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ISBI 1.1 – You’re a Llama-Poo!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: 0

So, either Norah is pregnant, or she has food poisoning from their restaurant visit earlier in the evening. Hard to tell…

08-22-20_7-04-59 PM

It’s is, however, easy to tell that she is feeling very flirty – must have been some class A woohoo!

Norah makes franks and beans for breakfast – Yum?

08-22-20_7-08-35 PM

I watch her like a hawk because I’m certain that her clumsy trait and her 0 cooking skill will kick in and start a fire (sort of hoping it will so I can get some action!)

No fire – but a party size serving of franks and beans for the fridge. Thanks Norah!

The day passes with very little happening. In the evening as Norah getting a glass of water, her baby-bump pops out.

08-22-20_7-22-37 PM

She looks like she’s about to cry – quivering bottom lip and all but her aura is green so she ought to be happy – and yes, it’s her alien aura, not a green stench cloud.

Norah goes to bed but wakes up a few hours later because she has to pee.

08-22-20_7-38-54 PM

I’m actually cheering for her to not reach the toilet in time – but then I look at her bladder-bar. That’s not even close to a pee-accident – bummer!
(A/N – I’m not evil and wishing for bad things to happen to my Sims normally but nothing ISBI-worthy has happened in my game yet, so I’m a bit disappointed with how good and well-behaved Norah and Ehren are)

Norah looks at Ehren with disgust. He is clueless and sends her puppy-eyes and a smile.

08-22-20_7-46-33 PM

Later she’s had enough of his clueless ignorance and confronts him with what I imagine might be bothering her.

I’m pregnant you llama-poo and you haven’t said plum about it – what’s even worse is that we’re not even official…” Norah stomps off leaving Ehren paralysed for a few seconds.

08-22-20_7-49-17 PM

Ehren finds Norah outside and gives her a big hug and a kiss.

08-22-20_7-51-26 PM

Ehren (and I) feel quite bad about not even having asked Norah if she wants to be Ehren’s girlfriend. Sorry Norah – we just saw a cute baby-making Sim and forgot all about it!

08-22-20_7-53-34 PM

Much better – at least they are a couple now.

Ehren does his best to put Norah in a good mood and then decides he might as well pop the question now.

08-22-20_8-02-47 PM08-22-20_8-01-35 PM

She says yes, and they get married in the living room with some cheesy TV soap opera (or it might be the weather forecast – I’m not sure) as the background “music.” Beautiful!

08-22-20_8-04-44 PM

All is forgiven and Norah is now a real Grimm.

The next day she earns a promotion. The next one will require her to have two levels in painting, which she already had when she moved in. After that I suspect she might not get any more promotions because she has not even looked at the easel Ehren has bought for her.

08-22-20_8-30-43 PM

It’s nooboo-time soon!
Ehren gives Norah lots of attention – but not so much that she feels smothered and doesn’t have time to sleep, eat and pee – which she does a whole lot of.

08-22-20_8-42-01 PM

Yup – it’s go-time!
Norah is in labour, but apparently it’s not something to fuss about…

08-22-20_9-07-13 PM08-22-20_9-08-11 PM

… because she has plenty of time to go fetch a serving of franks and beans. Personally I wouldn’t want to add gas to the equation that is childbirth but you do you, Norah!

Eventually Norah decides to bring the nooboo into the world. This is little Portia – named after something in space… a constellation or a moon or something.

08-22-20_9-12-16 PM

Single Birth: +5 Points
… one thing, though. I wanted an alien nooboo!

Ehren has been sleeping this whole time and doesn’t do the daddy-panic until he wakes up when it’s all over and Portia is lying in her crib screaming for food.

08-22-20_9-14-30 PM

Now stop with your silly antics and go feed that child!

Score: +5 Points


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