very groomed and proper save so all townies look nice to start out with – It’ll change fast 😀


  2. Ok, this made me chuckle. I always enjoy the story style of just going with the game and your writing is always witty so here I am, and continuing to see what is next. Happy WordPress Anniversary.

    Liked by 1 person

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