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ISBI 1.2 – Major Moon of Uranus

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +5 Points

A stinky and tired Norah arrives home from work. I’m amazed that she didn’t pass out on the sidewalk.

08-22-20_9-24-25 PM

She headed straight for the couch and napped there for about 2 minutes before getting up again. I hoped that she’d begin to show signs of being worthy of her title as an ISBI-Non-Torch Holder.

08-22-20_9-26-27 PM

Nah, she’s too smart.
So what do you do when you’re tired and also stinky? – Well, you nap in the bathtub, of course.


See! Too clever for an ISBI!

Both Ehren and Norah need some fun, so why not have them enjoy a little time together? Besides, I want that alien-nooboo!

08-22-20_10-00-27 PM

I’m sure she’s pregnant, but I refrain from checking with MCCC (for as long as I can – eventually my curiosity will take over).

08-22-20_10-02-00 PM08-22-20_11-39-22 PM

With all the puking she does, its nice that she’s so good at cleaning up after herself.

It’s already time for Portia to age up.

08-22-20_10-06-17 PM08-22-20_10-17-12 PM

So this is Portia – She has the charmer trait, but with that look I know it’s hard to believe. She’s actually rather cute most of the time.

Promotion for Norah – and nausea, too. Lucky girl!

08-22-20_11-50-07 PM

Norah had two levels in the violin skill when she moved in, so I bought her a beautiful green violin to play on. This is the first time she has picked it up.

08-23-20_1-25-16 AM

Oh Plum. Once she got her hands on it, she wouldn’t let go again. She played and played and played. I was sure she would pass out or wet herself this time around, but no, she didn’t. At least she might end up maxing the violin skill at some point.

Ehren tries his best to give Portia a good toddlerhood. He read her to sleep most nights.

08-22-20_11-44-56 PM

Then he heads to bed himself. He is exhausted.

Too bad! No sleep for you, Ehren – because we all know you should definitely investigate weird lights in the middle of the night.

08-22-20_11-57-29 PM08-22-20_11-59-15 PM

Oooh! is he going to pass out?!
No, he made it back to bed – and I’m sad to report that he didn’t get alien-impregnated.

I didn’t see the notification about “Eating for Two” but I’m pretty sure I should have gotten it here.

08-23-20_12-00-46 AM

Which seems to be too late because her stomach suddenly pops to third trimester size. How bizarre.

See – that’s the same night!

08-23-20_12-39-59 AM

Well, what do I really know about aliens and their pregnancies. Maybe it’s perfectly normal. In any case, it was good to see Norah give Portia a bit of attention. Their chat about princesses and trucks pushed Portia’s communication skill to level 3.

The next night Norah goes into labour.

08-23-20_12-53-37 AM08-23-20_12-56-12 AM

The crib has been moved to the tiny landing upstairs. I was trying to get enough simoleons to expand on the house before Norah gave birth. That didn’t happen.

Little Oberon will be living in a traffic hotspot for the first couple of days. Too bad – and by the way, why aren’t you an alien? (grrrr)

08-23-20_12-58-35 AM

Single Birth: +5 Points
Oberon, like Portia, is a space themed name in some way that I can’t remember right now.

(A/N: Since it was late, and I was sleepy (do I get -5 points for passing out IRL?) when I named Oberon, I got curious. So it seems that Oberon is the major moon of Uranus – I found that pretty funny. Sorry kiddo – that’s your name and I’m sticking with it!)

Portia didn’t like her new brother but still ate her pancakes next to him – and the potty. Yum!

08-23-20_12-59-43 AM08-23-20_12-02-33 AM

Speaking of the potty…
Portia has mastered the potty skill – no thanks to Ehren, who kept bolting whenever I wanted him to train her. Stupid bug!

Potty Skill Mastered: +5 points


08-23-20_1-14-13 AM

Look! They are training the last bit of her level 2 thinking skill. She will get the happy toddler trait when she ages up.

Time to age up little Oberon – the  major moon of Uranus!

08-23-20_1-31-00 AM

Score: +15 Points


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5 thoughts on “ISBI 1.2 – Major Moon of Uranus

  1. I love the name Oberon. Although, it’s a dog in a book series so I’m not sure if that’s any better than a moon on Uranus. LOL!!! You should check your MCCC settings for alien/human babies. It might be set to human only or something.

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  2. Forgot to say so on the last chapter, but I also really like your editing with your screenshots – adding little cut-outs of pertinent info such as their mood or the skill panel. *thumbs up*

    Liked by 1 person

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