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ISBI 1.3 – First Fail!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +15 Points

It is no wonder that this is one of the first things to pop up when I load the game. boss_mad

This message would be completely turned around to something positive if Ehren’s job was to take care of kids and the house.

Can’t change it – might as well move on and try to do better.

Last chapter ended with it being Oberon’s birthday – and here is the little stinker. He’s cute!

08-25-20_4-00-35 PM

He’s inquisitive – not a bad toddler trait at all.

Portia is, of course, also still here.

08-25-20_4-04-39 PM

You forgot me in this feeding trap once again, didn’t you?”

Well yes, I think they did Portia – sorry.

08-25-20_4-03-25 PM

Norah is not to be disturbed because she is showing interest in the easel (Yes, you dimwit – go paint something. It’s your job!)

Ehren gets a promotion despite his boss being so disappointed earlier.

08-25-20_4-06-53 PM

Yup, you’re pretty awesome, Ehren!

Now – go be a daddy -superhero and teach your son some skills, please.

08-25-20_4-08-41 PM

Oberon does not feel like learning *sigh*

An exhausted Norah returns from work.
Maybe if you didn’t stay up most of the night, you wouldn’t feel so miserable now. She stands out on the sidewalk for quite a while. I understand – You’re tired and you don’t feel like entering the house where two needy toddlers will attack swarm you.

08-25-20_4-18-23 PM08-25-20_4-21-39 PM

Communication Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Portia finds her mother outside and starts a riveting conversation about trucks.

Portia responds by planting her face on the sidewalk.

08-25-20_4-24-08 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

Portia looks at her mother with something I can only describe as utter disappointment mixed with a bit of disgust.

Apparently, a nap on the sidewalk has inspired Norah to pick up the paintbrush.

08-25-20_4-28-41 PM

To my surprise she finishes a large classic painting worth 192§ before heading for a nap in the bed.

2020-08-26 13_38_54-The Sims™ 4

Not bad, Norah – not bad at all.

Portia is running around in circles outside – only wearing her pyjamas. I will not stop her because, look! Movement level 5!

08-25-20_4-47-31 PM

Movement Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Besides, Ehren didn’t have time to go take care of her ^^

08-25-20_5-02-09 PM

Norah wakes up stinky and I think she might have peed herself, but nope – she’s just “normal” dirty and stinky. Maybe it was some really kinky woohoo.

08-25-20_5-17-12 PM

Ah, that smug smile and the dirty toilet in the background is all the confirmation I need.

08-25-20_5-19-51 PM

Norah, get your butt downstairs!
It’s time for Portia to age up – pyjamas party style.

08-25-20_5-05-13 PM

Happy Toddler Achieved: +5 Points

Portia is Hot-Headed and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

08-25-20_5-15-58 PM

Our firstborn is adorable. I think she’ll grow up to be really pretty, but then again – we’ve all seen how some Sims turn out to look like runaway circus freaks once they become teenagers.

It’s Harvestfest, and the family doesn’t even have enough simoleons to make the grand meal (A/N: I think I just upgraded the house – oops)

Ehren is sent out to gather some gems to sell.

08-25-20_5-25-57 PMroyalty

Ah, crisis averted. The royalty payments for Ehren’s two children’s books have arrived. There will be a grand meal after all.

Come and get it!

08-25-20_5-29-08 PM08-25-20_5-30-03 PM

Portia is so stinky that Norah complains and excuses herself to dance instead.

Maybe it wasn’t just the stinky child that made Norah feel nauseated?

08-25-20_5-44-34 PM

Eating for two – again!

You forgot about my existence, didn’t you?

08-25-20_5-50-15 PM

No, why would you think that?

The fact that he is starving and the family just had a grand meal – without him – could be a good indicator.

Have some taco-casserole then – but please, if you’re that hungry, eat it instead of using it to decorate your room!

08-25-20_5-55-08 PM

We better give the little guy some attention.
Ehren is sick but still manages to teach Oberon how to stack blocks like a pro.

08-25-20_6-00-43 PM

Movement Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Moving on to the next discipline in the Toddler Olympics.
That’s it, Oberon! Concentrate!

08-25-20_6-04-28 PM

Potty Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Ehren needs to read to his kids for 2 hours, and Oberon could use some help with his imagination skill. Win – Win!

08-25-20_4-54-27 PM

Portia has been hanging out in her pyjamas all day.
She’s made an absolute mess of the house, but she’s a good girl and cleans most of it up again.

08-25-20_6-23-30 PM08-25-20_6-28-49 PM

A creativity table is bought for some of the simoleons Ehren got from his gems and frog-breeding. Portia makes a beeline for it, so I guess that was simoleons well spent.

Portia goes to bed one happy girl and gets a few hours sleep before Oberon wakes her up – now Portia has a half-full/empty (depending on what kind of person you are) energy bar and there’s like 5 hours before school starts. No way she’ll go back to bed on her own before that *sigh*

08-25-20_6-36-00 PM

Oberon, you little snot-nosed menace!! *grrr*

I have Ehren get out of bed so he can influence Portia to at least take a nap. Oberon is left to roam the house on his own while the rest of the family sleeps.

08-25-20_6-43-40 PM

Communication Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Big Puds helps Oberon max his communication skill.

Score: +40 Points


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2 thoughts on “ISBI 1.3 – First Fail!

    1. Ah, another comment of yours that I wasn’t notified of hence the incredibly late reply.
      The kids did really well in that generation. I’m hoping the Grimms will keep it up in the coming generations – but also add a bit of chaos – because the chaos is what makes it all fun.
      I love when my Sims show interest in things – like staring at the easel or picking the sports channel on the tv. Gives me an idea of who they are and how to write them.


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