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ISBI 1.4 – Doh Moment!

Grimm Idiots –

Score: +40 Points

Yes – it’s not only my game idiots seem to thrive.
I am an idiot too – or well, let’s not be so harsh in our judgement. Mostly I’m just a bit… forgetful.

Okay – so here is Norah – pregnant in her third trimester and on her way to work.

08-25-20_7-02-14 PM

As you might remember, she’s an alien.
I have been wondering why all her kids look so normal – why don’t any of them look just a little bit alien?

You’ll discover as this chapter moves along – sort of in the same pace as I got my brain into gear and figured it out.

Portia – firstborn and such a good little girl, has earned a B in school.

08-25-20_7-04-08 PM

That’s really nice Portia – now go work on getting an A and then we can talk.

Norah arrives home from work, goes into labour and decides to fix the broken sink. Norah likes to fix all sorts of things – including electronics. I let her, because I still believe pregnant Sims can’t die and she’s more or less been pregnant all the time she’s been with us.

08-25-20_7-44-03 PM

You’ll also notice that she is not wearing her disguise. I thought that maybe if she was in her true form, the chances of her having a hybrid nooboo would be higher.

Come on, Norah – give me that blue alien child!

08-25-20_7-50-04 PM08-25-20_7-52-08 PM

Single Birth: +5 Points

This is Astra. Her name means “of the stars“.

At least Oberon is happy!

08-25-20_8-07-05 PM

I’ll admit that sometimes I treat my Sims like science subjects.
Norah and Ehren tries for a new baby right away because now I’ve gone into some sort of overdrive in my quest to find the answer to this alien-baby problem.

You’ll notice that she’s still in her true form because my new idea was that maybe if the nooboo was conceived while she was showing her alieness and if she also stayed that way during the entire pregnancy – then surely they would have a better chance of getting a blue hybrid nooboo.

Norah seems to be confused. When she gets out of bed to go to work, she’s only wearing a towel.

08-25-20_8-10-21 PM

Maybe she’s going to be the nude model at art school today? Who knows?!

Ehren gets one of those Fame Chance Cards while at work.


I figured that since Ehren is such a good guy he’d think that no one gets power through corruption and then use their new power to do good so he reveals the judge.


Hmm well – that didn’t go so well. Ehren did get some simoleons. I didn’t see how many but I think it was around 2,000§. I don’t know about fame because I turned that off when I started the save.
It says he got demoted, but I’m pretty sure his job level stayed the same. Oh well – fine by me.

… unless this is the second time he gets promoted to Adept Attorney?

08-25-20_8-20-47 PM

I can’t remember and I can’t be bothered to check.

It’s Oberon’s birthday, but he hasn’t got time for stuff like that…

08-25-20_8-28-31 PM08-25-20_8-28-52 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

… because obviously he needs to pass out after having been up all night talking to Big Puds and making messes everywhere.

Now, let’s get this party started!

08-25-20_8-45-34 PM

Happy Toddler Achieved: +5 Points

Oberon ages up to a cute child with blonde, curly hair – he looks like a cherub.

08-25-20_9-01-15 PM

He’s an Art Lover like his mother and wants to be a Whiz Kid like Portia.
Obviously, he wanted cake, but I’ve removed that so I can use it for future birthdays.
Go fetch food in the fridge – there’s plenty!

Ok, so this notification popped up a while back – like 24 Sim hours back. I forgot all about it.


08-25-20_9-11-48 PM

Here is Astra. Independent little bugger…
We love you, but you’re still not blue so hmm, yeah… go bother your siblings.

She tries to get Ehren’s attention, but he’s busy filing something for work.

08-25-20_9-27-39 PM

He’s so busy that he doesn’t even really notice that his birthday is right around the corner.

Norah is too busy being dirty, pregnant and in the mood for dancing to notice Astra.

08-25-20_9-42-27 PM

Also, something has started brewing in my mind as I watch Ehren fiddle with his computer and Norah’s blue skin. A vague memory of something with MCCC and blue skinned babies.

Astra doesn’t care about my thoughts… or my points.

08-25-20_9-50-31 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

Right next to her bed -.-

Norah was close to passing out too. She was busy dancing but I think she got interrupted – and thereby saved – by her belly popping to trimester three. She decides on a shower and then a nap – who needs real sleep anyway?

08-25-20_10-01-29 PM

I get very caught up in my thoughts about MCCC and blue babies and I forget all about Ehren’s birthday. Sorry, dude! It’s not that I don’t appreciate you and all your hard work, but yeah… happy birthday!

08-25-20_9-53-16 PM

At least you got glitter 😀

I don’t know what finally made me check my MCCC settings, but I found this Bypass Blue Babies option in MC CAS that I at some point (many years back) had enabled. This setting apparently blocks hybrids from having unnatural skin tones – I remembered it as just being to prevent the Sims that sometimes pop up with that odd blue skin tone and that is why I enabled it in the first place. Anyway- before I found that setting I fiddled around with some occult pregnancy setting, so now I might have messed that up – oh well :P

Time to test… I mean, have a nooboo!

08-25-20_10-09-37 PM08-25-20_10-11-24 PM08-25-20_10-14-13 PM

Single Birth: +5 Points

Meet Bellatrix – which is also a space themed name. A star or something in Orion.

Astra is not too happy about getting a sister.

08-25-20_10-15-26 PM

Her anger is soon forgotten and buried because there’s a dance party in the living room.

08-25-20_10-21-44 PM

The family that dances together stays together?
No, because you three kids will be moving out once you’re young adults!

Score: +45 Points


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    1. Yup, Bellatrix becomes the heir… but at this point, you already knew that.
      (I can’t for the life of me figure out why your comments don’t come with notifications 😦 )


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