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ISBI 1.5 – We’re So Normal

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +45 Points

Norah never tried to hide that she’s a dance Machine. She spends half her time wriggling her butt in front of the stereo.

08-26-20_7-59-14 PM

Dance Skill Maxed: +10 Points

It would be nice if she would spend just a tiny bit of that time looking after the children. She’s clueless in taking care of infants.

08-26-20_8-05-42 PM

Most of the time she’s been ignoring the toddlers.

Like Astra here, who’s hungry.

08-26-20_8-07-58 PM

I see why you would be smiling with the thought of Social Services coming to rescue you from this nightmare that is your home, Astra.

Astra doesn’t get taken away and Ehren even finds time to potty train her the last little bit – or at least we pretend he potty trains her because it’s currently bugged and he just bolts as soon as Astra has been placed on the potty.

08-27-20_2-52-22 PM

Potty Skill Maxed: +5 Points

A teary-eyed Portia arrives home from school with a well-deserved A.

08-26-20_8-16-02 PM

A in School: +5 Points

The points are rolling in. Astra, like her mother, likes to dance – probably because staying near the stereo often means staying near mommy.

08-27-20_6-21-14 PM

Movement Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Oberon is being difficult.
He stays up most nights playing, and then he’s super tired during the day.

08-27-20_2-40-27 PM08-27-20_3-05-28 PM

He spends a lot of time napping, but it never seems to be quite enough. At least he doesn’t pass out on the ground, so I guess I owe him thanks for that.

I don’t quite get how he can sleep through the horrible noise produced by Portia and the violin.

08-27-20_3-05-54 PM

Portia really loves the violin, but not enough to ever max the creativity skill.

Bellatrix is screaming for attention and Ehren figures it might be because she’s about to outgrow the bassinet.

08-27-20_3-11-32 PM

Here she is – and you get a sneak-peak at her Sim-disguise too.

08-27-20_3-31-48 PM

She has the Silly trait. I now 100% expect her to kill someone in the household.

Yes, go sleep, you little cheerful demon.

08-27-20_3-39-09 PM

A better, yet not great, look at her in disguise.

Winterfest is here and Ehren spends a whooping 750§ on a digitalistic sketchpad for Norah in hopes she’ll use it for painting. (A/N: She still hasn’t use it once!)

08-27-20_4-01-59 PM

Ehren cooks a grand meal for the family. He really wants them all to have a wonderful day.

08-27-20_4-05-00 PM08-27-20_4-07-44 PM

Astra and Bellatrix are sleeping while the older Sims enjoy their meal.

There wasn’t enough room for a tree in the house so a few decorations, a lovely meal and presents will have to do.

08-27-20_4-21-48 PM

Everyone had a successful Winterfest and the kids got lots of new toys.

The next day Oberon claimed to be sick and stayed home from school.

08-27-20_5-09-18 PM

I think he just wanted to stay home and play Party Frenzy on their new console.

Staying home with a busy dad and two annoying toddlers eventually gets the better of Oberon and he enters the bear/spirit animal phase.

08-27-20_5-19-14 PM

Norah returns from work, goes to fetch Bellatrix from the high chair, takes her to the sidewalk, puts her down, stares into thin air for a while…

08-27-20_5-16-39 PM08-27-20_5-17-15 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

… then passes out.

When she wakes up she grabs Bellatrix, places her back in the high chair and goes for a nap.

08-27-20_5-18-10 PM

I’m putting it down to a minor brain meltdown.

After her nap and a shower, Norah feels inspired enough to paint. Apparently there’s something about sleeping on sidewalks that does it for her.

08-27-20_6-18-11 PM

Norah reaches level 4 of the painting skill before she’s done, and that’s enough for her next promotion. Yay!

Meanwhile, Ehren is teaching Astra to talk, and she reaches level 5 of the communication skill.

08-27-20_5-32-33 PM

Communication Skill Maxed. +5 Points

Our pride and joy – our fabulous A-student is having her birthday.
Congratulations Portia!

08-27-20_5-53-36 PM

Well no, she didn’t max any of her childhood skills or complete any aspiration milestones but she’s still a good kid.

Spontaneous hug for daddy who made the cake.

08-27-20_6-09-37 PM

Here she is, Portia Grimm, our first teenager.

08-27-20_6-12-12 PM

Besides Hot-headed (which we didn’t experience much during her childhood) she’s also Good and wants to become a Jungle Explorer.

Ehren is about to pass out, but there’s one more birthday to celebrate before he can get a much needed nap.

Congratulations Astra!

08-27-20_6-22-42 PM

Happy Toddler Achieved: +5 Points

Astra rolls the Goofball trait and wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

08-27-20_6-45-07 PM

She’s cute – and I know she looks a bit sad here, but she’s not. She was in the middle of a conversation with Oberon, and I just took the screenshot at an unfortunate time.

Ehren tries to make it to bed after a long and tiring day…

08-27-20_5-20-27 PM08-27-20_5-21-04 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

Score: +70 Points


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